Ron Paul, Lou Dobbs and Sharron Angle on Freedom Watch

Ron Paul, Former Ambassador John Bolton, CATO’s director of foreign policy studies Chris Preble, Democratic analyst Doug Schoen, and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss “Obama’s War” in Afghanistan. Also on the show: Former CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs, Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate in Nevada, Sharron Angle, Jack Devine, Charles Gasparino, Nancy Skinner and Donald Boudreaux.



  • leafwatch

    It is odd that so many jump to defend unending wars of aggression and get so angry when anyone disagrees.

  • vigorosoPIMPJr

    Lou Bobbs has a point in some ways when it comes to illegal Immigrants but I believe trade should be Free… I believe there should be immigrants but LEGAL not illegal…but I also believe People who hire Illegals should get FINED….

  • rclamb04

    here is an idea lets stop nation building and try to put our nation back together

  • sparshparimoo

    haha..neocons and dems on the same side: warmongering. BIG surprise!

  • lucifuehrer

    go judge go!

  • stheriau

    Whoa, smackdown on Lou Dobbs at 14:10

  • GovernmentSham912

    Ron Paul and Neocon Bolton on the same show?
    LMAO, Judge called Bolton a Neocon right in front of him!!!!

  • r0nPauLfartscum

    ron paul farted all over the old spice guy

  • annboylyn
  • BillionYears

    Message to libtards and neocons: NO MORE LIES!!!

  • sharinganclan213

    the judge is the best!

  • ORVX

    the female getting lived aka, 10 yrs, is well worth it, it sends a message, this don’t even come close to making up for the men’s lives that have been destroyed by BIG GOV LIBERAL FEMINSIM!

  • airborne373

    Bolton is a Zionist loyal to Israel, not to the U.S.

  • dreamwhileyousleep

    The Judge is really starting to shine in this new format.


  • MrWakethesheeple

    ‘Neocons’ and ‘liberals’ are the same thing. Both work for corporate and bank CEO’s who would to take our freedom and property so they can take it for themselves.

  • MrWakethesheeple

    I will contribute money to the campaigns of all those candidates opposing Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman, Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi in the upcoming election. If even one of these criminals is removed it would do some good.

  • quaffer22

    Schoen [dem] siding with Lindsy Graham [R], is telling.
    Graham, is another neocon like the turncoat Arlen Specter was.

    These so-called republicans [RINO] are easliy spotted by their political positions, actions, or the lack thereof.


  • HyperBorealOperator

    Im getting almost as sick of these neo cons as I am the liberals. Bolton et al just want us to make the military industry rich until we are completely destitute. Screw the globalist left and the globalist neo-cons.

  • Livefreerevolution

    Bolton the neoCON!!!
    Schoen libTARD neoCON!!!
    Preble not sure …

    Paul Constitutionalist … Prez 2012

  • BornTwyce2

    Good Debate!