Ron Paul, Lou Dobbs and Sharron Angle on Freedom Watch

Ron Paul, Former Ambassador John Bolton, CATO’s director of foreign policy studies Chris Preble, Democratic analyst Doug Schoen, and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss “Obama’s War” in Afghanistan. Also on the show: Former CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs, Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate in Nevada, Sharron Angle, Jack Devine, Charles Gasparino, Nancy Skinner and Donald Boudreaux.



  • LetFreedomRlng

    Ron Paul 2008 Campaign finance adviser “Peter Schiff” needs our help to make phone banking calls for the CT US Senate primary. Spread the message!

  • dugiv

    The rep for the dems sounded like George Bush! If i hear another “well george bush is an idiot” or he “started that shit war” im going to sock them in the face. They should be flipping out over Obama’s pro war policy.

  • im1greatman

    I am an American and this is NO WAY my war. I will never support an aggressive war. Self defense is the best offense.

  • N89J00X

    I think I like the judge, but I can’t say much for his guests, although they are illuminating a certain point of view which is good to know about.

  • KagexMane

    e who votes for this idiot should be ashamed.

  • KagexMane

    I had to stop watching after the Sharron Angle softball interview. Napolitano is a fake libertarian whose entire purpose on FOX is to convince libertarian viewers that the Republican Party is turning libertarian. Angle is not for limited government. She wants to bring back prohibition. She proposed $15,000 spa trips for jailed Nevada citizens. She thinks the government should forcefully stop all abortions, saying that rape victims can make lemonade out of lemons by having the baby. Anyon

  • Voy2378

    They should have Schiff on. And not just as an economic expert. He got support from all the CT TPs.

  • Xylogeist

    Ron Paul seems to be the most sane person here…. has anyone else noticed the extreme idiocy among the others?

  • thetimman00

    Combine croney and capitalism and you get crapitalism.

  • thefakeyeti

    If the system worked the way libertarians and constitutionalists wanted it to work…

    Abortion would be de facto (I think that is what they call it) legalized…

    Whenver you are tried with a crime, you have the right to be judged by your peers. Whenever you’re on trail, not only are you on trail, but the law is to..

    So, if government made abortion illegal, all it takes is jury members to aquit.

  • kmg501

    Nancy Skinner needs to study history. She is profoundly clueless.

  • 4Stanzas

    I tried, I really tried, to listen to Lou Dobbs drone on with his patriotic platitudes. The lack of substance was just too much.

  • 4Stanzas

    “Common principles, common values, and a commitment to fighting Al-Qaeda.”

    I wonder how long it took him to memorize that standard line? What the demublicans have in common is a commitment to spending money in order to buy votes and consolidate power; and nothing furthers that end like military spending. It’s fascism plain and simple. Go Ron Paul!

  • batmanthe

    I used to be anti- “illegal” immigrant. Until I became a REAL libertarian. Now I don’t give a crap how much illegals may or may not mess something up; its not worth it to go against the principles of freedom. You can’t own your property fully and the collective at the same time own that same property. Borders are fictional collectivist bullshit and they are an abomination to true Libertarian principle. Everyone has natural individual rights and their are ZERO collective rights.

  • kaiyne316

    Bolton is paid for by big interests, his comments lend to that view…Ron Paul has his shit together and tight… we need many many more people with his intellect. Chris Preble is a moron as well… shame ..

  • sorienor

    Angle is still a politician. She didn’t answer the question about abortion.

  • Spazzfrom1989

    you can tell angle isnt sincere, she focuses more about reid than the issues.


    What a criminal deviant is that John Bolton and his fruitcake clone Stache

  • Idothisright

    I would be more impressed by Sharron Angle if she didn’t include Harry Reid so much. Even though it’s politics, she makes it sound too political than by moral standings by including Reid’s name in every response.

  • a2zhandi

    The Great USA inflicts more international terrorism than all other countries combined! They are crooks trying to keep those who see them for what they are from disrupting their dominance over the worlds people Plain and simple.
    The world sees it. Americans sight is intentionally obscured.