Your Nominations for Ron Paul’s VP in 2012

Who should be Ron Paul’s VP in 2012? In a few days we will launch our latest poll to determine an up-to-date answer to this intriguing question. We’d like this to be the most comprehensive poll ever, so please submit your nominations as a comment to this post. The combined choices from our past three polls (06/2009, 11/2009, 04/2010) are listed below:

  • Michele Bachmann
  • Michael Badnarik
  • Chuck Baldwin
  • Glenn Beck
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Pat Buchanan
  • Jim DeMint
  • Lou Dobbs
  • Bruce Fein
  • Alan Grayson
  • Chuck Hagel
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Gary Johnson
  • Alex Jones
  • Adam Kokesh
  • Dennis Kucinich
  • B.J. Lawson
  • John McCain
  • Cynthia McKinney
  • Judge Napolitano
  • Sarah Palin
  • Rand Paul
  • Lew Rockwell
  • Mitt Romney
  • Wayne Allyn Root
  • Mary Ruwart
  • Mark Sanford
  • Joe Scarborough
  • Peter Schiff
  • John Stossel
  • Jesse Ventura
  • Mel Watt
  • Tom Woods

Please suggest potential VP candidates that are not on this list so we can include them in the upcoming poll!

  • Joe

    Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin!!! Check ou hi speaches on youtube>>>see link below<<<

    Mitt Romney is a tool for the elite architects of the world. I wish people would wise up about anyone associated with the CFR or any other elitist group – They do not work for the people. Saying this, I do not think that Ron Paul will win unless he has a strong world policy candidate on the ticket.

    Newt Gingrich (CFR memeber), Sarah Palin, and other conservatives would be better then the present leadership but their supoport for the military industrial complex is sickening. Newt has a better Risk game than any other conservative but he is a CFR member (what are their long term intentions?).

    Jessie Ventura can not win with his exotic lifestyle. Although a truth seeker, he is too farout for most voters.

    Take a look at representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. He has strong domestic ides to pay off the national debt and balance the budget. Not sure about his foreign policy, so we would have to rely on RP for guidence. Will a libertarian be able to function in a world of R's and D's who have already sold out?


  • Roozi Ehtaramian

    I think Dr. Paul and Jesse Ventura would make a good team.

    • Joe


      Ventura is a good guy, but way too farout for the mass of voters. I agree with you, but it would hurt more then help RP’s chances, at least for this next go around or until we can wake some people up.

      • roozi Ehtaramian

        I see what you are saying but Ventura did beat both the reps and dems by raising just 300 thousand dollars in the race for minn gov. Maybe 2 truly independent guys are exactly what American wants

        • fred the protectionist

          Ventura makes fugly look pretty.

  • Charles Peralo

    OVerall I feel Ron Paul and Gary Johnson would be the perfect ticket. Two men who identify themselves with liberty and are both good men. I met Ron Paul and through the internet I’ve talked to Gary Johnson both are very good men and both need to be elected.

    Yet I’m hoping putting Bloomberg,Romney,and Kucinich are jokes.

    Also Peter Schiff will be excellent.

  • guy

    I’d like to see a Ron Paul/Gary Johnson ticket.

  • CS

    Glenn Beck

    • fred the protectionist


  • Joey Gallagher

    Newt Gingrich

    • fred the protectionist

      Free Traitor and cheater/hypocrite

    • Machine

      Are you being serious!?!? If you support Ron Paul as a Constitutional leader and want him as president, why then would you want his choice for V.P. to be another sell out yes man who supports continued overseas military occupation, and current foreign policy? Might as well have Bush as R.P.’s V.P.!

    • Joe


      Newt has a strong sence of foreign policy and he seems like a sincere guy to put back in office; but, he is a member of the CFR. These people have been manipulating the citizens of the world for years. America was never an agressor until we invaded Vietnam and more recently Kosovo, Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan and coming soon Iran. This is huge chunks of taxpayer money for the proliferation of the military industrial complex and the advancement of capitolistic socialism ( the granting of money to trans national corporations in third world countries and beyond) around the world, where the devide between the wealthy elite and the poor becomes infinetly greater and all at the expense of the tax payers.

      Newt would be ok if he didn’t believe that we should be meddling in other countries so that the wealthy elite can have their cake and eat it too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that he works for the elite directly, but anyone who joins the CFR or any other elitist organization is doing just that, if not inderectly. We would be doing far greater good in the world if we were not spending our cash on military advancement and more on curbing poverty.

      Check out Rep. Paul Ryan from Wisconsin and see what you think.

      • fred the protectionist

        Don’t mistake public speaking talent with intelligence and/or righteousness.

        • Steve-O

          That’s what I’ve been telling RP supporters for a long time now………

      • Machine


        One correction though…Ever heard of Manifest Destiny??? The U.S. were hostle aggressive opportunists, and instigators, looooooooooooooooong before Vietman. I’m sure most people today, weither they know about that our not, would more agree with you regarding our agressive past…It’s not discussed or debated in depth in our public schools.

  • GB

    How about Herman Cain? Just read about him today.

  • Sam

    I think Michele Bachman would make a great VP, She has been hot on the debates on all the bills, I do how ever hate to see her get too deep in to the tea party mess, The wrong people are trying to take it over. Now the NAACP is getting into the act, but they started out good.

  • Dr. ACP

    Megyn Kelly of Fox. She’s brilliant and I love her!

    • Rod Jacobsen

      My nomination for Ron Paul’s 2012 VP is Jonathan Turley, a professor of Law at George Washington University. He is a frequent guest on cable news programs and one of Ron Paul’s favorite constitutional lawyers.

  • Merle

    What if we don’t have any Gold in Fort Knox?
    We have to ask this question?.
    Has anyone seen the Gold?
    If the US and the World find out we don’t have any Gold, then what happens after the dollar is worthless?

    Do you know?
    Does Ron Paul know for sure how much Gold we have?
    Who knows?

    • fred the protectionist

      “What if we don’t have any Gold in Fort Knox?”

      Then we can all blame the Free Traders, which is why there is still gold in Fort Knox, cause they don’t want to take the blame.

  • Merle

    I would like to see Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin
    Rand Paul is great put we dont need to put all our eggs in one basket.
    Rand Paul needs to be kept in another part of the Goverment.

  • Melaine Jackson

    Jesse Ventura, because he is passionate

    • fred the protectionist

      So was Hitler “passionate”.

  • Rish

    I think Gary E. Johnson is most ideal. He’s charismatic, well spoken, humerous, likeable, has lots of successful executive experience and in terms of a VP, would be the best choice. I believe a lot of others on the list – while sharing many of the same beliefs as Paul – would be better utilized within his cabinet. This includes the likes of Peter Schiff and Judge Andrew Napolitano. Although I would LOVE to see Napolitano humble and destroy Biden in the VP debates! 🙂

    Ventura is extremely passionate but can often make people misenterpret this passion and he can unfortunately come off quite maniacal, and Ron Paul had enough misenterpretation in 2008 that I think somebody like Ventura would hurt his campaign.

  • Michelle

    What about Paul Ryan

    • Jennifer Schmidt

      Yes! Paul Ryan would be great, he’s a smart conservative. Jan Brewer would be a disaster. Funny that she wants more money from DC to enforce her state’s borders.

    • Joe


      I accidently hit “thumbs down”. I agree with you 100%. Paul Ryan is working hard to fight corruption, pay off the debt and balance the budget.

      Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin!!!!

  • Cheryl Hoctor

    Jan Brewer

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    Chuck Hagel also opposed the Iraq war and he was the real maverick in the senate. Lou Dobbs would be good but he wouldn’t play second fiddle very well neither would John Stossel. Michele Bachmann is a tool of the corporations, remember that she supported the Supreme Court giving corporations the same political rights as individual Americans. I’d have to say Chuck Hagel, although Dennis Kucinich would be interesting, he’s a liberal I actually kinda like.

  • shawn hartnett

    2012 will be the most critical election that this country has ever held, yet so few Americans will be prepped to embrace the words of Ron Paul who will hopefully, once again try to rise above the partisan slop that the media will proclaim as issues. Paul/ Schiff is a great start because if we fix the money, everything else will take care of itself. If a person knows that he can getup in the morning, go to work and earn enough to suport his family and maybe squirrel away enough to retire at a ripe old age, then he is content. I believe that our youth has a unique outlook on life. I believe that they don’t want to work as hard as their parents did and with good reason. It was not much of a family life, looking back. They will trade one of the three cars for peace of mind and a simpler, less stressful life and do without if THEY have to work so hard for it. We need people who understand free markets, debt-free money and limited government in office and we need them there soon.

    • Steve-O

      “I believe that they don’t want to work as hard as their parents did and with good reason. It was not much of a family life, looking back. They will trade one of the three cars for peace of mind and a simpler, less stressful life and do without if THEY have to work so hard for it. ”

      Are you joking, Shawn?

  • Donn

    Peter Schiff or Jim DeMint

  • Clayton

    I think Stossel would be the most respected in the liberal community for having been on abc, and may be able to get the votes of outsiders. He is always civilized, has a great education from Princeton, and is at a good age for VP.
    I do think Stossel would be the best in the Libertarian party. Napolitano would be my second choice.

  • Teal

    I cannot believe you people think Michele Bachman is anything other than a corporate hack look at her voting record please.
    Also Glenn Beck is a super nutcase he shouldn’t be on the list.