Ron Paul: No More U.S. Tax Dollars for Corrupt Afghan Officials!

Funding Corruption and Waste in Afghanistan

by Ron Paul

Last week, GOP chairman Michael Steele came under fire for daring to say what a lot of Americans already know: that our involvement in Funding Corruption and Waste in Afghanistan

Last week, GOP chairman Michael Steele came under fire for daring to say what a lot of Americans already know – that our involvement in Afghanistan is an ill-advised quagmire with no end in sight. After nearly 10 years and approaching $1 trillion spent, the conflict is going nowhere because there is nowhere for it to go. After all, if victory is never really defined, defeat is inevitable.

With our economy at home in serious trouble, this wasteful occupation is something we clearly cannot afford. Each soldier costs us $1 million per year, and yet most in Washington are only considering how many more soldiers to send. Fuel costs an astonishing $400 per gallon for our military in Afghanistan! Yet somehow, many politicians feel it is acceptable to squeeze this money out of our taxpayers, who are truly struggling economically, to fund this non-war. Our economy here is not showing any real signs of improvement. Official unemployment is pushing 10% and getting worse. (Real unemployment is over 20% according to the free-market economists). The growing debt and inflation used to fund this occupation only dooms us to more economic hardship for a long time to come. And – for what?

Where the money for Afghanistan comes from is one problem – where it goes is another. Recently, it has come to light that much of the aid money we send to Afghanistan is lost due to corruption. Billions of tax dollars from hardworking Americans are ending up lining the pockets of corrupt Afghan officials, and likely even filtering into the Taliban we are ostensibly fighting. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that curiously enough, billions more than the Afghan government collects in revenue is leaving the country in the form of cash on huge pallets and in suitcases and mostly ending up in Dubai, as well-connected Afghan officials buy up luxury homes and enrich their personal off-shore bank accounts. Investigations into corruption and graft have been blocked by the Karzai government, probably because Karzai’s own brother would have to be implicated. It is encouraging that the foreign aid appropriations subcommittee has attempted to block billions in aid as a response to these allegations, but this is likely temporary and may not even succeed.

The point is that sending aid money to Afghanistan is not making poor people over there better off. It is making poor people here worse off. Corruption is endemic to Afghanistan, with graft comprising about one fourth of their economy! Even though it is considered the second most corrupt nation in the world according to Transparency International, we still send the Afghan government billions of dollars in aid and are shocked to find it is not making its way out of the sticky fingers of the officials entrusted with it.

Robbing citizens here to fund corruption over there is not helping average citizens anywhere. We are sacrificing real economic opportunities at home for the opportunity to line corrupt pockets in Afghanistan. Not only that, but American soldiers are being killed and maimed. It is tragic and frustrating how much we have lost and wasted already. It is time to leave Afghanistan to the Afghans to sort out. I am glad more Americans are finally willing to face this reality.


  • joeseth05

    Paul/Ventura/Napolitano 2012

  • kwalsh303

    Ron Paul is so wise and so honest. Americans MUST put him into the office of President! I hope that Americans have learned multiple lessons from the escapades, lies, deceit and treachery of the Obama rule. I hope that Americans have gained some degree of integrity, wisdom and honor and will vote to rid America of the communist/socialist laws that are impoverishing, plundering and enslaving the people and creating wealth and power for evil rulers.

  • EveningGoDs

    I will vote republican next election for the first time BUT! only if Ron Paul runs

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    Whatever little faith i have in politicians, i owe it all to Dr. Paul. What an inspiration this honest man is. America needs him desperately.

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    People, our freedoms are being taken away. This is not right, Obama is taking away our freedoms.

    I am sorry for spamming like this, but this needs to get out. spread the news because our time is short.

  • Your tax money at work for building foreign nations.
    Buying more friends for U.S dollars.
    Do you wonder how long this friendship will last?
    This creepy nation Pakistan used the same tactic when Russian invaded Afghanistan and used US to supply them with nuclear weapon as a deterrent. They became the middle man between US and Taliban alike mentality (mojahadeen) against the Soviet Red Army and made them self rich. Now they are using the same tactic against the same people whom we were involved indirectly via Pakistan to make them self rich again. If we are going to built this nation I wounder who is going to maintain it? Buying friends with money is one thing but keeping them with money is for more costly.

    Here at home the bridges are falling because of lacking maintenance, the highways are full of potholes and congested to max, more unemployment, more homelessness, more crime, more illegals, more business are leaving either because of greed or just can’t deal with paying higher taxes.


    Ron Paul 2012

  • Ron Paul: No More U.S. Tax Dollars for Corrupt Afghan Officials!
    I diffidently agree with Ron Paul statement but how about the Stinky State of S.S. Israel and the apartheid regime that milked the American people since 1949?
    Thanks to Michael Revero web site for pointing this youtube video
    RON PAUL 2012

  • DrRonPaul

    Where are all these hollywood celebrities protesting the war now that obama is president?

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    The name is Jesse Ventura

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    the US will be in Afganistan for years to come theres too much money to be made plus the gas pipe line, the US army an’t going no wear. john mcain we could be there for the next 50 years

  • UFOnerd1

    If a Democrat said this two years ago they would have said support your troops now it’s our troops are dying ironic how ignorant you people are