Ron Paul: Let’s repeal the War on Drugs – just like we repealed Prohibition

During a speech in support of the “Fair Sentencing ActRon Paul called for a repeal of the entire War on Drugs.

Date: 07/28/2010


Ron Paul: Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of this legislation; it’s called “The Fair Sentencing Act”. I’d like to rename it, though. I’d like to call it “The Slightly Fairer Re-Sentencing Act” because it really makes an attempt to correct a very, very serious problem in equal justice in our systems. And that effort, I think, we should all applaud. But I would have much preferred the HR3245; I was an original co-sponsor of that along with Congressman Scott. But I think this is a typical example of trying to fix a problem that we invited upon ourselves. In economics, I adhere to the position that once you want to do good in the economy, and with all the best motivations we do things and we create new problems and then we have to go back. If you get two new problems for every intervention, then you’re constantly writing laws. For social policy I believe the same thing. It was trying to improve social policy with crack cocaine. There was no malevolence on this. It was designed to help people, especially the minorities that were using crack cocaine over powder cocaine and they thought this was terrible. And it turned out that it backfired. It actually hurt minorities, it didn’t help them. And here we’re trying to correct this disparity. And it just, to me, confirms the fact that government management, whether it’s the economy or social policy, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

When this country decided it was very dangerous to drink alcohol, and we had to stop it, back in those days in the teens of the last century, they decided in order for the government to do this, they had to amend the Constitution. Can you imagine about anybody being concerned today about what we do here and say, “We have to amend the Constitution”? Oh no, we amended it, it was a bomb, it made alcohol much more dangerous. All the drug dealers sold the alcohol and the alcohol was more concentrated and it was less pure and people died. People woke up and they repealed it. This is what is going to have that happen someday. We need to repeal the war on drugs.


  • theapollomoonlanding

    Legalizing drugs is STUPID!!!

    • Delta

      Legalizing drugs is stupid? and What about INSLAW? What about Bill Cooper,Alex Jones, and many other warnings ignored by local,state and federal governments that 911 was about to be carried out by Operation Northwoods exempt human,hard drug,weapons,and terror traffickers? What about Mr. Pat Tillman who was murdered when he got pissed about the prohibitionists exempt global heroin racket. The biggest scumbags on earth enjoy full exemption laws against murder,rape,torture,drugs you name it. So keeping drugs illegal is stupid unless you are one of the scumbags. We are fully aware of your deviant,violent double standards scumbags!

    • Ralph N. MacGutsout

      Legalized double standards are addictive stupidity drugs imbibed by the exempt. Can you say felony insider trading? Oh that’s right… when it comes to laws,the lawmakers are exempt from penalties for illegal market activity…but not for much longer! The political prisoners are about to be freed and replaced with the captors. Prohibitionists are simply diplomatically immune drug cartel in disguise that are instructed to immediately surrender and turn themselves in to actual Constitutional authorities such as Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich as their fraudulent posts and laws are abolished!

  • petebnyc

    Ron Paul– a voice of reason in a sea of insanity. God bless you Dr. Paul

  • thedemoboy

    Haven’t you people heard about the vast Libertarian conspiracy? They want to take over the government… and then leave you alone!

  • bradq

    What the heck is this guy trying to do???? Free us all? we will never stand for that. We have made government our God. So we are children of the State. We will beg for our chains.

  • DrMuttleyMD

    If we had more statesmen like Ron Paul we wouldn’t be having some many problems.

  • blehblehblehblehbleh

    Ron Paul: The last voice of reason in the U.S. congress.

  • Bucks375

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter, but at first I wasn’t so sure about this one. Then I watched it a couple more times and saw where he was coming from and it makes total sense. Most people aren’t going to watch or listen 3 times though. I think he could have delivered the message in a bit more palatable way, because when you say “lets end the war on drugs” to the average person they will think you’re kind of crazy, and unfortunately that sound bite and quote will now be taken out of context 1000000 times over. I like Ron Paul and what he is all about, he is no BS and he has realistic fresh solutions to problems that have been stagnate or getting worse in our country for a long time. That being said I think he needs to choose his words a little more carefully, especially on a topic as sensitive as drug use.

  • Sigrafix


    End the war on drugs!

    Legalize Marijuana!.. Tax it and regulate it!

    Stop stupid ass charges/jail time/punishment for small time offenders/recreational users who hurt no one!

    Prohibition was incredibly stupid, let’s not make the same mistake.

  • Machine

    Citizen, July 28 @ 8:27;

    I’ll second that…Like a maintenance clinic. Other countries (Canada, Sweden, Austria) have practiced with this concept and have had great success; fewer overdoses, decline in dirty needle use, and most important, state funded rehab for those ready to kick their drug habits…Oh and I almost forgot, a decline in street dealing crime.

    Check out this article;

  • wunderbeast

    on principle, i’m against cloning. that said, if there was one person i’d be willing to clone, it’s this guy right here. congress should be filled with people like him and the tragedy is that it’s not. truly yours, former obama zombie now for ron paul 2012

  • FiveofHearts1

    I wish I still lived in the destrict Ron Paul represented. If he were to run again, I’d do what I could to get the word out about him.

  • lkeve

    Virtuoso! Give this man the World for a year…..

  • Osled

    Dufus, Your stupidity is so great an idiot could see it. You apparently know nothing about Libertarianism, but yet that doesn’t keep you from spouting your nonsense. The country was built by Libertarians, so the door is yours to take.

  • Dfens

    Yeah, let’s go back to the good old days when America was great because everyone was strung out on drugs. Ron Paul is the one true conservative after all. Why did I ever think he was a LIBERAL bent on destroying our society? Heck, now that he’s sent all our jobs to Communist Red China, what else are we going to do all day? You can only watch your cheap Chinese made TV for so long, after all.

    By the way, Libertarians, if you don’t like this country feel free to leave at any time. Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out. Just leave.

    • Machine

      Okay, I take it that you are for forging on with the War on Drugs. So let me ask you this: After almost 30 years of enforcing a “zero tollerance” policy regarding illegal drugs, what is the result, (Aside from spending more money (billions) and an increased prison population of dime bag dealers, but no large scale drug lords, and personal use moms and dads)? Has there been a significant decline in drug trafficing? Have our efforts decreased street dealing? Have we better educated youth to the point that they avoid trying drugs? Have we increased funding for better rehab programs? Have we saved the tax payer money? Has the zero tollerance policy abolished supply and demand?

      Lastly, at least for now…Do you think that less people do drugs based on strict laws and harsh sentencing? Say marijuanna were to be made legal, or even just decriminalized, all the sudden those who don’t smoke pot now will? And lets be rational…yes we can agree that there would be an increase of usage, but can you really speculate a national “epidemic”? Keep in mind that not everyone smokes cigarettes, and not everyone drinks alcohol, both are legal and regulated. And many that do smoke and/or drink eventually quit for a variety of personal reasons.

      • David

        Hi Machine, im having my morning coffee here and caught your post.

        To this i’ll add, that the drug laws are responsible for 100 % of the organized crime and gang violence which we have in this country, as without illegal drugs none of these things could exist. They were created by alcohol prohibition in the 1930’s and sustained by illegal drugs, in fact the very fact that we have illegal drugs is that organized crime created a market for them after prohibition so they would still have something to sell and sustain themselves.

        Further to this, the drug laws are also responsible for id guess to be around 95% of the property crimes that take place in this country as well. The very fact that the drugs are illegal makes them prohibitively expensive, and since an addiction the druggie has to continually steal in order to support his habit, so the people are getting hit from both ends because of this, the taxes to pay for the so called “War on Drugs” and housing non violent drug users in our prison system (each of which costs more than it does to support 2 families), and then the crime that pays for the drugs as well.

        From what i’m seeing on this end the simple act of a person using drugs, in whatever form, brings harm to absolutely no one but themselves, but the laws are bringing harm to absolutely everyone.

        Simple common sense, you have it, i have it, and so do most on here as well.

  • Chris the constitutionalist

    HAHAH RON PAUL IS SUCH A BEAST! He just walks up to the podium. He’s like this aint working, we gotta repeal the war on drugs. IM OUT! HAHAHA YOU GO RON!!!!! I love the common sense approach! Ron paul 2012!!!

    • Machine

      It’s the ‘ol skirt rule;
      Long enough to cover the subject,
      but short enough to keep it interesting!

  • ronpaulvolution

    YEAH! GO RON PAUL!!! TELL EM!!! I think the only regulation for smoking pot should be age.

  • terahybrid

    also I don’t buy that BS that is going to stop crime/drug cartels whatever, people will always drive to cheap prices and nothing the Gov. does is cheap or competitive much less if they start OVER regulating like pretty much everything.

  • terahybrid

    I believe so too, but I don’t want free drugs for all like those hippies want, we need to have some limited Regulations, (i.e.) like having and keeping a job at least 3 months, at least 21yrs etc…

  • aixelsydyslexia

    I tend to agree. Even yesterday found someone was wanted in court and probably was going to wind up in jail and when I found it was probably because of using something as minor as pot, I was like, ‘huh, that’s it?’ Wouldn’t use it myself, but I think throwing people in jail is a tad bit ridiculous.

  • bigb47

    ron paul vs the drug war! go ron paul!