End this War and Change our Foreign Policy! After 20 Years of Killing the Fighting and the Lies Continue With No End in Sight!

Date: 07/01/2010

  • matatigre36

    “What we need is honest leaders and a new foreign policy!” Right on!

  • Irockman1

    His words just fly past the people he’s speaking to, but they don’t have to fly past the people.

  • coffeejunkie33

    Ron Paul the only real American Politician for the People. Great speech..!!!


  • nvsyru

    I’m kind of surprised Ron didn’t mention the dedication of the third space shuttle launch, March 22, 1982, on behalf of the Afghanistan people, who fought against the Soviets during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. The U.S. indeed supported the “Mujahideen Resistance” that has been renamed as the “Taliban” today. One day our nation honors the afghan people who fought for their Freedom only to declare them an enemy of the U.S., roughly twenty years later, so as to eliminate their Freedom. Sad!

  • Avatarclone

    A really sane politican and I agree he is awesome! But I think/know the time for powerstructures is coming to an end… Ron Paul is amazing and a really good man, but his whole profession is going down. Peace!

  • leafwatch

    If only all Americans could hear this speech; but the mainstream media will block it as usual.

  • totallyrandom02

    Ron Paul, USA is after minerals in Afganistan.

    • Libertarian777

      not really. It’s a straw man argument.

      The USA has known about these ‘newly discovered minerals’ for a long time.

      Don’t you find it interesting that these minerals were ‘discovered’ just in time for McChrystal to resign.

      I’m not into ‘conspiracy’ theories ala 9/11 in general, but the timing on this is just too co-incidental.

      It’s as if the media are trying to find a reason for the US to still be there.

  • brown55061

    Just wow. Ron Paul said it all. If anyone actually disagrees with his closing statements, they should not live in America because they certainly don’t align with what a Constitutional American is at the core.

  • VexZeez

    End these wars.

  • russkeller

    I want a Paul/Kucinich ticket. They might be opposites but they’re the only ones with the stones to clean up the system and kick out the lobbyists. If the Military Industrial Complex offs one the back up still has the stones to get the job done. And if they off the other they might cause an uprising.

    Than after that administration cleans up the system they run against each other to get thier own policies through.

  • TheBlaspheemer

    Dr. Paul, a truly successful president, determined to push new policies like your own or a nice even mixture with Kucinich!!!…….one would need Military guard at all times!!! I see this as necessary, if we want to take down the FED. I say DC would need a full Military unit watching every corner. Everywhere you go take care of yourself, do this before you push for any policy changes, the very first act as President, PLEASE. It can be done…cover all bases.

  • Lagnar

    Yeah, god forbid the Taliban should destroy any of the opium fields we killed so many people to replant and grow. Wouldn’t want that to happen now would we? We have to finance our 3LetterAgencies somehow, and everyone knows $20,000 toilet seats just aren’t cutting it anymore. lawl :/ The more we look at this, the more we can see that we are “The Bad Guy” in the world.

  • GunOwnerDan

    So, how do we prevent the Taliban from taking over the country again if we leave?
    If the Taliban take control again it would be a disaster.

  • silversobe

    I hope Ron Paul runs for President this 2012. We need him. We need reason, truth, and liberty.

    End the Federal Reserve!

    End the Wars!

    End the Failed Drug War!

  • fsujag54

    There is more wisdom in this five minute speech than everything else said in that house this month. Why is this man not our president?

  • bluepastel

    See those empty seats behind Dr. Ron Paul? No one is listening! Wake Up America, your Country is run by a bunch of Thugs not willing to hear you or represent you, save one – Dr. Ron Paul.

  • MrSocrates513

    right on Dr. paul!

  • ProfessorUtopia

    Seems like, as of late, he’s been far less reserved about pointing out the truth of our history with the Mujahideen and bin Laden.

    We’ll see who’s willing to listen; no doubt the neo-cons will try to manipulate it to discredit him. (Then again, what else is new?)

  • delasur13

    One Of The Greatest Speeches Ive Heard Since JFK ! Ron Paul Is A Real Leader ,and One Representing The People.

  • kevinz1985

    such a great man.