3 responses to “Ron Paul Endorses Stephen Bailey for Congress”

  1. Jill

    I think you’ve been the one misled. Brancato has a history of domestic violence against his three wives. (Read the Boulder Weekly article where 15 police officers were called to his home.) He also lied innumberable times about Bailey. It doesn’t matter now, since he lost in a landslide to Bailey, who is truly the choice of the people.

    Stephen Bailey will be an excellent representative of CD2. He is a true Constitutionalist and fiscal conservative. He’s exactly what this country needs.

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  2. Helen Meyers

    I certainly hope Ron Paul, whom I respect, has not been mislead about the true conservative Bob Brancato! I am certainly voting on August 10, but according to Stephen Bailey the voters don’t matter. There is a Primary in this race. Stephen Bailey acts like an uninformed giddy little schoolboy on Ron Paul Forums:

    On June 30, 2010, http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=251478:
    Ron Paul Republican Wins Primary CD2 and this will not be the last in Colorado!!! Wolverines!!!!! Notice from the CD2 race…there is NO primary now! … Good news! I have already won the primary! Bonnie, you might want to let Dr. Paul’s people know … — Steve

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  3. Marie Perkins

    Certainly agree with Ron Paul that “we need a man of principle who will always stand up for what is right” but if a candidate like Stephen Bailey makes it to Congress he won’t be standing up for the principle of the ‘Right to Life” for the unborn because he doesn’t believe abortion is murder. Jared Polis voted for special funding of abortion for the District of Columbia because DC missed out on state funding not being a state. 1,000′s of black babies will die because of this kind of vote.
    Human rights have to start in the womb where life itself starts. Bailey cannot be trusted to stand up for this principle which is voted upon in Congress many times a year whether it be funding for abortion in military hospitals,overseas population control or other varied life-denying bills. Bob Brancato can be trusted to vote against taxpayer funding of abortion because he will stand up for what’s right by voting against what’s wrong. Please support the candidate who takes a principled stand on abortion.

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