Your Nominations for Ron Paul’s VP in 2012

Who should be Ron Paul’s VP in 2012? In a few days we will launch our latest poll to determine an up-to-date answer to this intriguing question. We’d like this to be the most comprehensive poll ever, so please submit your nominations as a comment to this post. The combined choices from our past three polls (06/2009, 11/2009, 04/2010) are listed below:

  • Michele Bachmann
  • Michael Badnarik
  • Chuck Baldwin
  • Glenn Beck
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Pat Buchanan
  • Jim DeMint
  • Lou Dobbs
  • Bruce Fein
  • Alan Grayson
  • Chuck Hagel
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Gary Johnson
  • Alex Jones
  • Adam Kokesh
  • Dennis Kucinich
  • B.J. Lawson
  • John McCain
  • Cynthia McKinney
  • Judge Napolitano
  • Sarah Palin
  • Rand Paul
  • Lew Rockwell
  • Mitt Romney
  • Wayne Allyn Root
  • Mary Ruwart
  • Mark Sanford
  • Joe Scarborough
  • Peter Schiff
  • John Stossel
  • Jesse Ventura
  • Mel Watt
  • Tom Woods

Please suggest potential VP candidates that are not on this list so we can include them in the upcoming poll!

  • eric schuster

    I think JUDGE NAPOLITANO is the most logical choice…however…
    I can forgive DENNIS KUCINICH…after all what choice did he have? The Illegal Alien Traitor in office now would have used some un-constitutional method to force it through anyway…and then have Dennis branded as a racist for not supporting the bill.
    But…if we want to bring the fear of God into the hearts of the corrupt sociopathic/sociopatheic wastes of skin, food, air, and money lounging around Washington the best man for the job is ALEX JONES. Unfortunately, many people would think he would hurt Ron Paul’s chances.
    On the other hand..Joe Biden didn’t hurt the PinochiObama campaign. And as a bonus those who might/would fear a Paul Presidency enough to do a Lincoln/Kennedy number to him would have good reason to fear Alex Jones as much or more.
    None of this day dreaming will matter as long as we continue to use Mathmatically Chalenged Voting Machines.


  • Devin Dzierzynski

    For those who think Colbert is to much of a comedian and people wouldnt take him seriously how about Jon Stewart of the Daily Show?

  • Devin Dzierzynski

    Here is an awesome suggestion. Stephen Colbert. He has his own show he could consistently market the idea for the RonPaul/Stephen Colbert ticket on The Colbert Report. For any politician or news network that constructs lies and deciet about Ron Paul, Colbert would be able to prove them wrong and make fun of them even worse on the show. It would get alot of the young crowd to jump over and join also.

    • kft

      Colbert is merely an entertainer. Jon Stewart is a true political intellectual and represents a far better choice.

  • Manuel Fernandez

    How about Arizona gov, Jan Brewer?

  • Melissa

    Judge Andrew is a fierce defender of the Constitution. He is articulate and lovable. Wouldn’t he be the most fun to campaign with? He is the opposition’s nightmare. Michelle Bachman would be fine but they will trash her simply for being female. Keep her in Congress for now. Peter Schiff could run the Treasury. And, of course, End the Fed, legalize hemp — set the captives free! Dr. Paul, you are the great HERO of the American Congress. Rock on, Freedom Fighter, rock on.

  • Joel

    Jesse Ventura seems like he may be able to help Ron reach some of the audiences that he hasn’t yet.

    • fred the protectionist

      Ron Paul already has reached the wacko-audience.

  • Haraldur Baldursson

    Jesse Ventura-seems like a risk worth taking.
    The campaign needs to gain attantion and like it or not uncontroversial voices aren’t enough. Media coverage needs to be ensured by all means possible.
    Bringing about changes in foreign policy, monetary reform, less taxes, less government,… and all the wonderful issues Ron Paul has presented (and the world is truly listening) needs further backing by the media. The media isn’t going to allow the coverage needed, so other venues need to be sought. An awekening in the whole population needs to be put into motion, not later than yesterday.
    I hope for the sake of all americans and for the sake of the rest of us on this planet, Ron Paul recieves the support of the ordinary american families that deserve better than the forces that be have allocated them.

  • James

    I think Congressman Paul could go a few different ways in choosing a VP and it all depends on how much the American people have woken up by the time candidates are campaigning.

    Ideally, all of America wakes up by this time and hears Ron Paul’s message and Judge Napolitano is the obvious candidate for VP. I really like this guy and he is for the same pro-liberty principles and American values as Congressman Paul. I think most people feel the same but the problem is that we might need to balance the ticket out a little bit to create a greater voter base ( and i don’t mean this in a belittling way). It really all just depends on where America is in two years. If Congressman Paul decides not to choose Napolitano, I definitely think Napolitano should have a position somewhere in his administration. Assuming a spot on the supreme court won’t open up for years, Attorney General? Just a suggestion.

    If voters are still a bit hesitant about Paul by that time, then I think a good candidate might be Michele Bachmann. She would have a little more moderate appeal for those who think Congressman Paul is “extreme” and she would sort of balance him out a little bit all the while she has great conservative values. Not to mention she is beloved by the Tea party, conservative activists, and a lot of republicans. That and the fact that she’s a prominent female leader which could play an important role in this next election. As if having a great candidate is not enough, it would be to Ron Paul’s advantage to nominate Bachmann because Hillary will either run for president again or she may even be enlisted as a VP for Obama. The way I see it, Hillary (and Palin might I add) will be in those elections somewhere and it is to our advantage to have a candidate who can appeal to those same demographics and ours all at the same time. Women are definitely becoming more powerful in politics which we can see on national and state level races. In the South Carolina gubernatorial race, female Republican Nikki Haley has come out on top and has even gained some national attention even though many people doubted she could even win the primary. My point is that women will most likely play a huge role in this next election and it’s important that we take notice. Nikki Haley had the endorsement of Mitt Romney which to me says that Romney has realized this and is trying to make nice with what he may see as a potential future candidate.

    Now if we really have a hard time appealing to conservatives and Republicans since Ron Paul is not a “typical” Republican or not establishment enough, Bob McDonnell may be a good candidate. The thing I like about McDonnell is that he has so much appeal and you can hardly say anything bad about him. He’s intelligent and ran an absolutely brilliant campaign here in Virginia. He’s very well liked by conservatives, christians, independents, moderates and the democrats really don’t have much bad to say about him. He is very very conservative but he gets around that because he has a moderate approach to campaigning and is a pragmatist. In his campaign he really focused on issues like transportation and the budget shortfall in virginia that he knew both democrats and republicans would sympathize with. he came up with detailed plans of what he was going to do for virginia instead of just saying he was going to do something like most other politicians would. His popularity really showed in the general election as he crushed his opponent by a 17 point margin and by 2012 he will have successful experience as a governor under his belt as he has already balanced the budget and created a surplus 7 months into office. He’s also a former lieutenant colonel in the army so I think he would fare well with military families. The only problem I could see with him is that he is not well known on the national stage but that could be easily fixed.

    One thing is for sure though…Congressman Paul needs to be at the top of any of these tickets come 2012 and that ticket should stay Republican.

  • Cody Bonney

    Most of the choices would hurt Dr. Paul not help. The best for Dr. Paul’s agenda and philosophy would be Alan Grayson. Together, they have led the fight against the FED.

  • Frank C

    I truly hope that our nation can somehow turn to the next page, just to find that all along, we were always on the same sentence, “Taxation without representation”
    Thank You Ron for leading the way

  • Daniel Smith

    Question Regarding Paul/Bloomberg:

    Would Bloomberg necessarily support the same social-progressive policies at the national level that he does at the city/municipality level? There is a big difference between a city gun policy and a federal gun policy.

  • Emiliano

    I think the top choices for VP would be Judge Napolitano and Jim Demint. In A general election we would need “serious” contenders. As much as i love alex jones, and agree with him, it would be too easy to paint him as a nutjob extremist. Others on the list are just neocon scum that shouldnt be considered by anyone serious about restoring the Constitution. I think John Stossel would be great too. The VP would need to be a high profile, highly respected individual with great rhetoric to win over hearts and minds.

  • Savanna

    JIM DEAKIN – AZ US Senate running against scumballs McCain and Hayworth. Go Jim Deakin!

  • Savanna Rucker


  • Victoria

    I think that there are two ways to do this. Either he chooses a strong VP – someone like Judge Napolitano, or Rand Paul or even Alex Jones – or he chooses whoever and makes the vice presidency very weak.

    I think that if he runs and wins the presidency maybe he should make his opponent the VP and limit his powers. And the only duty which he should assign to the VP is President of the Senate. The VP should just sit in during the debates, the way the founders intended it to be. I think it would be nice to have a weaker vice president and at the same time bring back some Constitutional practices.

  • Brian

    Feingold was also one of the few senators who voted against the bailout in (H.R. 1424 [110th]: Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008)

  • Brian

    Russ Feingold, Senator of the state of Wisconsin, was the only senator to vote AGAINST, the USA PATRIOT ACT, and has advocated for campaign finance reform.

  • marissa

    Jesse Ventura

  • Neil Shrugged

    Should be someone who is generally ideologically similar to Dr. Paul and someone who would attract more voters from the general populous, almost like Palin did for McCain (BUT NOT Sarah Palin!) I’m torn between Bobby Jindal and Judge Andrew Napolitano. While Jindal isn’t totally in line with the libertarian philosophy he does give Dr. Paul a ticket that could seriously win, so I choose BOBBY JINDAL. His leadership, energy, and basic values are compelling, although I would not support him individually, only as VP under Dr. Paul.

  • JT

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie-Already done a great job facing down unions and cutting the bedget in New Jersey. Would be an excellent Vice President.

    Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels-Shrunk government in Indiana, including privatizing the enrollment service and lowering Indiana’s property tax to one of the lowest levels in the country. Plus his approval ratings are very high.

    Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin-Young, very intelligent, has outlined a Road Map to balance the budget in 40 years through shrinking government, particularly entitlement reform.

    And I know these two are already up there but Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico are both two favorites of mine. Chuck Hagel is very much in tune with Dr. Paul on foreign policy. Although I must say the best would probably be Gary Johnson, he was one of the few high profile Republicans to endorse Dr. Paul in 2008, agrees with Dr. Paul on just about everything, was a two-time governor in a state that’s 2-1 Democrat. and the good doctor himself said his pick would be Gov. Johnson in 2012 if the governor chose to run.

    Economist Walter E. Williams would also be a good addition to this list. He is very intelligent, considered running in 2008, endorsed Dr. Paul, and would add some diversity to the ticket since he is African-American.

    Just some thoughts.