The Ponzi scheme Federal Reserve is mathematically destined for national bankruptcy. They received $8.4 trillion from the auctions of Treasury securities and never reported the income to Congress. This looks like embezzlement. It was clear profit. Doesn’t Title 12, Section 247 require the BOG to make a “full report” to Congress? Ref. http://www.scribd.com/doc/49040689/RIP-OFF-BY-THE-FEDERAL-RESERVE-Feb-17-2011


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  • Andrew

    I’m a fan of Rand & Ron (both), though (unfortunately) had to vote for Chuck Baldwin in 2008 (due to Ron’s concession to him, after not getting the party-nomination).

    I’m not an ultimate fan of Libertarianism, because they like to attach themselves to a 1960’s-mentality of ‘Civil Rights’ ( a myth destroyed by former Communists, such as Manning Johnson: http://www.manningjohnson.org/ ) as well as “Austrian-economics”. (Why are we looking to Jewish financiers for examples, when our Founding Fathers already had these issues covered? Have Whites no understanding of what makes us free, when (after all) our people built this nation; not the Jews or any other nationality…putting it bluntly).

    Glenn Beck & Judge Andrew Napolitano are hypocrites for claiming their ‘Independent’-leanings, yet they’re on a neo-con station (‘Fox’) daily. Napolitano frequently has Ron Paul on his show, who now claims he’s pro-‘Civil Rights’…yet endorsed Thomas Woods’ “The Politically-Incorrect Guide to American History” (which states that ‘Civil Rights’ has merely been a ploy to deconstruct the middle-class, ruin White communities, promote Black- nationalism, & the list goes on…).

    To top it off: Glenn Beck talks about Obama’s mentor, who was Saul Alinsky. The neo-cons (such as Glenn) fail to mention that Alinsky was also the mentor to Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Pete Seeger, etc…who were all trainees at the ‘Highlander Folk-School’ in Monteagle, Tennessee (during the 1950’s & 1960’s) under the Marxists.

    To come full circle: Napolitano appears on ‘Fox’, being a Ron Paul-advocate; yet (in 2008) ‘Fox’ contributed to hiding Paul’s primary-debate results, and promoted him as a “conspiracy-theorist” nut-job. They have had a year & a half to apologize for weakening his influence on their network, and even have the gall to use their 2012-lineup (Sarah Palin the dingbat & others) to steal away the ‘Tea Party’ from its originator: Ron Paul.

    Do Ron & this site a favor: create a live call-in show, so real Americans can chime-in their views. Give us somewhere to congregate (all nights of the week), and you’ll see a real movement happen. Don’t leave it to neo-con imposters to get the news to our populace. (America’s gonna implode, if we don’t get God in on this. After all…he says to humbly pray for redemption, and he’ll heal our land. It’s worth a try, is it not?)

    Oceanside, California

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    • anonymous

      Andrew, you’re very ignorant for referring to Jews as a nationality. Judaism is a religion and in case you forgot from your high school history class, whites had help from plenty of others when creating this nation. Have you forgotten about the slave labor that was a driving force in our economy? The framers of the constitution put in “freedom of relgion” for a reason. It doesn’t matter what you believe, and certainly not what color your skin is, in order to be a part of this country; so I really have no idea what you mean by “real American”.

      Andrew it’s easy to reference the founding fathers when you want to bring legitimacy to your argument, but it should not be forgotten that all in all, things are a lot better today than they were in the 1700s. Slavery has ended, females have equal rights, civil rights amendments have been passed, all religions are tolerated, and we owe all of these great changes to progressives, including JEWISH ones.

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  • http://www.yahoo.com Bottomline

    That was a great interview that you and your son did. We need people like you and Rand to follow the constitution and our Liberties.

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  • http://www.thelibertyupdate.com/ The Liberty Update

    Thanks for the transcript to a great interview. I respect and admire Ron Paul’s dedication and principles: “I believe that if you have liberty, then you have prosperity. That’s why I’m convinced in my own mind that that is what I’ve been doing for 30 years: campaigning for liberty, and I will continue to do this.”

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