Ron Paul Endorses Peter Schiff and Rick Torres

Ron Paul sent out the following email today:

Dear Supporter,

Connecticut’s Republican primary is on August 10, right around the corner, and I wanted to make sure you knew about two great candidates that that I have endorsed. Neither guy is a favorite of the Party machine, but both have worked very hard and have a deep commitment to Liberty.

My friend and former advisor Peter Schiff is campaigning hard for United States Senate. He has raised millions of dollars and is well positioned to shock people on Election Day.

In fact, there is a money bomb going on today at Peter has pledged to match the donations that come in today from his own wallet, so please consider making a contribution AND make sure to get the polls and vote on August 10th.

I am also proud to announce that I have endorsed Rick Torres for Congress in the Connecticut’s 4th district. Rick is a real Liberty lover and has a tremendously inspiring story. Here is a video he made about his background.

Again, please consider supporting Rick in any way you are comfortable – whether it is financially, with your time as a volunteer and, most importantly, with your vote.

Big things are happening across the Country, and Connecticut has a great opportunity to tell Washington that we demand free markets, sound money and common sense, Pro-America foreign policy.

I hope you will join me in supporting Peter Schiff and Rick Torres.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul


  • Thought I would weigh in one more time with our phone bank challenge.

    IMAGINE the POSSIBILITIES with CONGRESSMEN like RICK TORRES supporting RON PAUL in CONGRESS. Help us make that happen.

    MAKE 10 CALLS for 10 DAYS to send RICK TORRES to CONGRESS.

    Login in to and click PHONE BANK FOR RICK in the NEWS column on the left hand side of the page.

    Many thanks for any help you can give to our campaign.

  • I also should add, if you can spare even $10, The Torres campaign could use it. Every dollar is important in this last week as we work to get the word out. Just click the DONATE button on and support Rick. Let’s send allies for Ron Paul to Congress.

    Thanks for anything you can do.


  • Hi Ron Paul fans,

    If any of you have time to help Rick Torres in the CT 4th Congressional District, please go to his web page and help us make calls. Just click the link under NEWS that says PHONE BANK FOR RICK. If you have a land line you can call free of charge, the software dials for you and leaves a message in Rick’s voice if you get an answering machine. It’s easy and fast. We need men like Rick to join Ron Paul in Congress. Help us push this amazing candidate over the top on August 10.

    In Liberty,
    Sherry Harris, Volunteer Coordinator, Rick Torres for Congress

  • mark help with the radio buy $85.000 and make phone calls

  • Jim

    Dfens you are either a mole or completely ignorant. Sean Hanitty needs you to move over so he can have room to bang on that same wall. I have never heard of anyone who had a problem getting any type of drug or placing any type of bet so we might as well disarm and unemploy all the thirteen year old drug dealers that flood our streets. Then they may be forced to use their creativity and ingenuity towards productive capacities. Also, would it not be better for our conscience to try and treat the addicts instead of incarcinating them. I have another news flash for you partner, our food is not exactly safe under current policies(Monsanto). Ron Paul’s philosophy will not prevent bad companies from doing bad business but more impotantly it will not give “too big too fail” companies government legal protection from their responsibilities and liabilities to the market they are suppose to be serving. It will also prevent us from having to pay for the regulation agencies that work to protect those same corporate interests. All of this may make too much sense for you to compehend.


    The country needs more people in the government like Peter Schiff, Rand & Ron Paul, and other libertarian-conservatives, who support the ideas laid out in the constitution and the principles of capitalism.

    I hope the Ron Paul endorsement makes a real difference in the voting booths on August 10th.

    Ron Paul is a true American hero.

  • Peter Schiff’s father Irwin is the real patriot. I agree with the first post because the facts speak for themselves about trade. Unfair “Free trade” with countries who don’t practice the same with the USA has cost us 99% of our manufacturing and the millions of jobs that went with them off-shore to Mexico, India, China and the rest of Asia. When it comes to our Southern border I’m in favor of bringing the troops home from defending the 23rd Parallel for South Korea and have their 50,000 guns patrolling our border to stop the Mexican invasion. Ron Paul has it right on most other things so he’s the candidate I usually support. Therefore were I to live in CT I’d vote for Schiff and Torres

    • Dfens

      So you’re for legalizing drugs so everyone’s kid has an equal shot at them? You’re for legalizing gambling? You’re for opening our borders to unlimited legal immigration? I suppose all our native born scientists and engineers could always go back to school to become lawyers. Ron Paul not only favors “free trade” he’s for unilaterally opening our borders to foreign goods with no market protections at all. He would give Americans no legal recourse against shoddy foreign goods that poison our children or pollute our homes or even kill unsuspecting consumers like their crappy tires do. His policies would literally destroy the economy of this nation, but you’re with him on most things, so that’s good enough? I guess we all have to live with our own conscience.

      • Dfens, obviously you’re an establishment RINO lackey assigned to throw spears at any who post in favor of the Jeffersonian constitutionalist Ron Paul.

        Pardon me, but it’s apparent you didn’t read my original post, so please pay attention, Sir!

        Yes, I’m for decriminalizing drugs, prostitution and gambling. No, I’m not for the Bush/Obama open border with Mexico. You skipped over where I said I’d bring home our soldiers from the 23rd Parallel in Korea and have them patrol our Southern border… and I might add with orders to shoot any who either resist, flee or are Muslims. Ron Paul may not agree with me on that point, but that’s OK, he’s still better than any commie Democrat or RINO like yourself.

        • Dfens

          Clearly Ron Paul is the perfect candidate for you. You will notice that I said Ron Paul was for unlimited LEGAL immigration. It is a fine distiction, but it is how he separates himself from the Bush/Obama version which is unlimited ILLEGAL immigration. In so far as the Ron Paul version does not provide us with a two tiered society with citizens and lesser non-citizens, I like Ron Paul’s version better. Neither version provides jobs for Americans and both undercut wages here in the US. Ron Paul’s version has a huge negative impact on wages for our best and brightest Americans. You know, the kind of people who saved our bacon in the Cold War. The kind that can be lawyers or doctors or whatever they want to be because they are that good, but won’t be there to make your weapons because they won’t work for 3rd world nation wages. I make a distinction between the two. Apparently you don’t.

  • Dfens

    China has overtaken Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy, the fruit of three decades of rapid growth that has lifted hundreds of millions of [Chinese] people out of poverty [and put hundreds of millions of Americans into poverty].

    Depending on how fast its exchange rate rises, China is on course to overtake the United States and vault into the No.1 spot sometime around 2025, according to projections by the World Bank, Goldman Sachs and others. – CNBC

    Congratuations, Ron Paul. Your Chinese masters must be so proud of you. First we eliminated tariffs with our protectionist trading partner Japan and gave them our automotive industry. Now, thanks to you voting China “Most Favored Nation” trade status we can ship the rest of our industries to Communist Red China. What could possibly go wrong?

    Vote for Peter Schiff and Rick Torres, so they can help Ron Paul destroy our nation.

    • GB

      Most Unfavored Troll.

    • Dfens, tariffs and protectionism harm the economy, not help it. That is because tariffs raise the cost of the protected items, leaving customers with less money to purchase other goods and services, which leads to job losses elsewhere in the economy.

      There is no finer and clearer explanation of why tariffs are economically harmful than Henry Hazlitt’s 60-year-old classic, “Economics In One Lesson”:

      Please, for your own sake, read this chapter. (And then read the entire book.)

      • Dfens

        Yes, clearly protectionist trade measures are strangling China’s economy so it can only grow in double digits for the last few decades, while our protectionism has been a huge boon to our economy’s spectacular 2-3% growth. Does your Libertarian propaganda explain that? Ron Paul has been telling us how China’s bubble is going to burst for decades now too, ever since he voted them Most Favored Nation trade status really. You can’t hold him to a time table, though. It might happen 150 years from now and he’d still be right – according to him.

        • Hofmanndawg

          I’m a Ron Paul fan, however that doesn’t mean I agree with him 100% of the time… and I don’t on the subjects of ‘free trade’ and the open border with Mexico. On those subjects I line up more with Pat Buchanan.

  • Dfens

    Torres and Schiff, 2 more “free trade” liberals you can vote into Congress, because we haven’t out sourced enough jobs nor lost enough of our industrial might already. Let the peasants eat gold.

  • jim

    Rick Torres seems like a person who made the american dream come true for himself and his family through personal responsibilty. Seems like a great guy. Hope he does well.

  • raj

    long over due

  • Peter Schiff’s donation tracker: