Ron Paul: Most Powerful Army Fighting War Against People Who Have NO Tanks! NO Planes! NO Ships!

Date: 07/01/2010


Ron Paul: Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this rule. It’s been described rather vividly on this side of the aisle how messy this process is, so I strongly oppose this. Of course, I also strongly oppose the funding, especially the funding for the war. This is a war that I’ve objected to for a very long time, this war is going badly, it’s not a declared war. We don’t have a precise enemy. The Taliban is the spoken enemy, and yet the Taliban are individuals who have never committed terrorism outside their homeland. The Taliban is an outgrowth of the Mujahedeen who we were at one time allies with, along with Osama Bin Laden.

So it isn’t a very neat little war. Here we are, we are the most powerful nation in the world, the most powerful army ever organized in the history of the world. And yet we are fighting a war that essentially is not a war. We’re fighting a war against individuals that have no tanks, no planes, no ships, no modern technology, and we’re not doing well. There is something wrong. If it were truly a war, a declared war, and we knew who the enemy was, the war would be over. The fact that the war is not over after 9 years, it’s draining us, it’s draining us of life and limb, it’s draining us of funding. The wars in the Middle East have drained trillions of dollars, and we are suffering from a severe financial crisis here at home.

So it’s time that we start looking abroad and looking at what we’re trying to maintain. We’re in over 130 countries, 900 bases. It’s unsustainable. It was brought to attention this past week that we were having problems. If we were doing well in Afghanistan, we wouldn’t be firing our generals. We want to put the blame on the generals, “if we changed the generals, then everything is going to be okay.” But our generals are trained to fight wars, they’re not trained to be nation builders and social workers and policemen. So this is a war that I see is going to be very difficult, if not impossible to win until we change our policy.

  • Jeannie Jackson

    What a great President he would make!! Here’s hoping more and more Americans start asking, “Why are we still funding a war, when we can’t feed the poor?”

  • killersguy

    i guess the reason US army cant win becase they dont want to finish so that they can keep milk with it. all the money come from taxes while poor people suffering with financial problem. They(evil) dont care as long as they can get money from you guys. thats the point. thats Paul is trying to say you guys. thats a fake war.

  • bluesmann8

    wake up america!

  • Tootoon2009

    Great video!

  • PikSokolit

    Yesss Ron Paul !!! Lead us out of the chains of oppresion. 2012 here we come, the revolution is on.


  • JGomez3d

    The main reasons why Ron Paul did not win the election:

    No BullS**t “change” statement

    No corporation wants to shoot themselves in the foot by donating money to an honest campaign when there is nothing to gain for them. i.e. BP Fiasco

    No empty promises, just straight up facts.

  • afewtube

    I’m really impressed by him, I’m not American either, it’s a damn shame he’s 74, which is old for a politician by our (British)) standards. Can’t you find somebody with the same intellect and vision who is about 30 years younger?

  • shanepaulcoward

    This guy is, by far, the best asset the US has at the moment.

  • bugogorac

    This frood knows where his towel is.

  • eliasmouawad

    The cost of war is a disaster
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  • Visualsilva

    why is it that whenever this guy does a great speech, which is often, that there is only a handful of people in congress to listen to him?

  • nukeboy14

    damn, this is the only politician i have seen who understands the war on terror is not a war. i thought the world would be screwed no matter who became US president, but now, Ron Paul ftw!

  • 59norm59

    Standup guys have no…support in the back ground. Bad guys have support in the background always. The set & props are bias & deliberate. Get it!

  • Yvonne

    that’s funny. Yeh, debating abortion has less to do with historical facts and more to do with people’s emotionally driven opionions…and some of the outbursts are quite entertaining.

  • Evision5

    why isn’t this guy President? oh ya the media cut him out(ignored him) during the election. We need Ron Paul.

    • Yvonne

      Yeh it’s all because of the media. But how I see it is that they won a battle but they will lose the war. The media lost the trust of the public because of what they did.