Rand Paul Rising

Loved by the Tea Party, endorsed by Ron Paul, and reviled by the liberal media: Rand Paul is the liberty movement’s best – and maybe last – chance to take our country back!

Rand Paul’s supporters have organized a money bomb for today, June 28. Participate at RandPaul2010.com.



  • RobGuy2005

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Ron Paul, but Rand just doesn’t seem to be politically seasoned enough. I can sometimes see where what he is trying to get across, but he ends up sounding like an idiot. I’ve forgiven him on his many many mistakes so far with the media, but I’m tired of making excuses to myself and my lenience is waning. Hopefully if he gets elected he can prove everyone he’s not batshit crazy.

  • faanunu

    Restore the Republic…. save the Constitution.

  • mport1

    Help this go viral by posting it everywhere!

  • TACMAN518

    The Revolution has begun.. Liberty is on the March.. Freedom and truth for a change.

  • WeekNightGaming

    go rand paul!!!!!!!!

  • voltrabbit7

    Rand Paul is a great American, and all the false media and welfare keyboard warriors in the country are not enough to stop his words of plain and simple truth from ringing in the public ear.

    The ring of truth is abhorant to those who embrace the lies of this and the previous administration.

  • cromeister777

    turn your background music down by about half so we can hear what people are saying please. It’s annoyingly loud…. if we wanted to listen to music we would search youtube for music videos. Thanks.

  • DavidoftheWest

    I’m digging the X-Ray dog music. A Proud Nation, right? I’m glad the Paul video people have good taste in music. I listen to trailer music all the time.

  • hyylo

    There is a revolution and we now have 3 main honest Americans.

    Ron Paul
    Rand Paul

    End the Federal Reserve
    End the income tax

    Lets take our America back.

  • freesk8

    Go Rand!

  • misternormL


  • dickiepipes

    just when I thought I saw the last of the “its catching on” guy from ron pauls ads in nh. I mean that guy drives me nuts. Besides that really good job. Go Rand!

  • saadasim

    Rand Paul doesn’t want us to bring troops home and he believes in preemptive war. He would attak Iran on behalf of Israel,

    • That is a load of bull making false accusations against Rand Paul he believes that our troops must come home and thinks that we shouldn’t interviene in other countries’ affairs like his old man! & he is Pro-Constitution.

  • patriotfreedomfigher

    rand and ron paul, doctors for thr republic

  • jamo387

    I doubt anyone raised by Ron Paul could manage to ignore the principles of liberty. If T. Jefferson or G. Washington ran for office today, they would be drummed out of town for their principles of individualism and liberty alone. The country has changed. Real Americans are hard to find today. I would forgive Rand if he’s more conservative than his old man. Ron grew up in a different, albeit better, time. I still think Rand is a bright light in a pretty dim political landscape.

  • lordofthemanor25

    If Rand Paul were to run for President of the United States on the Republican ticket, he will have to face not only the first African-American to be elected president but a self-appointed (False) Messiah to his People. It will be tough to run against huge corporations who have more power to vote in a politician than the common people. It is like David vs. Goliath.

  • SunnyDaysRFun

    Rand Paul should be exposed for what he is, he has no clue what the principle of freedom is. His father does, but Rand doesn’t. Rand is another “typical” moron.

  • ttramone

    Enough with the music!

  • Karen Smith

    Rand Paul was our candidate this spring. Then when he won he ditched us and left us for the DC Insiders. Rand Paul does not deserve our vote. Help me show Rand Paul’s true colors. He is a hypocrite and traitor to those who voted for him.


    • Yvonne

      Is this supposed to discredit Rand Paul?
      This is a clip of Bill Maher whining because, after winning the primary without the help of big business or the media Rand attended a fund raiser where some of the members voted for a bailout which he opposed.
      So what?
      Is this Rand Paul’s opponents’ idea of dirt.
      I smell desperation.

  • saadasim

    @waluum Rand Paul doesn’t want us to bring troops home and he believes in preemptive war. He would attak Iran on behalf of Israel,