Ron Paul gets 1 write-in vote in Poland election

  • Mark Macak

    Wow, Paul rocks. I am Slovak and live in the Czech Republic, which is right next to Poland but I would vote for the guy anytime…

  • Dfens

    Yes, let Ron Paul do for Poland what he has done for the US. He can vote for his buddies the Communist Chinese to have “Most Favored Nation” trade status there too. Maybe that way he can destroy their industrial base too. Way to sell out your country, Libertarians! Great job!


    • Majki-Fajki

      Off-shoring is a direct result of fiscal, tax and regulatory policy man. If You let Your gov to destroy private companies and tolerate unions, factories will escape to place, where such a threats don’t exist.

      In Poland a lot of factories are going to China. But You pay at least 60% of taxes, plus You have 22% Value Added Tax.

      • Dfens

        Right, so now you’re going to take away the freedom of assembly guaranteed in the 1st amendment in the name of what, the commerce clause. Maybe Obama can nominate you for the next open seat on the Supreme Court.

        You are so sure it is taxes driving companies to your buddy Ron’s favorite communist country? Communist countries are not known for their low tax rates. The average wage in China, on the other hand is 5 to 8 times less than for comperable jobs here in the US. Also China does not have any laws regarding pollution or the disposal of toxic wastes like we have here.

        Clearly you and Ron would like to turn this country into China. You’d like for our laborers to have their wages cut down to 1/5th – 1/8th of their current salaries. You’d like to see our land used as a toxic waste dump. Poland endured much of that when they were part of the Soviet Union. They’re not going back to those days. Apparently some here in the US think that would be great for this country. They call themselves Libertarians.

        • Majki-Fajki

          Clearly you and Ron would like to turn this country into China. You’d like for our laborers to have their wages cut down to 1/5th – 1/8th of their current salaries.

          Read some history books of USA, specially one focused on economy. Read how much workers earned till government interfiered into economy. Read becouse You now nothing about USA history and about economics. Sorry dude. Knowledge is more than TV says.

          The average wage in China, on the other hand is 5 to 8 times less than for comperable jobs here in the US.
          Yeah – another “zero knowlege” in economics. Google: Purchasing power.

          And stop trolling – You insulting my education.

        • Dfens

          Funny, in China it is illegal to organize unions too. Coincidence?

        • Cal Engime

          China hasn’t been a communist country since the 70s. They now refer to their market-based economic system as “socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

    • Dfens

      Ron Paul should be this good to Poland. I’m not sure what they’ve done to deserve his treachery, but better them than us.

      As a physician I know that what might at first seem to be a cure for a particular ailment is really sometimes not a cure at all. In fact, going with a gut reaction to prescribe a cure can do more harm than the original problem.

      The same is true for matters of state. The initial reaction to a problem in society, or the world, will leads us to make a conclusion about a course of action. Unfortunately, that first reaction can be wrong, even though guided with the best of intentions.

      We have such a case before us now. It is the dilemma of whether or not China should be granted the same trade relationship granted to almost every other nation of the world, a status misleadingly referred to as “Most Favored Nations,” or, MFN. We all know the charges: the Chinese government violates basic human rights of its citizens, it is hostile towards Christianity, and its system of government runs contrary to our most fundamental beliefs.

      The initial reaction of our collective national psyche is to oppose MFN, to be tough, and say, “No way, no special deals for China.” But is it the best solution?

      To clear up a misconception, MFN is not a “special” status. In fact, MFN for a country simply means we will trade with that nation with no extraordinary barriers to their entering our marketplace. Free trade is not something to be lightly dismissed. And MFN is nothing more than an attempt, albeit imperfect, at free trade.

      Eliminating MFN status for China does not hurt the Chinese government. But it does hurt Americans in two ways. First, by imposing what is essentially a tax on our people. It is a tax because it is the American consumer who will pay higher prices on goods which come from China due to US policy. That means higher prices on many items, but not just items which come directly from China. If the tariffs on Chinese goods increases, people will be forced to find replacement products. As the demand for those products increase, so will those prices. – Ron Paul arguing to give Most Favored Nation trading status to Communist Red China (i.e. selling out his country).

      • Majki-Fajki
      • Dfens

        Only on a Ron Paul website is posting a Ron Paul quote considered “trolling”. That alone should tell any thinking person all they need to know.

    • Erik 2012



      corporatism and the federal reserve bank has sold out america.

  • Who ever voted for Ron Paul in Poland is a Genius, becuase the person who made that vote is fed up with their country’s government.

  • L.O.C.



    • TCC

      I like the chant I heard in a Youtube Video.


      • fred the protectionist

        Oh brother

        All you guys know are cliches and mantras.

        • TCC

          Damn Fred, youre kind of an asshole.

  • Ron Murphy

    Its nice to see the Younger people are getting involved!!! More Power To Ya!!!! and we Love DR. Paul in The United States of America too….. He is a Great Man, Please spread his Name fare and wide and don’t believe any of the trash that the other garbage cans will try to get You to Believe. RON PAUL 2012 !!!

  • spinacz_nyc

    i fully endorse this product ! ron 2012 we can do it !

  • Roger

    i allways vote for noone (blank vote) but this time ill vote for Ron Paul too!! I hope liberty movement arrive to spain asap.

    I love truth, i love Ron Paul. Thank you Dr. Paul, you made me believe in politics.

  • Majki-Fajki

    We have very few libertarians in Poland, too few in fact 🙁


    Yay Poland. Also, I hope Kaczynski wins.