End this War and Change our Foreign Policy! After 20 Years of Killing the Fighting and the Lies Continue With No End in Sight!

Date: 07/01/2010

  • m1grand70

    i agree, the people and congress should approve of the war. I mean i totally support our help in afghanistan, but it seems like we keep spending millions on apaches and tanks than rather spending those millions on schools and clean water in afghanistan. Like i said, i support our help all the way but i think were not helping the way we should.

  • MegaCoreMagnetizer

    I would vote for Kucinich if I could – he would have forced UFO Disclosure which is so badly needed at this critical time in our history.

  • legorok37

    Barack Obama saw and disliked this video. LOL.

  • 1dabirdman

    this man is a master of economics and would slay anyone in an election. please Dr. Paul, we need you to run in 2012, i would gladly take a bullet for this man. in 100 years when kids are studying american history. Ron Paul will be noted as the greatest president to ever live! his face should be carved onto mt. rushmore!


  • migu9999

    John Lennon: War is over if YOU want it.

  • staceyvitale

    We do need new honest leaders with character…and his name is RON PAUL. I wish we didn’t have to wait until 2012 to vote him in as our next PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!! Where do I sign up to work for this guys campaign?


    we are a 1 party system now-Rep-dem are one of the same . They need this War to go on to continue to Bankrupt america.It has no intention of winning it as was always planned . Its not solely about oil but about Empire building.The Goal is for the Rest of the middle East to accept the American way and Dollar system ,These are the last countries to be part of there Gloabal system and they must be destroyed or occupied . Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan and soon enough Iran ,SAME DAM THING OVER AGAIN

  • wingully

    that’s true,Ron Paul is the greatest American.

  • Gassebol

    How and who sells weapons to afghan terrorists? Its pretty strange that after nine years using the most powerful army of the world…

  • TheTruthBureau

    Ron Paul is my hero and he is the voice of reasoning, Make other politicians look stupid. That is because they are controlled by AIPAC and they are only looking for Israel best interest.

  • kristofferdub
  • purechaos2000

    Ron Paul should get the 2012 Republican nomination. However, we know that Catcher’s Mitt Romney will get the nomination. Mitt Romney could only wish to be like Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Whether you agree with Paul or not, you cannot honestly say you know exactly where he stands and where he has stood for over 30 years. Mitt Romney the “conservative” used to be Mitt Romney the “independent” who was more liberal than Ted Kennedy (proven in a debate with Kennedy)

  • Yvonne

    Ron Paul is so right. By warring against a ”tactic” instead of a ”country” we are giving our government a license to go anywhere.
    This is nation building.

  • US Defense

    The “War On Terror” cannot be won by attacking nations and nation building. Terrorists exist in cells throughout the world and fight for many reasons. They have declared that they strike because of US occupation and bases in the middle east. The best response to terror attacks is to destroy responsible cells and with special forces surgical operations.

    The “War On Terror” is an ideal war to support a large defense budget. It is infinitely expandable and how can victory be declared? Who will sign the surrender agreement? Comparing it to WWII by calling it. WWIII is rediculous and insulting to that effort.

    Where in the world is our Military? In 144 nations according to an article in the American Legion Magazine, 2/2008. Some of the largest are:

    Republic of Korea 27,000
    Japan 50,000
    Iraq 168,000 (now ~ 140,000)
    Kuwait 16,000
    Hawaii 35,000
    Afghanistan 24,000 (increasing by 30,00)
    United Kingdom 10,000
    Germany 58,000
    Italy 10,000
    Alaska 19,000
    Continental US 876,000
    At sea/in port 115,000

    When President Eisenhower left office, he warned of the “military industrial complex”. Consider the logistics, facilties and equipment costs to support the complex. The 2010 Defense Budget is $663 Billliion.

  • a4finger

    Ron Paul is right! He should be our President!

  • metivs

    Ron Paul is clear and says the same in the long term. In the USA this speech can clearly understand presindent, bus driver, or janitor. So what is the problem?… Where are the Obama / Hillary voters crying from happiness that “the change” has finally come? Where are the republican voters who ditched R.Paul in 2008? All those people are and will become victims of their own bad choice. This speech should launch and earthquake, but nothing is moving. Will the Americans ever wake up???

  • aliencrap

    Imagine a world where people like Ron are president.

  • 8331riverland

    ron paul is a prophet. i can tell my sun I helped a prophet fight the greatest evil ever known. the money changers

  • D10SdelFutbol


  • dquijano

    I like Paul, but he overstates his case here. If it was just about money and a clear objective, I would agree (or at least understand). However, to act like we don’t know who we are fighting, why we are fighting, or that we were lied to in order to start the war is not really true.

    If what he was, you would see the Democrats moving much more quickly to end the war. They aren’t though. Why is that? Obama is an outsider. Why not end the war? Because there is more to it than what Paul is saying.