Dangerous Allies: Big Business and Big Government

Dangerous Allies: Big Business and Big Government

by Ron Paul

Last week ended with some promising news on finally stopping the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately the administration still seems to believe that shutting down working oil wells is a higher priority than effectively dealing with the broken one. They are again issuing a moratorium on offshore drilling while maintaining a de facto ban on new permits even for shallow water drilling which they previously stated would not be affected. The courts have twice declared this unconstitutional, over 70% of the people see this as unreasonable, yet the administration seems determined to simply end offshore drilling, at least for those producers that cannot afford to sit idle for any unknown period of time until the ban is lifted.

Whether or not this latest effort will hold up in court is yet to be seen. Sadly, many smaller oil producers in the Gulf see the writing on the wall and instead of waiting around and risking their livelihoods on the whims of American politicians and judges, they are leaving for friendlier business climates. What is happening to this country when the Republic of the Congo is better for business than the United States?

One big factor is regime uncertainty. Regime uncertainty is the opposite of the rule of law. It is the rule of the whims of the people who are in charge and what mood they are in on any particular day. It is usually associated with third world dictatorships and plays a major role in why some countries remain poor. When a business cannot predict whether a government will issue a permit, confiscate or nationalize their capital investments, tax them into bankruptcy or arbitrarily stall their operations, they tend to do business elsewhere. This type of government hostility is not conducive to wealth creation and it is tragic to see it chasing away businesses here when wee need the jobs and productivity more than ever.

When the rule of law is respected it provides business with some measure of predictability so they can plan and operate smoothly. When it is not respected there are just too many variables, too much risk of loss or waste. Of course disregard of the rule of law creates other problems, too. For the larger and better connected businesses it creates the opportunity of regulatory capture. If the government becomes too unpredictable, one business survival strategy is to become so involved in government and regulatory bodies that they effectively gain control over the very entities that are supposed to keep them in line. In other words, if you can’t beat the government, become the government.

A business that achieves regulatory capture is also able to write and implement laws and regulations that they can deal with but its competitors cannot. The eventual outcome is that companies use regulation to drive everyone else out of business until a monopoly is achieved, putting consumers at its mercy. Meanwhile, the people develop a false sense of security, assuming that the many regulatory bodies in place are protecting them. Without respect for the rule of law, however, those bodies and their regulations are more likely protecting and enabling big business at the expense of small business and the consumer. We see this not only with big oil, but big banking, big defense contractors, you name it. That is why especially in a crisis we should uphold the Constitution. It is the ultimate consumer protection from crony corporatism.


  • Bruce

    Hey Fred, there are 3 possibilities of who you are:

    1- a shill paid for by the elite

    2- the kid in the neighborhood that got beat up constantly and now has to try to be cool by going to into a website that they dont agree with and posting foolish comments, because they could never stand up to a man in person

    3- your parents dropped you on your head when you were an infant

    I am guessing all 3.

    Ron Paul has more integrity in his fingernail, than you have in your whole being.

  • GB

    Ultra-low tarrifs are good. They keep down the cost of goods. The consumer, not the worker, is king.

    • fred the protectionist

      Wrong, ultra low tariffs increase the price of goods and make goods of lesser quality. What planet have you been living on in the last 20 years.

      • GB

        I couldn’t agree with you less on this topic.

        • fred the protectionist

          Is that a double-negative, a tripple-negative, or a quad-negative, I don’t know, I can’t tell, it’s giving me a headache.

  • Forest

    Which type of libertarian are you?

    “No fair oversimplifying our simplistic philosophy!”


    • fred the protectionist

      lol, “No need for a nanny state, I can test my own food for botulism.”

      I liked Atlas one too.

  • fred the protectionist
    • Forest

      This article is nothing more than a neo-con false flag attempt at a strawman as orchestrated by Barry. Freedom and Liberty to make our own decisions within the context of effective, limited government and Free Markets have been proven throughout the course of history that Gold is always a store of value.

      *phew* enough catchy dog-whistles for ya?

      • GB

        Sorry, Forest, meant to give a thumbs up.

    • Forest

      Dang, I forgot ‘and with the nanny state creating a permanent class of welfare queens, we need to take our country back’

      (Insert Thomas Jefferson quote about how Central Banks are the most powerful entity ever known in the history of the world) – Thomas Jefferson

  • TheGoodThanks

    Love this Man!

  • Dfens

    During the hearings on this monster, French financier, the late Sir James Goldsmith, testified in front of Ernest Hollings committee. He demonstrated that GATT would gut the American textile market. The following are some quotes from the Washington Times, Dec. 6, 1993, which accurately reflect Sir Goldsmith’s statements during the hearings:

    Global free trade will force the poor of the rich countries to subsidize the rich in poor countries. What GATT means is that our national wealth, accumulated over centuries, will be transferred from a developed country like Britain to developing countries like Communist China, now building its first oceangoing navy in 500 years. China, with its 1.2 billion people, three Indochinese states with 900 million, the former Soviet republics with some 300 million, and many more can supply skilled labor for a fraction of Western costs. Five dollars in Communist China is the equivalent of a $100 wage in Europe.


    It is quite amazing that GATT is sowing the seeds for global social upheaval and that it is not even the subject of debate in America… If the masses understood the truth about GATT, there would be blood in the streets of many capitals. A healthy national economy has to produce a large part of its own needs. It cannot simply import what it needs and use its labor force to provide services for other countries. We have to rethink from top to bottom why we have elevated global free trade to the status of sacred cow, or moral dogma. It is a fatally flawed concept that will impoverish and destabilize the industrialized world while cruelly ravaging the Third World. — World Net Daily

    Enough said, and this was before our country was staring into the current financial abyss.

    • fred the protectionist

      So how does it feel to be pro-slavery again Libertarians? Good, bad, ho-hum, indifferent?

      • fred the protectionist


        “The Libertarian Case for Slavery

        A prominent economist has quipped that free-market libertarianism is derived from liberalism by taking the limit as common sense goes to zero. There is an element of truth in this because what liberals take as “common sense” often turns out to be only a shared prejudice. The Harvard philosopher Robert Nozick has carried out this limiting process of taking liberalism to its only logical conclusion: libertarianism.2 Nozick’s uncompromis­ing statement of the libertarian credo represents something of a watershed in modern social and moral philosophy because of its explicit acceptance of voluntary contractual slavery.”

  • GB

    Protectionism doesn’t achieve its objective, unless the objective is to support wages that are above-market. Protectionism lowers the purchasing power of those to whom a country exports, thereby reducing that country’s exports.

    • Citizen

      That right, and we need to lower our wages relative to other industrialized nations. Not down to migrant worker levels, but to well educated, efficient and 5 fold more productive worker levels.

      But to do that, we have to slash Government, reduce our taxes and remove the shackles of bureaucratic red tape. Repeal the 1931 Davis-Bacon Act put more people to work let the economy deflate and reach equilibrium again.

      And maybe, just maybe we might have to consider trade sanctions with trading nations who refuse to compete openly and without sovereign state subsidies.

    • fred the protectionist

      See, the Free Trader’s goal is to “lower American wages”, they’re scum.

      • Dfens

        Free traders hate America and Americans. They love the Communist Chinese, and are trying to turn this country into China.

        If you love China so much, comrade Citizen, why don’t you just get the hell out? Leave! Go to China and leave America to those who love America the way it was before you and yours started destroying it.

  • russell ashbaugh

    I will vote for you! This Congress is out of touch. Please Help

  • OurBrokenGov

    I am surprised that the administration just haven’t issued Executive Orders to stop the drilling. I have been reseaching the power to actually suspend the Constitution, which this president has the power to do… by Executive Order, and according to the Executive Order Congress would have to wait 6 months before they could do anything.. but then if the Constitution is suspended, we don’t have a Congress! – God Help Us – November CAN NOT come soon enough!

  • fred the protectionist

    Free Traitors

    Yankee Utopians in a Chinese Century

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    For those who can yet recall the backyard blast furnaces of Mao’s China in the 1950s and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to re-instill peasant values in the 1970s, the news was jarring.

    In 2011, said the Financial Times, China will surpass the United States as first manufacturing power, a title America has held since surpassing Great Britain around 1890.

    Each years, China passes a new milestone.

    Last year, China surpassed Germany as the greatest exporting nation. This year, China surpasses Japan as the world’s second-largest economy. This year, China became the first auto manufacturer on earth.

    For a decade, China has been running history’s largest trade surpluses with the United States and has amassed a hoard of $2.3 trillion in foreign currency. She now holds the mortgage on America.

    How has China vaulted to the forefront in manufacturing, trade and technology? Export-driven economic nationalism.

    Beijing cut the value of its currency in half in 1994, doubling the price of imports, slashing the price of exports and making Chinese labor the best bargain in Asia. Foreign firms were invited to relocate their plants in China and told this was the price of access to the Chinese market. Beijing began looting these firms of technology, as she sent her sons to study in America. Industrial espionage and intellectual property theft became Chinese specialties.

    And how has America fared in the new century?

    One in every three manufacturing jobs we had in 2000, nearly 6 million, vanished. Some 50,000 U.S. factories shut down. We have run trade deficits totaling $5 trillion since NAFTA passed. The real wages of working Americans have been stagnant for a decade.

    While China has resumed her 12 percent growth rate, the United States, with 25 million unemployed or underemployed, appears headed for a double-dip recession.

    Yet, even as the end of America’s tenure as the world’s first manufacturing power was being announced, The Wall Street Journal admonished us to keep our eyes on the prize: a new world order where it does not matter who produces what or where.

    “The pursuit of some ideal global ‘balance’ in trade and capital flows is an illusion. … World leaders would do better to worry less about (trade) imbalances and more about whether their own nations are pursuing policies that contribute to global prosperity.”

    There you have it — the conflict in visions between us.

    For decades, America’s leaders have followed the Wall Street Journal ideology. We put a mythical world economy before our own economy. We put “global prosperity” before national interest. We forced our workers to compete, in their own country, against the products of foreign laborers earning a tenth of their pay. And we let in tens of millions of semi-skilled and unskilled immigrants, legal and illegal, to take the jobs of our countrymen.

    And the Chinese? They put China first, second and third.

    And who won the decade? And who is winning the future?

    Inside the July 1 Washington Post is a small story about how the World Trade Organization finally ruled that European nations have been unfairly subsidizing Airbus — for 40 years.

    While welcome, what good will it do now for scores of thousands of U.S. workers who built commercial jets for Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas, which Airbus took down, or Boeing, which was outsourcing jobs even before Airbus dethroned it as the world’s No. 1 aircraft manufacturer.

    Why did some U.S. president not tell the Europeans when they started this: Either stop subsidizing Airbus to kill our U.S. aircraft companies — or start defending yourselves against the Russians.

    The day the FT reported that China was sweeping past us to become No. 1 in manufacturing, The New York Times ran a front-page story on the closing of the Whirlpool refrigerator plant in Evansville, Ind., and the loss of 1,100 jobs. The plant is moving to Mexico.

    The Times spoke with Natalie Ford, a worker, whose husband and son also worked at Whirlpool, as had her dad, “This is all about corporate greed,” Mrs. Ford said, “It’s devastating to our family and to everyone in the plant. I wonder where we’ll be two years from now. There aren’t any jobs here. How is this community going to survive?”

    “My mom and dad told me that when they were young, there were jobs everywhere. They said we had Whirlpool, Bristol-Myers, Mead Johnson, Windsor Plastics, Guardian Automotive, Zenith. Now if you want to find a job, there’s nothing around.”

    “Free trade! Free trade!” said Henry Clay in the tariff debate of 1833. “The call for free trade is as unavailing as the cry of a spoiled child in its nurse’s arms for the moon or the stars that glitter in the firmament of heaven. It has never existed. It will never exist.”

    It will only place us, said Clay, “under the commercial dominion of Great Britain.” Today, it is the dominion of China.

    • Citizen

      Pat’s article is moving, but short sighted on the CAUSES for all of those ugly Effects. Pat accurately points out what happens when government’s “unfairly subsidizing” they’re favored industries “for 40 years’. So he’s now advocating Trade Wars will get even, new import tariffs, tax increase on “Made in China” and on and on and on.

      History is full of failed trade war policies that always collapse under the weight of their Plutocratic structures. Trade Wars benefit the Uber-Rich and at the direct expense of the middle classes.

      Free Trade is the natural order of Human Action and Businesses!
      The antithesis of Free Trade is SLAVE Trade, forced human conscription to a centrally planned economy that invariably falls apart.

      A “slave” trade economy is built on artificial price controls, manipulation of commerce, contrived political arrangements and total LOSS OF CONSUMER LIBERTY AND INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM.


      • fred the protectionist

        Wrong. Free Trade and Slavery go hand in hand, one cannot exist without the other, because a slave is too poor to purchase what they themselves produce; the slave master must look to foreign markets to sell. And the slave master looks to foreign markets to purchase their luxury items because slaves cannot produce luxury items.

        And are you calling the Founding Fathers and every Republican up till the 1920’s “centrally planned economy” “slave economy”? Oh silly Libertarians, hehe.

        • GB

          Free trade = good
          Managed trade = socialism

        • fred the protectionist

          Oh look, the Libertarian loons are denying Tariffs are at an all time low in US history because of trade deals. The Libertarian loons are trying to distance themselves from FTA’s while continually pounding the Free Trade loon doctrine. How Orwellian.

        • Citizen

          Prior to 1915 there was no “Centrally Planned Economy”. The Government was simply too weak to “manipulate” the economy…. until the FED arrived and gave the Government the power of “Endless Magic Money”, by which they paid for WWI with counterfeit funds and doubled the M3 money supply to create the Roaring 20’s, only to have it collapse like a house of cards Oct 29th 1929. The FED funded mal-investment during the late teens and 1920’s Farm business Bubble, and then foreclosed on HALF the family farms after the crash.

          Then FDR took our grandparents gold currency in 1933 so that he could INFLATE the USD by 42% in 1934 to fund his new Socialist Utopian State

          Libertarians don’t want Government controlled trade, we want to be FREE TO CHOOSE.
          Free Trade is the only FREE option for a FREE People.
          Like it or not Fred, we MUST compete in the WORLD economy and isolationist-protectionist ideas are DOA policies.

          SHRINK federal government to a manageable 4% – 7% of GDP, lower taxes, cut the bureaucratic red tape and End the FED’s systematic theft of our wealth….
          And We the People will prosper once again HERE in American

        • fred the protectionist

          Wrong. Free Trade destroyed the economy today, just like historical low-tariffs in the 1920’s created the artificial boom (roaring 20’s) which lead to the great depression.

      • jim

        Citizen, let it go. He drives me too. He says we libertarians always regrugitate the same mantra. Then his comeback to any argument you put up is FREE TRADE IS SLAVERY. That’s it, he just keeps being his own best broken record.

        I have some questions for him. Why doesn’t he go to or create his protective statist site??? He comes to a libertarian site, many of the people inspired by Ron Paul, and then wonders why people on this site hold libertarian views and admire and respect Ron Paul on a website called RONPAUL.COM!!!!

        And he doesn’t get that besides the fact we believe in his views, that isn’t even maybe the reason we started to like him in the first place. Maybe at the very beginning we liked Ron just for being honest. Maybe we liked him because we found out that he had at least been consistent to his beliefs for a very long time. Maybe because we began to see a humble, educated man who studied his whole life daily to get to the point in life he’s at today. And then Fred doesn’t understand why we listen to an elderly,humble, intelligent man instead of a rude, pompous, spammer who continually spams FREE TRADE IS SLAVERY. Let it go Citizen, even if I don’t write alot I check this site at least twice daily. I respect your views and intelligence too much to see you giving the spammer joy.

        If we can wish Fred one thing if he can’t join Ron on his views on econmics maybe he can try to emulate his humility but I’m not holding my breath. Take care and keep up the good fight for liberty and rest easy… most of us side you.

        • fred the protectionist
        • Dfens

          I’ll tell you why we come here to this site to extol the virtues of protectionism. We come here because Ron Paul is not honest about his position on “free trade”. He hides his true position on “free trade” behind his rant’s against the “neocons”. “Neocons” was a term used by conservatives to describe people like Ron Paul who are in favor of “free trade”. He uses that very same term to decieve conservatives into thinking he is one of them.

          Ron Paul is against these endless wars in Southwestern Asia and conservatives are against those wars too. Ron Paul is for a federal government constrained by the Constitution and conservatives are for that too. We have some common ground, and that is a good thing. We can work together on those things were we agree as long as you are not lying to our people saying, “oh we are the true conservatives” because you’re not! Not even close.

          Libertarians are liberal hippy refugees from the ’60s. You’re the people we who are real conservatives despised when we ran Goldwater for president. You’re for free drugs and no government and always were and always will be. The fact that you now drive Buicks does not make you one of us. You let the current batch of communists who run the Democrat party steal your movement from you, so now you think it’s ok to steal the conservative movement from the conservatives, but it’s not, we’re not 18 and stupid like you were back then and we’re going to put up a fight.

        • fred the protectionist

          I have no idea about Goldwater, even though I’ve lived in Arizona most of my life, i’m not that old. But isn’t Goldwater a Free Trader or Libertarian’ish?

        • fred the protectionist

          OH crap I just opened a can of worms, I know it. I’m interested in Dfen’s response, not you Libertarians.

        • Dfens

          No one has ever been for the kind of “free trade” Ron Paul and the Libertarians are for. No Republican or Democrat, not either of the Bush’s nor either of the Clinton’s, both of whom have made millions from the Saudi’s and Chinese, have ever been for the unilateral elimination of all trade protections from our market. That was why the Libertarians broke with the Bush’s and Clinton’s and call them nasty names now.

    • GB

      Free trade raises living standards. Whatever it is against which you’re arguing is not free trade.

      • fred the protectionist

        Free trade raises the living standards of the ultra-rich, everyone else has their living standards lowered. Free Trade loons.

        • GB

          Managed trade (what we have) favors the rich, free trade doesn’t.

          Name calling suggests a lack of knowledge to get across one’s point.

        • fred the protectionist

          Wrong, FTA’s lowered Tariffs to ultra-low levels, they are Free Trade. You Libertarian loons cannot distance yourselves from FTA’s because they have turned out to be a disaster. FTA’s are your’s to take responsibility for.

  • gmartnz1994

    what is ron paul’s opinion on the arizona immigration bill? can anyone tell me please?

    • fred the protectionist

      His opinion is much like the rest of the neocons: no Amnesty, but let in 50 million “guest workers” who will become less then slaves because they won’t have access to medical care or other welfare things like food stamps.

  • Voy2378

    TST is great. More content in 4 m than FOX and CNN combined in a week.

  • fred the protectionist

    Libertarian Utopia in Somalia



    • fred the protectionist

      lol take 2



    • Citizen

      We are rapidly moving toward a Somalian like economy. A country chocked full of War Lords running a Military Industrial Complex paid for by the predatory taxes levied on our Citizens.

      What the US Government can’t tax away, it simply TAKES away by NATIONALIZING the industries like, auto, railways, health care, banking and soon energy.

      What part of this Government solution mantra don’t you understand Fred?
      More government solutions to solve government orchestrated catastrophes, i.e. sub-prime loans to bail out the now $3 Trillion in defaulted sub-prime loans?
      More FED inflation printing to bale out those GSEs, Big Crony Bankers, Freddy and Fannie run by Queen Barney and Franklin Reins who should be serving 25 to Life along with Bernie Madoff for their crimes of mass banking fraud.

    • Dfens

      Isn’t it amazing how you’ll get nothing but scorn from people here for posting a quote from Ronny or Randy Paul or an article from their beloved Mises Institution for the Criminally Insane? They’re like cockroaches in the light every time someone posts what they were once happy to say on the record.

      • Dfens

        Oh no. Don’t dare call them R O N N Y and R A N D Y or you too will be censored on this site by Libertarians who are all about “freedom of speech” (theirs). These are the thinnest skinned politicians of all time. Maybe they should consider alternate employment.

  • Forest

    And the solution is… Limited government and cash-rich companies?

    • fred the protectionist

      The Libertarian solution to everything is 90% poor and 10% rich, no middle class.

      • Forest

        Wait, or is the ‘solution’ limited government, minimal states rights, and a thriving free market economy?

        Sounds great, and why do we think that government wouldn’t get bought off?

        Triangle Shirtwaist Company anyone? The Jungle? Civil Rights act? Chinese dying to build our railroads? Irish perishing in mines. BP.

        What a living Ron Paul has made sucking off the govt teat. Like a mouse nibbling his govt cheese.

    • Citizen

      Your Wrong
      Libertarians want limited government and CASH RICH CITIZENS, who keep their earned wealth and are NOT STRIPPED of their wealth by excessive government TAXES and where their money is not DILUTED by FED COUNTERFEITING our currency to benefit the Uber-Rich.

      “cash rich companies” are owned by the hard working Citizens of America, Private Citizens who direct that wealth to maximize the needs of the Citizens of this great nation.
      In contrast to, the our Central Government which destroys wealth, consumes it voraciously, devouring our Children’s future with massive debts.

      • Forest

        Ahhh, that ol Libertarian utopia. ‘I see a world where everyone is rich, the free market unicorn works for the benefit of everyone simultaneously, and that big, bad government won’t confiscate by counterfeiting and inflating by stealing and destroying blah blah blah’.

        But I will humor you, so you are saying a society where everyone is rich, and obviously they work, which means their companies are rich.

        In such a society, a limited government would somehow be impervious to being bought off? A limited government would somehow be incorruptible?

        Go on, keep supporting that Lost Cause, and don’t forget – you can’t keep a good conspiracy theorist down.

        • Citizen

          Of course NOT EVERYONE will be nor can ever be rich, its a mathematical impossibility.

          But freedom means free to be poor or wealthy.
          However Government intervention creates favored classes of people, government entitlements, special protections, like union labor monopolies or special defense contracts. Government is notoriously manipulating and constantly creating artificial market conditions. Health Care legislation is just such a grandiose scheme to transfer massive wealth to the poor by taking from the middle class. This transfer does not affect the uber-rich one iota, it just makes the middle class poorer.

          Government uses wealth envy to redistribute wealth using the big lie that the poor will become wealthy if you just GIVE them wealth.

          Remember the 10th Commandment?, “Thou Shalt Not Covet”
          But coveting is the primary plank of the Liberal Progressive political platform. They get elected on the central notion that coveting other peoples wealth is their atheistic right, and they’re duty bound to just TAKE IT.

          Governments are by nature “corrupt”!
          Unscrupulous politicians make entire careers of promising the gift of “other people’s money” saying its good to COVET from your neighbor. Well guess what, both the wealth and the wealthy are LEAVING the country.

          Corrupt politicians are a historical fact, that won’t ever change.
          But reigning in that corruption is the birth right of the Libertarian. Restricting and containing that corruption by slashing government budgets, reducing taxes and by taking away Government’s ability to dilute our wealth through the Central FED bank by counterfeiting our currency printing inflation.

        • fred the protectionist

          Of course NOT EVERYONE will be nor can ever be rich, its a mathematical impossibility. ”

          WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH there horsey, are you saying the world is a zero-sum game?

  • Lindsey

    Well said Dr. Paul!

  • Intervene
    • Kathryn Smith


      [email protected]


      • Kathryn Smith

        I am being serious!!! I go online every single day to watch Ron Paul, and I have not seen him this week – not on Freedom Watch, not on Fox, not on any CNN program or anything. I have not even seen him on any of the House Floor YouTube videos. I called his office in Clute, TX and the woman there could not tell me whether he was on vacation or working (in DC) or whatever! I see a bunch of thumbs down, but I just want to know if anyone has an answer, because I google Ron Paul daily! I love him.

        For liberty,

        Kathryn Smith
        Campaign for Liberty – Worcester County Coordinator, (MD)
        [email protected]

        • Forest

          Anyone know what the New Black Panthers are doing? I’m just saying, it can’t be a coincidence, right?

          Eternal Serfdom,

          [email protected]

      • @ Kathryn Smith Dr. paul has been around. Check out my podcast ! He hasn’t been on TV much the last couple weeks but has been doing radio interviews. In fact, last Friday he was on TRN’s America’s Morning News, and admitted that he IS PLANNING TO RUN FOR PRES IN 2012! For the first time I have heard he has answered in the affirmative, rather than just the standard “I have no plans to do so at this time.” Check it out!

  • LibertaerUeberAlles

    Look on the web for

    “Franklin Roosevelt’s ‘Secret Map’ speech”

    to see how the anti-American Socialist, FDR, plunged America into war and debt on behalf of his banking cronies and global Marxism.

    True patriots such as Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and Joseph Kennedy favored neutrality and good relations with Germany. Now we see why.

    • fred the protectionist

      Relations with Germany was ruined in WW1, nothing could have been done in 1939 to change it. WW2 was just an extension of WW1, the same way Operation Iraqi Freedom is an extension of Operation Desert Storm.

  • NewRevolutionLeader

    Republicans and Democrats are evil and we should not have to pick the lesser of two evils. Socialism works and provides economics and solitaire in overseas politics which brings success to America. Republicans and Democrats will try to scare you into thinking socialism is evil but many of our presidents were socialists including FDR and brought a prospering freedom to the US. Stand up with me and tell the government who is bought off by corporations and insurance companies A REVOLT IS NOW.

    • fred the protectionist

      Well if I had to chose a Socialist Utopia where the average wage is 25% less or a Libertarian Utopia where 10% are ultra rich and the other 90% of everyone is living below the poverty line cause we’re earning Chinese slave wages, i’ll chose the Socialist Utopia.

  • numba1stunna4269
  • fred the protectionist

    If this were the 1990’s you’d be labeled a socialist for using the phrases “big business” or “crony corporatism” in a negative way.

    What’s with all this populism coming from Libertarians? You know populism leads to “big government”.

    Oh wait, I forgot. Libertarianism is ultimately Utopianist in nature, so…

    • Citizen

      So Fred, I see your warming up to Libertarians, finding a home her, supporting Dr Paul and your starting to call a spade a spade? Oops, I’d better careful….
      Speaking of Oops, when will Fred the Progressive find work for all those “useful idiots” who voted in this Populist Community Organizer? Got any ideas yet? Maybe we should

      Close the borders? …. No that stops the FREE flow of illegals, nope can’t have that. .

      Enforce existing immigration laws, no… no that won’t work either now that Holder is suing Arizona for enforcing it. Damn

      I know Fred… How about protecting us from those “dirty” and “cheap” Chinese and nationalize Wal-Mart, take control of all that environmentally tainted merchandise, and give it to the poor? Nope bad idea again… can’t do that either, they now own 40% of our T-Bills which funded the false housing boom, because Queen Barney got generous with your money through Freddy and the Fanny.

      I guess we can only keep printing mo money and until we’re all multi-millionaires, you know when a loaf of bread costs a million bucks

      • fred the protectionist

        Are you being sarcastic or just acting crazy. You’re all over the place.

        • Citizen

          No Fred…
          I’m just trying to figure out where YOU stand on the issues, since you’ve blogged all over the political spectrum and have taken all sorts of contradictory positions.

          You echo National Socialist ideas, you promote Union Nationalist protectionism, you shown resentment over Free Enterprise.

          You broadly paint Libertarians as open border advocates, we are not. We love the Rule of Law and illegal immigration should not be tolerated and is a major component affecting our high unemployment.

          Do you believe in Individual Liberty and Personal Freedom, the right to Free Speech, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Movement, Freedom to Choose?
          By your very words I would say these RIGHTS irritate you.

          These are the very CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that Dr Ron Paul is fighting for, and HE STANDS FOR!

        • fred the protectionist

          You are confused because you believe in the Party propaganda (Libertarian/Neocon Party propaganda). You’ve had too many 3-minute hate sessions to think properly and freely.

        • No, Fred you’re just a fear monguring into believe that Libertarians don’t care about anything, I think you’re an alarmist with no real solutions.

        • Forest

          Actually, noone does alarmist or fear-mongering better than Ron Paul – “We probably will see widespread civil disorder in the 1980’s as a result of our faltering economic system.”

          Wow, rioting in the streets, huh? In the 1980’s?

          Fear monger much, Ron?

        • fred the protectionist

          Ron Paul’s amateurish fear mongering is at the same amateurish level as The Turner Diaries, “Get the honky cat!” lol