Rand Paul Rising

Loved by the Tea Party, endorsed by Ron Paul, and reviled by the liberal media: Rand Paul is the liberty movement’s best – and maybe last – chance to take our country back!

Rand Paul’s supporters have organized a money bomb for today, June 28. Participate at RandPaul2010.com.



  • jamo387

    Believe in the principle not the man. People can, and most often will, disappoint. Principles will never let you down. We are a nation of laws not men. Vote for those that uphold the constitution and fight those that desecrate it.

  • Macaframa1

    just because he doesn’t his views are not 100% the same with his father doesn’t mean he should be supported. support rand he’s still a good man and better than any other establishment candidate.

  • jamo387

    If he’s anything like his old man, he doesn’t accept Medicare in his office.

    • Forest

      Clearly then, he is not ‘like his old man’…

      Rand Paul does indeed accept medicare. Solid rhetoric though. I assume you will continue preaching, but not practicing.

  • spinnikerca

    Donate June 28 at randpaul2010 d o t c o m

  • BlueTunisia


  • NoLibertarian

    Racism is alive and well in Kentucky!

  • Rob

    This should be a sign for the GOP. We are sick of your establishment politics. We want real change in America.

  • MeatLoafEnchilada

    Haha, that last clip from Ron’s old spot.

  • y2knoproblem

    He’s a warmongering right winger

  • jamo387

    We need all the help we can get to fight the crony capitalist/collectivist Obama gangsters from Chicago. GO RAND !!

  • MrSafetymeeting

    I knew Ron Paul had to be up to something.All along, he’s just been telling us what we want to hear and now everyone is willing to support his son who does not have the same beliefs and has no intention of doing any of the things his father talks about.Politics

  • WTC7WasPulled

    Rand Paul is rising!!! YES!

  • DillonDee1

    I supported his dad AND HE’S NOTHING LIKE HIS DAD.

    I supported his dad because he promised to bring the troops home.

    Rand wants to increase the # of broops.

    And,, yes, Rand through the yrs has already accepted close to 1 Millon in Medicare Payments.

    And Rand has said that although his dad is a Libertarian he is not.

    I could go on – they are like nite & day.

  • genefire

    It seems that people like to be led by some superstar or royalty for some reason. He is no where a RON PAUL and he is already compromised by the Jewish Lobby and their foot soldiers. What happened to my country while serving abroad? Why are people so sheepish? Anyway I’m starting to rant. I just wanted to say thanks for some rebuttal to all of this glory stuff over a person and not concentrating on the needs of our country.

  • sensless1mc

    Ron Paul President Rand Paul Vice President…wow what a thought.

  • renegade2142

    All we need is men of principle in the right positions in government to turn things around. I’m not saying the next few years will not be difficult, but if we can get enough people like Pert Schiff’ and Rand Paul elected, they years afterwards could be the new American renaissance.

  • bkekss

    Awesome now lets get more people with the same message and conviction of liberty into all levels of government. We The People can turn the tide.

  • marieatthelake

    America doesn’t even have our own foreign policy. We have Israel’s foreign policy because Israel pays off most of our politicians. We are owned by Israel because most of our politicians are CORRUPT. You, who fall in love with a political party or person, supporting them, without knowing anything about them, should be arrested for not performing your civic duty to know what your politicians are up to. Rand Paul is no different. RAND PAUL IS NOT RON PAUL.

  • TheGrungeLibertarian

    I don’t agree 100% with either Ron or Rand, but the fact of the matter is that these two are some of the least corruptible and most honest men in (or almost in) Congress. They want to end the war on drugs, they want to bring home the troops, and they want to get the government off the back of the innocent. I can’t think of anyone else in office that wants to do that, so while not everything they support I see eye to eye with, they’re probably as close to correct as it’ll get.

    • Travis

      While I agree with you partly, one of my biggest disappointments with Rand is not being very bold on bringing the troops home.
      Every politician will tell you they want them home as fast as possible and thats really all I’ve heard Rand say. I’ve never heard him say he wants to bring them home NOW.

      Ron Paul is the only person in government, to my knowledge (and including Rand), that has such a bold and consistent stance.

      I can’t vote in KY, since I live in Indiana, but I’d vote for him if I could. But it wouldn’t bring NEAR the satisfaction of voting for RON Paul.

      • jim

        I agree 100%. Not nearly the same sastifaction, yet he’d get mine.

  • DillonDee1

    hoW much has Rand Paul collected in Medicare Payments?