Rand Paul Rising

Loved by the Tea Party, endorsed by Ron Paul, and reviled by the liberal media: Rand Paul is the liberty movement’s best – and maybe last – chance to take our country back!

Rand Paul’s supporters have organized a money bomb for today, June 28. Participate at RandPaul2010.com.



  • gahwings1

    Thank you Kentucky!

  • NooneEatsCandyCorn

    Awesome Video made for a GREAT cause!

  • bigv

    good video. music is a bit distracting.

  • AirRave

    I just chundered everywhere.

  • RicardoClaro

    loved by the tea party… oh ok…

  • MrGETitGOTit

    Why hell yea!!!God bless Rand and Ron!!!

  • sJeGaJn

    I like the music, it’s very affective 🙂

  • mmrllmonta

    A lot of people FORGOT about Peter Schiff… just look at what happened to his campaign…. shame on those supporters of him who abandoned his candidacy

  • Clyaton

    If only I could move to Kentucky just to vote this election

  • saadasim

    Rand Paul is not Ron Paul. His beliefs are not the same.

    • LG

      In my opinion Rand is nothing like his father. Ron at least pretends to have compassion for people, whereas Rand comes off cold and elitist despite his populist rhetoric. I especially don’t like his attitude toward the unemployed, of which I am one through no fault of my own (the company I worked for for 20 years folded last August). We should cut spending yes, but why start with unemployment insurance? He has a “let them eat cake” attitude which really pisses me off about him and the Republican party in general (and I am a registered republican).

  • chriscr123

    Establishment=Bad. Patriot=Good.

  • mesa134

    I hope he wins his not only the last hope for america but for the world

  • k4nnun

    Rand Paul 2012 please.

  • TankSwift

    Rand Paul 2012!

  • AStarSpangledGirl

    both sides are so scared of Rand Paul it isn’t even funny. As 2012 approaches…watch both Fox and MSNBC turn against both Pauls. Just like MadCow turned against Rand recently.

  • Lighthouse724

    Wow, Rand Paul is truly the second coming. Put your faith in Christ not any politician.

  • Jenawahrheit

    RON PAUL 4 PRESIDENT IN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zapproowsdower

    Maybe Rand can bring a bit of “vision” to this country

    oohaahhahahahha!! hmm. yeah.

  • byteusa

    Great video. Thanks for putting it together. The music is a bit overpowering but still great.

  • machaeroguy

    There are always men willing to do so. Technologically, history is indeed a record of progress; but morally, it is an up-and-down and eternal struggle between morality and immorality, between liberty and coercion.