Ron Paul: End the War in Afghanistan!

Date: 06/27/2010

The Military Can Waste Money Too

by Ron Paul

This past week various news events once again made it abundantly clear that our foreign policy is an abject failure. Unfortunately, in spite of this the administration is determined to stay on this destructive course, despite any past promises to change it. For Afghanistan especially, if ever there was an opportunity to admit shortcomings and change strategies along with leaders, this past week was it.

There really is nothing for us to win in Afghanistan. Our mission has morphed from apprehending those who attacked us, to apprehending those who threaten or dislike us for invading their country, to remaking an entire political system and even a culture. I remain highly skeptical that, as foreign occupiers, we can ever impose western-style democracy on another country. Our troops have debilitating restrictions on defending themselves against enemies, which are so often indistinguishable from civilians. They also face dire setbacks in winning hearts and minds when innocents are mistakenly harmed, which happens all the time. We can never make friends this way; the tactic never works.

This is an expensive, bloody, endless exercise in futility. Not everyone is willing to admit this just yet. But every second they spend in denial has real costs in lives and livelihoods.

Many of us can agree on one thing, however. Our military spending in general has grown way out of control. This is largely because fiscal accountability in military budgeting is seen, by many, as weak on defense. This is absolutely wrong and a dangerous way to think. It is certainly possible for the military to waste money, or to spend money counterproductively, and indeed it has. But out of political correctness, the military has been getting blank checks from the administrations and Congress for far too long.

It is important to defend our soil, but let us defend our own soil instead of defending Europe’s soil. Our willingness to defend Europe enables their lavish social spending at our expense, while they criticize our model of capitalism. It is time they allocated the money for their own defense. The same goes for Korea, Japan and other countries like Egypt and Israel.

It is also important that while our troops are in combat, our soldiers have what they need to do the best they can, even if we disagree with why they are there. It is an embarrassment that some soldiers and families have had to buy body armor at their own expense when billions are awarded to politically well-connected defense contractors for weapon systems that don’t work, are over-budget, past deadline. This is the kind of waste that needs to end. I firmly believe that there is enough waste in the military budget that we can both save money overall and at the same time be safer.

Of course, the obvious way to save money and be safer is to stop meddling in the affairs of foreign countries and just bring our troops home. This will happen eventually if our empire, like every other fallen empire, insists on spending itself into collapse. If we want to avoid this, we must look into ways to bring our costs under control. Military budgets must be on the chopping block along with everything else.


  • F

    2012 is just another election.

    people seem to deal with them like wars too. don’t you see it?

    economy is no more than a myth, a PR for power wars, for showmanship.

    Sad conclusion, but is my conclusion.

  • F

    Three things:

    1- When should wars be fought?
    wars are everywhere, even in health issues or in reporting important facts, or in racing families, or in politics, or just disscussing ideas. For some even in sexual behavior as reported all around the world, which is just sick, and a terrible association imprinted in the mind of each successive generation. No war, no good performance on anything seems to be the judgement!

    Is it more like a type of madness that manifests in real physical symptoms and creativity only towards the making of sofisticated weapons?

    2-How do we get out of this one and prevent future ones, yet keep the economy going and jobs available? because it seems like is the main reason now. And keeping power no matter which country you live in or what ideology you have.

    3-Is economy a myth? maybe so. One way to tell is real is to evaluate it over time (the numbers and categories should be there), and what really is the result should be the method implenented world wide.

    A vaccine against economy breakdown? always keep many jobs avilable, other than war related, it’s the only worth fact for having sooo many data bases going and investing in keeping them. And yes to a non political way of family planing!

    Got tired!

    • Machine

      3) It’s not a myth to those that spin the wheel and play the game. But I would say that it’s about as much of an importance as text messaging…some people are just suckers…Most people don’t know shit from good chocolate!!!

      2) Just walk away…Maybe we all have to sacrafice some of our pointless, greedy and wasteful means of living in order to assure ourselves, and our children, of a more peaceful and prospering future. I for one have always viewed war as never a form of resolve but a means for hard feelings and perpetuating the next war. And even though wars have quite a rich history, and indeed seem popular amongst the elite, the problems they are declared over fall very short for reason in comparison to the surmounting and devistating colateral of casualties involving the innocent as well as the trained.

      1) When should wars NOT be faught? putting it this way certainly seems more a means towards peace…TRUE peace. Because even though Freedom is worth dieing for…It is not worth killing for. Violence is a sure sign that man has lost his sense for humanity.
      When should wars NOT be faught??? Always.

  • asperin

    No more foreign aid for anyone !

  • RyanR3volution

    I have never saw a candidate so appealing to people of all races and creeds. He is a great guy, we have a opportunity to make freedom prevail over certain tyranny. A peaceful revolution in place of a inevitable violent revolution. Peace over certain conflict.
    Paul/ Napalitano 2012

    • B.D.Harper

      Rather see Napolitano in the Supreme Court.
      Somebody like Peter Schiff or Rand Paul could easily fill the seat of VP.

  • On today’s “Meet the Press,” Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) of the House Foreign Affairs Committee tried to make your point that our presence in Afghanistan only serves as a recruiting tool for the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. I only hope viewers were paying attention.

    • Ben

      Yeah, the old recruiting tool argument. I see, so the only way to fight them is not to fight them. There isn’t a war in history that’s been won with that kind of backwards thinking.

      Speaking of tools, Barbar Lee qualifies. She’s also a radical Marxist from Berkley. Are you sure you want to be quoting her arguments? Is that the voice of the Ronpaulian movement?

  • howardb42006

    Ron Paul always speaks from the heart … how refreshing in this day and age.

  • Downfurlife

    It is an embarassment we send our soldiers to kill innocent people in an illegal war at worst a war where even Ron Paul knows they do not belong. It is disgusting our government continues this shit. If Ron Paul is right what do we need to do to stop it. Or possibly he is just another political shit bag carving himself a platform and a niche for your vote. Is he just another only interested in himself?

  • Robert697

    Paul/Judge Napolitano 2012

  • helpendthefed

    Paul/Traficant 2012

  • katey1dog

    Paul/Ventura 2012

  • ceresasmom

    We have to do something. What do we do? How do we inform the masses?

    • Well now that is very good question.

      Do you have an e-mail address?
      Do you have a contact list of people you care about and send e-mail’s now and then? Do you have neighbors?

      Most likely the answer is YES on every one of my question.
      Send out an e-mail to each and every one of them and spread the word.
      Tell them that the founder of this country is disappointed who we vote for lately. Tell them that the incompetent Obama and Bush alike should not have a place in the white house.

      The white house that used to be the white house, now turned in to the whore House for foreign banks and foreign governments.

      The presidents that we used to have they truly believed in the serving of our country. unlike today’s presidents, they became servant to foreign countries.

      We used to spend more money in education, roads to better our self and better our country but unfortunate today we have nothing but WAR over WAR and more WAR.

      Lets wake up those who are in your e-mail list of contact and let them know that there is person like our founding father and that is RON PAUL.

      Send them the website and have get involved.

      May god give you the strength to spread the word faster and effectively.


  • RyanR3volution

    Such a great video, Dr Paul, you are my hero. The youth will remember you in 2012 and we will act.

  • medliberty

    Unocal and other major oil companies in a consortium would like to build a 4.5 billion dollar pipeline across Northern Afghanistan starting at the Caspian Sea. Waring tribes and warlords in the north wont permit it so we invaded under the cover story pretext of introducing democracy into Afghanistan and finding Bin Laden.

    • Ben

      There was also this thing called “9/11”. Do you remember that?

      So, nine years later, where’s the pipleline?

      You’re grasping at straws. You’re the batshit crazy base of the Ron Paul lunatic express.

  • floatingcompassmedia

    bring the boys home…they have families to look after and help raise.

  • cherokeedoll1

    If we the people dont march washington and get those evil people out of office and protest to to end the federal reserve, If we continue sitting on our butts not doing anything..we are going to lose everything and there wont be any 2012 election..we will be destroyed by then for the wealthy and powerful. to have control over us..we best wake up before its to late

  • sharinganclan213

    i thought this war was about capturing/killing osama in laden and not rebuilding a whole country. What happened?

    • B.D.Harper

      Neo-conservatism and extreme leftism came to dominate the political arena for reasons unforeseen.
      The media slants these ‘Wars’ to be justified from either side – if it’s all they or the politicians, both of them acting on behalf of special interests, are saying, then it’s all the people will know. Just now everybody is finally waking up.


      Hunting down and killing Osama Bin Laden?? Highly likely the “boogey man” died of kidney failure long ago, left 4 videos to be played on Al Jazeera and now has 4 western armies running around in deserts chasing a ghost .You have to admit: great spin!

    • No it was not Bin Laden we were after It is BENLADIUM that is hidden in the ground.


  • anthonyww713

    We have been there several decades even now the generals are tellin NObama its bad. It is ever clear this is a private intrest war

  • gadorfadil

    war is hell – give peace a chance

  • shartne

    “Yea Ron Paul! correct as usual.

  • mrdoonbeg

    Ron Paul is always first thankyou sir