63 responses to “Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Fails 229-198”

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    Can I simply say what a relief to find someone who truly knows what they’re talking about on the internet.

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  5. spud tooley

    the deception on this issue is pure and simply the republicans, and to paint them as the heroes and the dems as the goats is to quite simply buy lock, stock and barrel into their charade.

    >What we need is for someone here, who’s better at finding and comparing the statistics…

    any statistics re: the banks are certainly warranted. just promise me you don’t mean statistics about ‘prosperity’ and supply (my) side theories.

    the banking statistics need to be augmented by these:

    a) the income of the top 1% of income earners equals that of the bottom 150 million

    b) the % income the top 1% was collecting at the time of the crash was nearly 24%, equal to that just prior to the great depression

    c) the average wealth of white households in america is FIFTEEN TIMES that of black households

    and these stats ain’t got nothing to do with the fantasy of a liberal media bias.

    stick to the stats on the banks. stick to the stats on the fed. stick to the stats on the wealthy and the increasing wage gap in this country.


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  6. David


    At this point, instead of putting numbers and statistics in front of people, i’ve been concentrating my efforts on simply making them aware of some of the ideas and concepts essential to establishing the free economy and abundant prosperity they are entitled to, the things which have been preventing this thus far and giving them the ideas which they need to think about in order to motivate them to make this happen for themselves.

    What we need is for someone here, who’s better at finding and comparing the statistics for the US than i am to post them here so we can supplement the concepts with them as well, but then national statistics like this don’t even come close to illustrating the severity of the problem either and here is the reality of it and the real statistics as they effect the average person in America today. Everyone knows the current situation through their own experience, and I have a nephew who works as a police officer in a city close to me here, and his situation would be typical of the vast majority of people living and working in most American cities. His gross salary is around $ 40,000 a year which would equate to about $ 3,300.00 a month. Out of that, over $ 2,000 goes to the bank every month in mortgage / interest payments on his house so that he can maintain a place to live and will for the next 30 years. Of the $ 1,300 that’s left, assuming a 20 % income tax level, another $ 600.00 goes to the government so they can pay the banks for creating the currency they need to function which they should have created for us and themselves, leaving him with $ 700.00. Of that $ 700.00 another $ 49.00 goes up in sales taxes to fund the state government who also loan the money for their operations from banks. Of the $ 651.00 that’s left at least $ 100.00 a month goes up in property taxes which he has to pay in order to keep his place to live, which goes to the county and city government which again loan the money for their operations from banks. This finally leaves him with only $ 551.00 to spend and inject back onto circulation in order to generate useful production which can benefit himself and the rest of us.

    Total Monthly earnings:
    $ 3,300.00
    Total consumed by banks and because of banks in order to buy power and ownership over America and its population for themselves:
    $ 2,749.00
    Total being spent into the economy to generate useful production for the benefit of the American population:
    $ 551.00

    This is what we got, and that is what the banks got. Is there one single F’ing idiot anywhere who can still believe and can try to explain how such a system can be sustainable, or possibly benefit the people it is intended to serve ?

    What would the standard of living for each and every person in America be today if we didn’t have banks and the governments they establish, who neither build anything, fix anything nor feed anyone, consuming 5/6ths. of our capacity to pay for and generate useful production for our own benefit ?

    6 times what it is today.

    Whom does the current American economy and political establishment exist to serve ?

    I’ll leave that for everyone to answer for themselves.

    What should we do about it ?

    I’ll leave that to everyone to answer for themselves as well.


    Everyone copy paste and email the living crap out of this one and get it into circulation among the general public where everyone can see it, these are the hard numbers as they affect most peoples lives which when put in front of people’s faces will actually make them think and figure out what they should have long ago and hopefully bring us closer to motivating the public action we need in order to free ourselves and save America from its F’ing parasites.

    Email it to Obama and as many senators and congressman as you can as well, maybe we can terrify them enough to do our job for us and get rid of our problem before people decide to get rid if them. There’s 350.000.000 of us, against 6 banking families who currently own and control America and its political system, guess who’s going to win ?

    Thanks to Ross for motivating this one, the idea came from him.

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    1. sk1951

      Stats…forget it. Open your eyes and look around you…there is your stats. Take a look and your pay check and grocery bill. Your house value was cut in half but property tax went up… Vote them all out…

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  7. spud tooley

    the vote which we should really be getting p-ssed off about is the one yesterday re: campaign financing, and the ‘personhood’ that’s been granted by the supreme court to corporations and special interest groups. i heard y’day that a group of seven companies kicked in $100K APIECE – one of them Target – to produce ads to back one of the candidates there for governor. Target actually kicked in $150,000!!!

    without pulling the rug out from under that bullsh-t, we as ordinary people don’t stand a chance in influencing the voting anywhere. the democratic bill that was defeated y’day may have had flaws, but where is the republican bill? nowhere.

    campaign finance is the real issue of our times – without it, we’ll continue to be held captive by the politicians and corporate/special interests who are in bed together but spend time screwing you and me…

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  8. George

    Read the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” and you will understand why auditing the Fed can’t happen. If it did, it would bring their little world down around them and they’re just too powerful to let that happen. Their reach is global.. The people would literally have to sidestep the politicians to bring them down.. They own our government, period.. They stole it from us in 1913 with the backing of European financiers.. Imagine what would have happened if we had the internet then. Things might be different because people would have know what they were up too…not just a select few..

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    1. sk1951

      The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)


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