17,724 Say “Yes” to Ron Paul 2012

We asked the question that’s on everyone’s mind: “Should Ron Paul should run for President in 2012?”

Our readers submitted 18,882 votes and 237 comments while the poll was open from June 9 to July 10. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 17,724 Votes)
  • No. (3%, 640 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (1%, 191 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 327 Votes)

Total Voters: 18,882

The percentage results are virtually unchanged from our four earlier polls (February 2009, June 2009, November 2009, February 2010):

  • 94% (up from 92%) of our readers want Ron Paul to run for President in 2012.
  • 3% (down from 4%) want him to stay out of the race.
  • And 3% (down from 4%) are undecided or said “it depends”.

The number of votes (18,882) represents the second-highest turnout of all polls we ran so far. In February 2009, our first Ron Paul 2012 poll attracted 6,337 votes. 6,617 voters participated in our June 2009 poll, and the November 2009 poll drew 9,312 votes. With 21,796 votes, our February 2010 poll attracted the largest number of votes.

In light of these exciting numbers it is important to emphasize that Ron Paul recently said that he hasn’t come to a decision yet. We hope he considers the results of this poll when he makes his choice for 2012!

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  • Rob

    Yes,yes,yes,seems Ron Paul is the only hope for the U.S.A to continue this revolution for the constitution.As a Canadian outside looking in,every American needs to endorse Ron Paul as Alex Jones suggests ……..

  • Robert Kelsey

    My answer is an emphatic YES! There is no other politician currently that has a more clear idea regarding what’s REALLY going on in America and the world today.

  • NoPartyAffiliation

    Now, try asking the SAME question on a site that isn’t partisan and see what numbers you get. But then again from what I’ve read here, Mr Paul seems to sling around numbers with wild abandon, but never seems to say anything about how such numbers were generated. You want my vote? Try being honest.

  • John

    Ron Paul should run in 2012, as that is the first year I can vote. I definitely will vote for him!

  • Adrienne Owen

    He had my vote in 2008 for Republican candidate. I actually changed my party affiliation so i could vote for him from a lib to a rep. YOU HAVE MY VOTE again. I will spread the word like no other and scream from my balcony every night if you will just give us one more chance to try to get you nominated to be our PRESIDENT. Man, wouldn’t it be AWESOME to have a man represent us that we are once again PROUD of. A man whose heritage we can pass down to future generations. A man who we can say, “LOOK ,, that is OUR president and WE THE PEOPLE ELECTED HIM.” GO DRP for President in 2012. We can do it this time around, REAL CHANGE is coming to Washington in 2012, I can feel it.

  • N.Luciano

    17,7(2+4) for Ron Paul YES!

    • FreedomNow


  • Absolutely YES to Ron Paul!

  • T. Dobie

    He should run as an independent… or libertarian.
    I don’t know that he’ll get the Republican nomination.

    I’m Canadian, but I love a politician who stands up and tells the truth!
    Passionate in his beliefs, and with solid integrity, he’s a rare animal.

  • Mark Deerheim

    Do you notice that Dr. Paul never makes statements that are meant to be used to “shock” or provoke much of the useless discourse that is so prevalent in this day and age. He just is very “matter of fact” when providing the necessary medicine that this sick nation needs to get well. DRP 2012

  • L.O.C

    Ron Paul Revolution!
    Save The Constitution!

    Vote Ron Paul for President 2012

  • Don’t give in to special interest, you have never tooken the easy way out and I am glad to support you.

  • Rich

    Ron Paul is the only hope I can see for the USA!

  • Ross

    Ron will probably win..He needs to watch those who will use his popularity for their own agendas.There are too many corrupt treacherous members of Congress who have been bought via the power of counterfeit money.

    Ron, this will be the toughest most courageous ordeal of your life. People of truth and respect for our common humanity, are with you all the way.

  • Angry Voter

    Ron Paul is the only politician I trust.

  • Out of 18,882, 17,724 say yes? that is almost 94%.

    I believe Dr. Paul deserve and should expect 100% if we the people start spreading the word and start putting our mine and time and take a day off being too busy and too lazy.

    Dr. Paul for 2012