Ron Paul: Let’s repeal the War on Drugs – just like we repealed Prohibition

During a speech in support of the “Fair Sentencing ActRon Paul called for a repeal of the entire War on Drugs.

Date: 07/28/2010


Ron Paul: Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of this legislation; it’s called “The Fair Sentencing Act”. I’d like to rename it, though. I’d like to call it “The Slightly Fairer Re-Sentencing Act” because it really makes an attempt to correct a very, very serious problem in equal justice in our systems. And that effort, I think, we should all applaud. But I would have much preferred the HR3245; I was an original co-sponsor of that along with Congressman Scott. But I think this is a typical example of trying to fix a problem that we invited upon ourselves. In economics, I adhere to the position that once you want to do good in the economy, and with all the best motivations we do things and we create new problems and then we have to go back. If you get two new problems for every intervention, then you’re constantly writing laws. For social policy I believe the same thing. It was trying to improve social policy with crack cocaine. There was no malevolence on this. It was designed to help people, especially the minorities that were using crack cocaine over powder cocaine and they thought this was terrible. And it turned out that it backfired. It actually hurt minorities, it didn’t help them. And here we’re trying to correct this disparity. And it just, to me, confirms the fact that government management, whether it’s the economy or social policy, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

When this country decided it was very dangerous to drink alcohol, and we had to stop it, back in those days in the teens of the last century, they decided in order for the government to do this, they had to amend the Constitution. Can you imagine about anybody being concerned today about what we do here and say, “We have to amend the Constitution”? Oh no, we amended it, it was a bomb, it made alcohol much more dangerous. All the drug dealers sold the alcohol and the alcohol was more concentrated and it was less pure and people died. People woke up and they repealed it. This is what is going to have that happen someday. We need to repeal the war on drugs.


  • jmurphy914

    If people who WANT to do drugs could get drugs from a source that is not terrorizing the country, like the mexican mafia, Bike Gangs, Street Gangs, etc, then the crime rate would drop 95% !!

  • gollyanamegame

    How is this man not President….Ron Paul has the talent, Obama has the looks..America takes the ” American Idol ” choice and now suffers for looks over content…

  • mongoose704

    What amazes me is how Democrats are given a pass because they made a promise. Carter is claimed by revisionist DemoRAT historians to be against the war on drugs because he promised to decriminalize marijuana, LOL! He did nothing of the sort in action.

    By that egregious logic we can say that Bush is against aggressive wars and policing the world because he promised he wouldn’t police the world.

    But he was Republicunt therefore evil
    Carter DemoRAT therefore perfect and holy.

    • lo_sciacallo

      Jimmy Carter was pushing marijuana decriminalization through congress, and looking like he would be successful when one of his aids was caught with cocaine. He dumped the whole thing to save his ass at the ballot box.

  • guest2424

    They shouldn’t put drug charges on your criminal background.

  • finefilth

    the war on americans continues……!% of America now lives in prison

  • I just want to say a heartful THANK YOU Dr. Paul. You truly inspire me.

  • Citizen

    As you ALL have clearly elaborated, our government has become the millstone around our collective necks.

    All governments enact ever more complex laws and regulations until freedom and personal liberty is but a vague and distant memory, a relic of simpler days gone past.

    I’ve followed Dr Ron Raul since the mid 80’s when he and Reagan were confidants.
    Dr Paul is fighting the good fight, resisting the tide of oppressive rules and regulations.

    WE must RESTORE our Natural God given Rights, those very rights identified in the Constitution as “inalienable rights” that we are “endowed by our creator” and thereby permitted to seek out “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”

    Understand This:
    We the People have GOD GIVEN RIGHTS and not Government Privileges.

    My apology to those Atheists offended by my blog…. nah, not really.

    God Bless America!

  • i have said for the last 5 years that i see hitler comeing back to life here in the i love my countyry? yes i do. do i respect it? yes i do. i took a vow when i joined the army to protect it from all enimies both forign and domestic. do i respect the politicians ? not really, they all are corrupt to a point and some totally past that point. i have been told that by obamas admin that i can no longer pick my own doctor that i have to see 1 of those picked for me. am i mad and angry? you betcha sweet buns i am.obama has told so many lies i dont know where to start picking each 1. any way if there was a group that i could join to git rid of the politicians i would gladly join it . and the rest of you people better start gittin mad as well or hitler will be on youre door step. myu right to chose has been taken away, and it wont be long befor others go also. so while you can git mad and angry , you had better do it or else comunisim will be the ruler her on our home land

    • Citizen

      Dear Robert Tubear;
      You have clearly given this subject a lot of thought, more so than most.
      While I agree “in theory”, the real world won’t permit this very Liberal theory. It assumes personal responsibly, integrity, honor and self control. Most of these “virtues” are absent in the current political arena.
      Can it change, yes but not by much in our lifetimes.
      For now, REFORM is the best we can hope for, not a Utopian world.

  • subbylol

    Wow i must have confused alot of people haha, I support ron paul on this 100 percent. im done =p

  • RonPaulGeorgeRingo

    Nixon used the term “War on Drugs”, but it wasn’t until Reagan in the 80s (“Just say no.”, mandatory prison sentences for NON-violent drug offenders) that the war on drugs/prison industry became BIG bu$ines$. Once again, the disconnect between “conservatism” & personal freedom (“less” govt.) was glaring. HYPOCRISY – A complete WASTE of tax $. Liberals & indep libertarians have known this for DECADES, how it works AGAINST our national security! It’s the Reagan zombies who remain utterly clueless.

    • lo_sciacallo

      You, Sir (or Madam?), have hit the nail on the head. The only reason this drug war BS has gone on so long is because the prison system became privatized. All these little towns out in the sticks who once had a thriving mining industry (or some such industry) until it went bust, needed a job so they could make a living, so they could pay taxes and the gov’t could buy bombs. They actually pay these privately run prisons on a “per head” basis. The fuller the jails are, the more money they make, the more taxes they pay, the more money for the gov’t puppets. On and on it goes. That’s why you hear the people who run the prisons screaming the loudest when anyone suggests decriminalizing drugs, (Sherrif Arpaio; Tent City in ?Arizona?)

  • terr547

    Ron Paul, you truly are a hero, and you ALWAYS will be. You have saved us in more ways than you will ever know πŸ™‚ Keep up the good fight, my friend.

  • nakor667

    That which is illegal is unregulated!

  • David

    Okay, now i’m going to make a post here, which is way off the wall and completely and totally outside the box. It involves the drug laws issue, but it also involves virtually everything else as well and if it’s well considered and understood by enough people, it could also present a permanent means to securing each and every one of our individual freedoms, and also establishing a great many more than exist today simply by default, so i’ll ask everyone seeing to please read carefully, don’t make up your minds on this right away, but take several days and give this some good hard thought and see if after that its beginning to make some sense to you. I posted this concept once before, but it simply went way over the heads of everyone who saw it, as they simply were not capable of comprehending anything other than the way things had always been done. Therefore, and once again, what i’m going to ask everyone reading this to do, is to open your minds, forget about the way things are, and allow yourself to think way outside the tiny little box which has been defined by those with power to tell you what to think. I think Machine will understand this, and i think Citizen will understand this concept as well, as he like myself objects to absolutely any law which establishes a crime without a victim, and what i’m going to be suggesting here, is a means to permanently eliminate any and all possibility of such law coming into existence.

    Firstly, and right now, the single and only matter which any of us has any business worrying about is destroying America’s banking system, before they actually manage to destroy America and its population and permanently subject us to the same level of poverty and servitude as they have already imposed on the rest of the world, as without this there is absolutely no hope for anything, so this has to come first. If and when we do this however, we will be faced with establishing an entirely new government and economic system, by the people, and of the people and for the people, to replace the one which our banks have established to serve their interests against ours, and at that point it will be possible to introduce some new concepts for securing our freedoms which would never have had a chance before, so we do need to think a little about these things as well.

    To give everyone a little background information on myself, I am an immigrant from one of this worlds typical socialist police states, where my former countries banks had already established the absolute power, ownership and control over the country and its population which they are currently attempting to secure here as well. I have watched all of this develop, and i have lived with the end result of it, and this is why i am putting every ounce of effort which i possibly can into trying to motivate people in this country to get together and do what they need to do in order to save themselves from the same fate while they still can. If America is lost to these bastards then there can be absolutely no hope for anyone anywhere else in the world either, as America is the single and only place left in the world where individual citizens have individual rights and freedoms and are not simply the property of the state and the banks that own it. As long as these freedoms exist someplace, then there is still some small ray of hope, as well as an example of them for people in other places where they do not exist as well. This is why i have loved and admired America, it’s people, its constitution and the principles on which its established, throughout the course of my entire life, beginning from the day where i became old enough to begin to understand what it was, which would have been around the age of 5.

    I have a very different view of life than most Americans, and i hope this is a view that people here will never come to understand. To me, life has always been God’s curse on humanity, and something which i would have considered every human being in this world to have been better off without. I have spent a good portion of my life, watching friends, acquaintances and cousins kill themselves in order to get free from the power, hopelessness and misery which my countries banks and the socialist state they imposed inflicted on them, and had i known what their intentions were beforehand, i would not have tried to stop them as once they had accomplished this, i was simply happy for them that they were finally free of their curse. This was the leading cause of death where i came from more than all of the accidents and disease, combined and rivaled death from simple old age as well which is always the greatest cause anywhere else. The majority of those who did not kill themselves, had been beaten down for so long that they had become absolute cowards and sycophants, and were willing to live under and submit to the power in order to receive a few scraps from the masters table. There were also a few of us, who believed in the concepts of individual freedom established in America strongly enough that we were willing to fight and die for them. Although we knew there could never be any hope of winning or actually establishing them, it would have been a good and honorable way to die, in order to get free of the life which had been imposed on us. We actually managed to arm ourselves quite well illegally, both from weapons which were smuggled into the country and also with many that we improvised ourselves, however the Federal police were aware of who we were, had a pretty good idea of what we were capable of, and since bullies are always absolute cowards as well, they were absolutely terrified of us, and simply stayed as far away from us as they could and would not attempt to enforce their laws on our persons or property because of this fear, so we didn’t even get the chance to die in defense of what we believed in. (in terms of our local police chief and judge, they remembered things they way they once had been and were part of our small group and gave the rest of us every ounce of protection and assistance that they possibly could, and although both have long passed away, i will remember and admire them for the rest of my life as they were truly good and honorable men, and for as long as they were alive, the power and control of the state could not be quite absolute). I guess in the process though, we did manage to establish a small measure of freedom for ourselves which they others didn’t have because of the fear we imposed as well, so it served some small purpose. This is what human life really is, it is a cheap, terrible and completely worthless thing, it truly is God’s horrible cruel curse on humanity for the vast majority of people in this world, and for those here in America, who value their lives, it is only the precious individual freedoms which were guaranteed by this countries founding fathers, along with sufficient prosperity to allow you to accomplish a few of the things that can make your life a good and worthwhile thing and something to be valued, that make it so as well. I strongly urge each and every one of you to protect these precious freedoms and our common hope of prosperity, with every single ounce of effort that you can possibly dedicate toward this effort, live for these things, and also be prepared to die for these things if necessary, and if you die in defense of them, you have lost nothing, as without them all you would have left is the curse, and in doing so you may have preserved these things for someone else as well, and there can be no greater nor more honorable thing than this.

    The country was owned lock stock and barrel by 6 large banks. When i was a child, things were actually pretty good there, and similar to what they were in this country a dozen or so years ago when i immigrated here. We had no guarantees of our freedoms but they had not yet been taken from us, and people were able to exist with at least a reasonable degree of success and prosperity. Over the course of the next 10 years or so, the 6 banks progressively accumulated more and more of the countries wealth, generating profits of hundreds of billions of dollars a year and buying up ever more of the countries industry and corporations, and the richer and more powerful they became the less there was left for everyone else, until by the end of 20 years it finally reached the point where there was absolutely nothing left at all for anyone but them. (this is exactly what we’ve seen progressing here over the past 10 years as well, and i had actually predicted that we had another 10 years before the crash we’ve experienced here, based on past experience, so its happening twice as fast in America as it did there) The 6 banks had complete, total and absolute control of every political party in the country, they put the leader in place of each of the parties, and once elected with a majority, the leader had absolute power and became God, with the banks who established him in power dictating each and every one of his actions, so no matter how anyone voted the end result was always the same. It finally got to the point where the majority of people who went to vote would simply spoil their ballots in order to indicate that there was nothing to vote for, so it got to the point where the ones who were elected had a mandate from less then 5 % of the population, but none the less, they still had and maintained absolute power and control over the rest as they were able to do so.

    As the level of poverty imposed on the population increased, so did the laws, with each and every law abrogating another freedom which had existed for centuries and had always been taken for granted. First came the Gun Control, where one law at a time, and one gun at a time, and over the course of a few years, they managed to prohibit and destroy every firearm in the possession of the general population which could have had any military capacity whatsoever, leaving the population completely and totally powerless to resist any of the further power and control which was to be imposed upon them. The excuse as with our American politicians as well, was to protect the population from crime, but as the gun control and level of poverty increased the crime rate simply continued to skyrocket beyond all imaginable proportions, and at the time i escaped from this wonderful socialist utopia, murder rates in cities with only 500,000 people were topping 60 – 100 a year, not to mention the fact that the average home was likely to get broken into at least several times a year as well. If there is anyone here who thinks we have a crime problem in America, think again, you have seen nothing yet. America is the only country in the world which doesn’t have a crime problem, and it is simply and only due to the fact that most people here still have and maintain the means to protect their persons and property and in areas where more of these means exist the lesser the crime, always. For those who are not aware of this, the entire concept modern gun control was invented by Adolf Hitler, as a means to securing his power, and for those who promote it, their ambitions are identical to his, regardless of anything else they claim, and they are following his example to the letter in securing this power as well. This is also the purpose of our Second Amendment in the Constitution as well. It has absolutely nothing to do with hunting rights, and guarantees the means for the population to have the military capacity to overthrow any government which should attempt to establish such power. Who would like to see assault weapons banned ?. Not our founding fathers, as these were exactly the weapons in today’s terms which this amendment was designed to keep in the hands of the population so that we could present a credible threat to such power. Anyway, once this had been accomplished and they had eliminated any and all threats to their power, then they could continue to pass and enforce whatever other laws they liked. First went freedom of speech, where a person could be charged and convicted for speaking inappropriately against the state. There were laws making it a crime to own a satellite dish and be able to receive American TV programming on it, they weren’t worried so much about pornography and things like that but their fear was that people might watch a show on George Washington and actually begin to develop ideas on establishing freedom for themselves. The last law that was passed before i left, was a law governing what people were allowed to think. I guess they took that lesson from one of the old British Kings who made a law that made it an act of treason for a person to think a thought against him. That way if he decided he wanted to chop off a particular individuals head that day, and couldn’t find any legal grounds to convict him of anything, he could simply say at least you thought it, and do it anyway. I don’t suppose that i have to tell anyone here that all of the accumulated taxes for the average person averaged way over 90 cents on a dollar, and of the little people were able to earn, that’s what they were allowed to keep from it, do i ? I think most of you will have already figured that out, Ohhhhh but we had free health care though, and that was supposed to make it all worthwhile. Imagine that.

    Anyway, now all of you know something about me, and all of you know what things are progressing toward here along with the methods and purpose of the culprits accomplishing it from my experience, which you are beginning to experience for yourselves at this point too, and you also know why i think it so absolutely imperative and so extremely urgent that each and every one of us work together and do absolutely everything we can in order to destroy our Banks before they can finalize the end result which i have just described.


    Now to the point of all of this, and this is where most of the people reading this are going to say WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT ??????????????????????????

    First of all, and this is an indisputable fact, every single time, in all of human history, where any individual or group of individuals has been deprived of any one of their natural freedoms, which as far as i’m concerned should include the absolute right of each and every individual to live their lives exactly as they choose, and to do exactly what they please, provided of course that they don’t interfere with someone else’s right to the same, someone who has managed to establish some form of power, has made a law denying them these natural freedoms, and the only possible way in which freedoms can be denied is through making laws as well. The simple fact is, that for a freedom to be restricted or denied, someone has to have the power to make a law which restricts or denies that freedom, and without that power and without laws, there is no possible way it can be done.

    My question is, why do we need laws ?, and why should anyone have the power to make them?, and no, im not completely F’ing nuts either, listen.

    We live in a country of individual rights and freedoms, where we have the single and only Constitution in the entire world, which at least makes a very good attempt at giving each and every individual the essential rights and freedoms which a person needs, in order for life to be at least a tolerable thing, and i would hope for some a happy and wonderful thing as well. We have the right to life, we have the right to acquire and hold property, we have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of our persons and property and in defense of our freedoms against those who would make laws to take them from us as well. We even have the right to the pursuit of happiness, and if we can eliminate the threats to our economic and personal freedoms, then i think that each and every one of us can actually have this as well.

    The general presumption is that the purpose of laws is to enforce justice, but as we all know full well that they can be equally applied toward injustice and used to abrogate any and all of these freedoms just as easily. Anything that actually constitutes any form of legitimate crime, involves one person suffering some form of real and tangible harm as a result of the actions of another person in violation of that persons rights, and it seems that pretty much every right which could be so violated is already currently protected in our constitution as well.

    In terms of enforcing justice, if a person steals from someone, he has violated that persons right to acquire and hold property, and he can be arrested, tried and convicted on the basis of having violated that persons right, just as easily as he can be arrested and charged for breaking a law which says you can’t steal. Again, in the case of murder, if a person murders someone, he has violated that persons right to life, and again, he can be arrested, tried and convicted on the basis of having violated that persons right, just as easily as he can be arrested and charged for breaking a law that says you can’t kill. The point i’m making here is, that we don’t need any form of law to enforce justice because justice can be enforced just as easily based on the violation of a persons rights, and anything which actually constitutes any form of real and legitimate crime also involves the violation of someones rights as well. As such true and legitimate justice is established, and there remains absolutely no possibility of establishing an unjust law which establishes a crime without such a victim, serves only to enforce power and violates the very rights and freedoms which laws are presumably intended to protect, we just don’t need them to enforce justice.

    I can see the need for minor regulations punishable by minor fines etc. in order to establish reasonable order and safety on our roadways and things like that, but what about local governments, what about property zoning, building permits and all of the other pain in the ass stuff they try to subject people to so that they can feel powerful and in control ?. Why not simply leave a person alone, and allow him to do whatever he pleases on land which he has rightfully bought and paid for, and then if anything he does becomes a problem for one of his neighbors, then let them settle it in court as a civil matter, and let a qualified judge decide what is to be done according to whatever standard protocol is established for such judgements, why do we need these laws ?. No harm no foul, so if someone isn’t bothering anyone why should anyone have the power to tell him what to do on his own land in any way shape or form ? Why not simply let every person take responsibility for each and everything they do, and where none of this is bringing any form of tangible harm to anyone else, just leave them alone ? Again, why do we need laws ? Hehehehe the end result could be a little chaotic in some places, but then it would be a good form of chaos too, and a result of complete, total and absolute freedom as well. If your neighbor wants to paint his house fuschia, he has every right to do so too, you also have the right to plant a hedge or build a fence do you don’t have to look at it LOLOL πŸ™‚

    What i do know is this, certainly, where i came from, if the state had never had the power to make laws, each and every one of the freedoms which had ever existed there would still be secure, and by now the population would have long ago destroyed the power that has made their lives what they are and would have been able to re-establish their prosperity as well. If we are to lose everything that makes our lives worth living here, and if things are to become for everyone here as i have already experienced where i came from, it will be because someone has the power to pass laws to make it so. If we are to succeed in destroying our Banking system and the government they have imposed on us, and restore in its full intent and capacity the Constitution of the United States and the individual rights and freedoms it guarantees, and in the process amend and add to it the right of the people to be masters of their own currency and economy and establish the great and abundant prosperity which we the people should have been entitled to all along, then what better way to permanently protect and secure that freedom and prosperity for all posterity than to add a further amendment and eliminate the power to make laws ?

    Anyway, brand new concept that’s never been done before. It’s only a suggestion at this point, but i think its something which is worth giving some very hard thought and consideration. We are after all Americans, and every single concept of individual freedom and true justice which has ever existed in this world, has originated here, and been thought of and established here as well.

  • That’s not a slippery slope, that’s just logic. You can’t protect grown men and women from themselves. When legal, less children will have access.

  • Anise

    Hehe, David… One usually doesn’t get high the first time they smoke πŸ˜‰

    As far as this drug war goes, I find it ridiculous.
    I’ve argued with my parents multiple times over the issue but I truly believe that the more taboo something is made, the more appealing it is found.

    Personal story: I had three friends go to jail for smoking marijuana.
    They each spent between three and six days there and the county made them pass a urine test before they could leave. The county made loads of money because the longer they could keep them there, the more they could make.
    They were even trying to send one of them (a girl, 19 yrs, first time offender) to five MORE days in jail.

    Now, to go ahead and hit the rebuttle head on, no they were not being smart about it as they were smoking in a state park *smacks forehead*. But then again, the first time one of these boys had been arrested (yes, this was his second time), he had been smoking on his own property and the police had entered his glove box without a warrant.

    Is this just a pathetic county? Or law? Or both?

    Personally, I would rather live in a society with monitored drug usage and easygoing potheads than one where doctors are given licenses to kill infants.

    Which is a different subject entirely πŸ˜‰

    • David

      Hehehehehehe, hi Anise;

      Lol well i’m not normally on this blog, as im worrying more about more dire threats to us at the moment, but i do catch and respond to a few friends posts on here from time to time and the latest discussion motivated my latest as well which i had just posted when i found yours. I guess its probably a good thing that i didn’t realize that at the time and continue trying it to get the effect as well LOL Mind you, i drank like a fish in the army, along with everyone else, and when that was finished i simply found that i had no desire for it anymore so i guess id had my fill, and maybe the pot wouldn’t have become a problem either. Now i keep a well stocked shelf of alcohol in the pantry and i use it all for cooking LOL πŸ™‚

      In terms of your friends, well i think that you, machine, citizen, myself and a great many others here are in full agreement about unjust laws which establish crimes without victims, and then go on to created more crimes in and of themselves and i think anyone with half and ounce of sense and reason will agree on this and realize the potential damage of allowing such a thing. I’ve actually spent the past hour or so working on a post which i just posted right on top of yours, suggesting a potential solution to this thing, but we’ll have to kill a lot of power first if we were to make it happen and many of us are working very hard on that too.

      Anyway, read, take some time to think about it, and then let me know what you think. It’s good to have you with us πŸ™‚

      • Delta

        Have you all heard? The ranks of all allied and opposing military forces,police,and all people in general all over planet Earth are sick of being murdered,raped,tortured,forced to fight each other and all that sickening stuff forced by corrupt prohibitionists. Everyone has woken up and are fragging and/or removing all the prohibition terrorists from power forever for good. Prohibition was and still is an invention and operation run by exempt,corrupt cartel with an addiction to power and profiteering off of every vice and forced conflict. Basically prohibition is and always has been a forced cult run by serial murderers with diplomatic immunity. Well all those serial murderers are about to surrender or pay the ultimate price.


    His common sense is rare in the political arena, because making it illegal is big money. Seriously, why do you think we have military soldiers guarding poppies in Afghanistan?

  • laddjm

    You tell em Dr. Paul!!

  • alistairproductions

    malevo-maloova-malevolance! haha no but seriously Ron Paul 2012!

  • fred the protectionist

    The Ron Paul band plays Ron Paul’s theme song:

    Sorry, I heard this last night, haven’t cried from laughing in a long time. I have to use this everywhere now.

  • tothecontrarian

    selling drugs is just a form of inverse capitalism. until everyone can take part in capitalism, people will keep selling G-packs