Ron Paul on CNN: This is Obama’s War! End it now!

Channel: CNN
Date: 7/4/2010


Don Lemon: So other conservatives have called on Steele to step down, like Dick Cheney and Weekly Standard editor Senator Bill Kristol. But you won’t hear Texas Congressman Ron Paul joining that drumbeat. He is coming out in support of Steel’s comments and he is joining us live via Skype. Happy 4th of July to you, Congressman. And before we misconstrue anything, you are coming out in support of these comments, right?

Ron Paul: Well, not in the entirety but I come out in support of Chairman Steele because I think it was overkill. He made a very casual comment. He wasn’t setting policy. And all of a sudden people jump on him like we’re not allowed to have a discussion. As a matter of fact, I did like what he said. So I enjoyed the fact that we’re willing to have a discussion about the popularity of this war. And truly it is Obama’s war, even though it was started during the last administration. Obama said this is the Good War, he’s expanding the war and the American people aren’t with him. The majority of the American people are tired of the war and they’d like to see an end. They’d like to see our troops come home. I mean, this idea that as soon as somebody has a discussion, even if it’s an off-hand discussion, people are clamoring for him to resign… I don’t think that’s quite fair.

Don Lemon: Congressman, you have to let me get in on this, because it seems like, you know, I understand what you’re saying; you want people to talk about the war. But it seems like he wasn’t factually correct. Very little of what he said, if anything, was correct factually in those comments. And he came back himself and clarified them, so why are you supporting him for comments that he had to clarify?

Ron Paul: Well, I didn’t hear his clarification. But if he clarified his statement… because he wasn’t making a policy statement. He came back and said, “I’m not stating policy, that’s not exactly my position as you interpreted it”.

Don Lemon: But he wasn’t telling the truth.

Ron Paul: Pardon me?

Don Lemon: He wasn’t telling the truth.

Ron Paul: Well, I think you’re not telling the truth right now yourself.

Don Lemon: He said that this war was started by the Obama administration that no one wanted to go into this war. In fact, when we went into this war, most of the country supported it and it was started, again, under President Bush. So most of what he said, if not all of it, was not factually correct.

Ron Paul: When he saying politically this is Obama’s war. Even in the last campaign, matter of fact, I thought Obama was more hawkish on this war than McCain was, because he was calling for increasing troops in Afghanistan before the Republicans were. So I think, in many ways, at least politically, this is Obama’s war and it is a political issue. The Republicans really suffered from the fact that the Iraq war continued for so long and it hurt us at the polls. So I think that Republicans ought to have a right to at least say that maybe this war isn’t going well and not blindly support every single thing that is being done. And then all of a sudden if an individual does, you know, people accuse you, “Oh, you’re un-American, you’re unpatriotic.” And they pile on and then they pressure somebody like Chairman Steele that he has to back off. But he didn’t have a policy statement, he was merely making a casual statement. And when he said that for over a thousand years, and even longer, nobody has been successful in invading Afghanistan, he is telling the truth. That is not a lie.

Don Lemon: Hang on, hang on. You have to let me get in there, because I want to go through more subjects, and so let me jump in every so often, okay Congressman? You have publicly questioned Republicans who want Steele to resign over this. In fact, this is what you said, “And I have to ask myself, ‘What is the agenda of the harsh critics demanding his resignation? What do they support Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama’s war?'” What do you mean by that statement?

Ron Paul: Well, it is. They’re the ones who are running foreign policy, Republicans don’t have anything to do with foreign policy. They’re the ones who demanded to increase the troops, they’re the ones who are pursuing this and it’s not going very well. Matter of fact, it’s going very poorly. We’ve been there nine years and the evidence is not very good that we’re going to have a military victory. Matter of fact, the military and the politicians don’t even seek a goal of military victory. They’re hoping they can get a political victory so that isn’t the goal. So what are we doing? Why are we there? The Al-Qaida is not there. There are probably 100 or so, according to our CIA which just reported last week, but they’re probably in Pakistan. And if we go and chase them into Pakistan, they’re going to go to Yemen. If we chase them out of there they go to Somalia. It’s a fruitless venture and it deserves a discussion. And if the chairman of the party actually relates that he has a little bit of doubt about this, I think it’s very healthy and he shouldn’t be called to resign.

Don Lemon: The chairman of the party and you seem at odds with what most people in the party, especially high ranking Republicans, feel about this war and about these comments. What do you make of that? Are you feeling the pressure from that?

Ron Paul: No, I think they may be feeling the pressure of the American people who agree with me. And, of course, I’m a stickler for the Constitution and limited government and the way we go to war. And I think the American people by large numbers are now with me on this. So I just don’t think that people should be closed out in the debate.

Don Lemon: Hey listen! I want to ask you this. I want to ask you this.

Ron Paul: I think it certainly wasn’t necessary for Michael Steel to resign over this, he’s clarified his statement and that’s fine and dandy.

Don Lemon: We’re going to have to go to a break in a little bit here, Congressman, but I want to ask you: if you were not feeling, if conservatives weren’t feeling so positive about what might happen in November, do you think would even you be calling for Michael Steele to resign. Do you think the drumbeat would be even louder?

Ron Paul: I have no idea, I can’t interpret it for them. But all I know is that for them calling for him to resign means that they don’t think about November. That was one of my points in my statement. Why do this now? Why call for a resignation when the Republicans are doing well, and it looks like they’re going to have a victory. Why do they want to divide us now and say, “Oh, let’s have a big fight over Michael Steele”? That’s not good for the party. We’re doing well, we’re winning elections, the momentum is on our side, and there is nothing wrong with the debate on this issue, because the American people will welcome it. People generally vote for the peace candidate, they voted for Obama because he came across more for peace in the last election. And George Bush in the year 2000 was the peace candidate. He said, “No nation building, no policing the world”, and he won the election. So I would say it’s a very popular position, it’s a traditional Republican position. And to say that just because a person hints that he might be sympathetic to this, he has to resign, that is not right.

Don Lemon: And this will continue, no doubt, until up in November. The Republicans will use it one way to say it’s okay. The Democrats will use it against them. So we shall see. But most of all I want to thank you for coming on today and taking time.

Ron Paul: You’re welcome.

Don Lemon: It’s an important day, a holiday for our country. Thank you.


  • bluesmann8

    it is not america’s war! and we need to stop the war, the military industrial complex, the CFR, the non federal reserve and the IRS and put control over the CIA in place..
    impeach obama for lieing to get into office.

  • RU469NO

    CNN got owned by Dr Paul on this one. CNN lied when they said Steele said “Obama Started this war” when in fact when you listen to the comments by Steele on CNN he said its Obamas War. Obama said he would leave if he got elected. Well he is elected and then he increased troops by 2 fold. Hmm. In the last 2000 years no power not even Romans have conquered there save Alexander the Great.

  • pretorious700

    Michael Steele is an idiot, but the Republicans chose him, so it’s their problem. In any other system anything would be preferable to the Democrats, but somehow the GOP has managed to be worse.

  • shiftstart

    Demint: “This is Americas war” Demint: “He needs to refocus on electing candidates who can stop this rampage of spending and debt in Washington” Mr Demint aren’t you in Washington? Mr Demint how much does this “Americas War” cost Americans? Mr Demint what do you do all day on the Senate floor? Now kindly Shut the hell up.

  • Gassebol

    That Ron Paul dude is scary smart!
    After NINE years, how hard can it be to disarm a couple of terrorist cave dwellers using the most powerful army of the whole wide world?
    Tell me whats wrong with this picture.

  • nestropolis1

    It’s hysterical, you can see who controls the media by the reporter’s reaction and comments. He’s probably so new to the scene trying to call Ron Paul a liar is not a battle he wants to undertake, poor guy. Spread the word to anyone with a half a brain and some ears Ron Paul must run in 2012 he will not be shut down again I promise that. This is the time for action.

  • 59norm59

    Notice how the commentary always assaults Ron Paul. Twisting words & making him look bad. This is what happens when you stand up for what is right. You have no voice or vote. Don’t be nieve. I dont give a damn about what the interviewer thinks, this was about Ron Paul. Media likes to beat up on people who stand for the will of the people.

  • st1ckycheese

    Don Lemon is a fag. A CNN news anchor being concerned about telling the truth? LOL. CNN spews a jet stream of bullshit news about the middle east, and many other issues, all day long and Don Lemon is concerned about telling the truth? BTW, CNN also boosted the phony claims about WMD in Iraq, and killed their interview with Scott Ritter, and now they are pushing the phony claims about Iranian WMD. CNN is the exact opposite of truth. Ron Paul, 2012.

  • TheLiveSamantha

    The reason why “most Americans” were for this “war” is 9/11. Murder for murder = no one wins. There needs to be more effort towards peace, instead the media and politicians are trying to spread hate. Hate between races, hate for illegals, hate for people supporting sb1070… All this to take attention away from the real criminals controlling the world and making life harder for the rest of us.

  • misslovely2882

    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. – Orwell

  • Austinbit

    This CNN newscaster is exactly why I dont watch CNN. “No Bull, No Bias”!?!? Yet he calls Michael Steele and Ron Paul liars? Plus, he clearly cuts Ron Paul off and trys to smear his character. CNN=the Communist News Network.

    • Machine

      They’re all (Fox CNN MSNBC, etc.) a bunch of commies…they should be tared and featherd! When Hunter S. Thompson died so did honest to good journalism. Actually it died long before he died.

      Well at least we still have N.P.R. I try to tune into Democracy Now, most of the news reporting comes across straight and unbias, and the interviews are relatively intellegent and the questions your thinking are asked…and answered without rude interuption.

  • europa

    I think Steele is suggesting Afghanistan is a democratic war to play sides, Ron just wants to take advantage of the media and use an opportunity to say stop the war

  • TheStrazy

    You would think that media types would quit inviting Ron Paul, He cuts through the propaganda and tell facts as honestly as he can and makes the twisting of the facts look stupid . Sadly he is one of the last honest congressmen left and he gets demonized for it. He is right on every point in my book, It is obama’s administrations war as the president is the CIC of the military obama could pull the troops tomarrow if he wanted to. We can no longer afford to nation build.

  • Matt P

    Let’s clarify some stuff up about “Obama’s War.”

    America is at war – we get that. When Obama became our President, he inherited the war along with other presidential perks and responsibilities. Basically, Ron Paul is saying that because Obama has supported the war effort and requested more troops for deployment, this war belongs to him now. Personally, I think the term “Obama’s War” implies that the war was started, implemented, and either accomplished or failed COMPLETELY by Obama, which is why the left-leaning commentator objected. Had Ron Paul said, “Obama is now responsible for America’s war,” I doubt there would have been as much conflict.

    “Speaking of which, while the commentator exposed some valid errors in Steele’s delivery, I feel that he was too confrontational with his tone and word choice. I hate it when Fox News Network commentators similarly attack their interviewees, and I’m a little unnerved that this CNN host proved no better. For anyone going into high-profile cable political interviewing, there are ways to ask questions, prod for more information, and interrupt your subject WITHOUT making an ass out of yourself.

    I won’t BS you. I’m a California liberal democrat, but one of my best friends is an Oregon libertarian and I see a lot of truth in Ron Paul’s message. He’s consistent with his decisions, and all of his opinions are thoughtfully prepared. To me, he’s a much more legitimate candidate than many politicians on both sides who simply vote where their party tells them.

    • Machine

      Hmmm. Interesting.
      I have wrestled with this “Obama’s War” comment too.

      I agree that Obama did not start this “so called” war – it really isn’t a war as much as it is a violation of our Constitution, but that’s another debate – however being that Obama “inherited this long and on going fracas in the Middle East, it very much now is his responsability…That he took a platform – claiming he would bring the troops home – during his campaign, ment he knew that as President, the Commander and Cheif, he had a responsability…an obligation to except what was going on and end it. That he has sent more troops and shifted more occupation and bombing to Afghanistan does in fact make it “Obama’s War”. It certainly isn’t mine.

      But let me further comment on the history of past presidents that during their campaign took a platform pledging to NOT send the country to war, to not escalate, or create volital situations by involving the U.S.
      Woodrow Wilson in 1916 was elected on a peace platform…the next year he asked congress to declare war. Roosevelt in 1940 promised to keep the country out of war, yet his foreign policies were more designed to bring the U.S. to war. In 1964 Lydon B Johnson knowing the situation in Vietnam was tense, took a tone of opposing military intervention during his campaign, but upon taking office quickly acted opposite his platform.
      I will say this though: All of those Presidents had the approval of Congress. That Bush never did and now Obama goes forth knowingly, only proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the Executive branch sole interst is in building an Empire beyond our boarders; and Congress, like a flock of sheep follows. Our Governments policies and disregard for the U.S. Constitution will be our demise. We the People have the Power to stop this Government…It is written!
      At present, in the words of Howard Zinn; “When it comes to making war we might as well have a monarchy as a constitutional government.”

      • Machine

        Correction, Johnson didn’t have Congress’s aproval to enter into war.

  • rim3

    @europa thats what makes ron paul great, because he is a respectful man, he doesnt hold grudges, he uses common sense

  • Hitlerrrchan

    you gotta…you gotta let me jump in congressman. you…you…STOP talking for a second congressman. no your not telling the truth…you gotta let me chime in every once in a while congressman…

    lol wtf

  • k9forkids

    Don Lemon got squeezed by Ron Paul