Ron Paul, Lou Dobbs and Sharron Angle on Freedom Watch

Ron Paul, Former Ambassador John Bolton, CATO’s director of foreign policy studies Chris Preble, Democratic analyst Doug Schoen, and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss “Obama’s War” in Afghanistan. Also on the show: Former CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs, Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate in Nevada, Sharron Angle, Jack Devine, Charles Gasparino, Nancy Skinner and Donald Boudreaux.



  • TheGrungeLibertarian

    That fat Democrat just proved, with his own fat mouth, that the GOP and Democratic parties are virtually indistinguishable. It truly is a two-headed one-party system. The old Republican party should merge with the Democrats and form the Authoritarian Party, while Ron Paul and others will spearhead a new Libertarian party. I mean, I’m sure a lot of people would jump the status-quo ship if they started being honest.

  • swu880

    lou dobbs is a statist who cant even see straight. He doesn’t even recognize the importance of free market- subsidizing ‘american’ companies merely cuz they are american and forcibly supporting a buisiness merely b/c its american is very racist. It does not say a thing about the supply & demands of the suppliers & demanders of the world

  • BlackAdderLXX

    I like the judge but he’s a poor interviewer…


    Does anyone else want to see Lew Rockwell on the new Freedom Watch?

  • Markemark44

    great debate

  • ProdigalSonofLiberty

    Peter Schiff is running for Senate… if he can win his primary he’ll be just as great a boon to the freedom movement as Rand Paul or Sharron Angle would be. Should be interesting to see the result of the liberty candidates in the primaries and elections

  • CurtHowland

    Isn’t having to borrow to pay interest on your debt one of the definitions of bankruptcy?
    Not that that would surprise anyone who watches this show.

  • CurtHowland

    I’m convinced that the Judge has changed the people he has on the show since it went “on the air” rather than internet only, because Fox wants “Republicans” to look good.

  • purechaos2000

    Didn’t we put in the Taliban to begin with? So are the people we are putting power any better? I can’t really remember a single time that we have changed a regime in a Middle Eastern country without it going badly a couple decades later.

  • satarnag

    Regarding BP – Our US military protects BP’s oil production. What we need to do is to kick out of bed both government and corporation. The government should sleep with the people, not the corporations. That’s when we will have true capitalism, not crony capitalism.

  • Gbroadcaster

    Obama should be in jail. The man is Lawyer and took a oath to obey the U.S Constitution!!!

  • Gbroadcaster

    If any body has been in jail, there is a sign from the feds that reads, “Cops have no rights to ask your immigration status”. There is something wrong with that!

  • volumedealer1

    Sharon is a fake!!!!!! This woman is against abortion NO MATTER WHAT!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

    She didn’t answer her position,she avoided it like a true shyster politician,and Judge just left it at that.Awful!

  • minerasasd

    The main problem with politicians is that they set out to become politicians, there is a process that they go through depending on ideology and party but is structured so that they obtain political office. Ron Paul is a doctor first who much later on decided to be a poltician, he did not start his life to gain power but to give it back to the people

  • wachman

    I really can’t take most of the guests seriously who say they are for a democratic way of doing things. SAY NO TO DEMOCRACY! WE WANT A REPUBLIC!

  • RyanR3volution

    Why doesn’t that Chickenhawk Bolton go fight.

  • coolerdoncooper

    then American businesses need to start producing quality products at an affordable price. They do that then Americans buy more American goods, more Americans get hired and have jobs, and everybody is better off. If the gov is a hinderence to this then businesses and our crooked reps in Washington need to act like adults and make the moral decision to get out of the way and let American business prosper. Lou Dobbs is nobody’s moral compass.

  • coolerdoncooper

    Lou Dobbs is a moron. He rants about how Americans should act like adults and make the morally correct choice of buying American. What if the American good is a piece of shit? What if it is twice as expensive and of lower quality? How does that help anyone? His ignorance of economics is evident. If Americans are buying foreign goods it’s b/c they are of better quality and a lower price and they feel it benefits their families best to do so. If Jack-off wants Americans to buy more American stuff

  • onedollardvdproject

    I put together a Judge Napolitano DVD made up of great youtube clips. It is only a dollar or two from the

    Get a stack and pass them along to friends and neighbors who are not internet savvy.

  • simplulo

    One reason the situation in Afghanistan has gotten so much worse is that before 2001 the Taliban prohibited opium cultivation, and now they encourage it, and get their financing from it. Opium is now 1/3 of Afghanistan’s economy.