7 responses to “Ron Paul: I have no plans for 2012 but I haven’t ruled it out”

  1. Jason

    RON PAUL PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012! I get this feeling you might not run and its upsetting because I no longer have faith in our government, but I do have faith in you. So many people I know were sent over to fight these illegal wars, and my family is lucky to have a roof over their head and its all because of corrupt politicians and their special interests. I know in my heart and from hearing you speak that you truly represent the American people and our freedoms. I’ve always considered myself a democrat, especially after Bush, but now after being tricked by Obama into thinking he was going to bring change, I see its not the party its about the person and the message. I thank you for opening my eyes and I know you can bring this country back to greatness, no pressure or any thing haha. I’ll be telling everybody I know about you, your message, and what this country could achieve under your leadership. If you don’t decide to run I’ll understand but I’m going to vote for you anyway.
    In fact, until politicians start stepping up and telling the truth and bringing real answers, Ill be voting for you for the rest of my life.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE RUN DR. PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – Jason Giantonio

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  2. Joe


    I see your point about Ron Paul not running, but only to a point… Ron Paul has been saying the same things for many years, yet only a few of the smart ones listened until he threw his name in the presidential election hat. I must admit I never even heard of Ron Paul until then. Sadly, I’m one of those guys that bought into what I heard on the news for many years and counted on it as if it were gospel. However, over the past 12 to 15 years things just quit adding up as lie after lie kept being revealed and my liberties kept getting stripped away is small steps. I considered myself a republican, but I could not bring myself to vote for Bush in either of his runs. I couldn’t vote democrat either, so in protest I voted independent in the last 2 elections. I had pretty much lost all hope until I heard Ron Paul speak. What an impact he has made on me… It’s not that he has said anything magical, it’s just that what he says is so American to the core and so fundamentally true to the Constitution… I’m so glad that he made a run for it last time around.

    Maybe he could do more if he stayed out of the race, but by joining the race, his message gets out in grand fashion. Main stream media did a good job last time around by labeling Sen. Paul as a crazy old coot from Texas, but it seems it just took another couple of years of the same old politics for his message to start sinking in with many more people. I say RUN Sen. Paul… If for no other reason but to shove the truth into the faces of Americans again and again. If the American people fail to make the right choices come election day, I truly believe America will fall within a short time. I don’t mean to be a fatalist, but man it sure seems like that’s where were headed, doesn’t it???

    Joe from SC…

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  3. Bottomline

    It would be nice if you do run in 2012, becuase you are sending message real well and you could win more delegates!

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  4. GB

    Not that I don’t want him in (I do), but I wonder if Ron wouldn’t have more effect by staying out of the presidential race. He gets to go around the country, lots of TV time, can make his own schedule, etc.

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    1. Machine

      That’s a good point…Than again we’re talking about Ron Paul. I have a feeling that we could count on hearing from him alot as a President.

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  5. I was there

    I was at this event the article talked about.

    It completely played down Paul and the event.

    Republican activists brought stickers signs and handed out literature with recent articles showing Ron winning in polls.

    At no point while he was there did he say he didn’t think he couldn’t win.

    Being welcomed by Republican Congressmen King to the Iowa State GOP convention was a big party deal

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    1. Bottomline

      It’s funny how Steve King welcomes Dr. Paul when he himself blindly supports the neverending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan! He talks a good game about Freedom and Liberty when he supported the patriot act! Also Rep. King originally support Mitt Romney back in 2008! However I’m that even he welcomed Dr. Paul who is a true conservative and is truly for Freedom and Liberty!

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