Ron Paul: It’s TIME to come home!

Ron Paul comments on the current TIME cover and speaks out for ending the war in Afghanistan. It’s better to help people than to bomb them!

Date: 07/29/2010

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  • stevan5000

    oh lawd! so no matter what obama does, even if it is trying to get along with the neocons and give them what they love (war), the republican (more like repugnicunts) WILL ALWAYS OPPOSE IT!… because he’s black…. how disgusting…

    • Family Ties

      Erkel, it’s not a color issue. It’s a policy and experience issue.

  • bubbyslife2

    they cut mr paul off twice f-ck cnn

  • BGSoccerMagic

    Oh dear, it took almost 10 years for the politicians to realize that spending money on the people of Afghanistan for things like education, health care, bettering their economy, and all those thing that can improve their lives would be much of a better choice than spending money on weaponry and troops.

  • wdcsucks1

    this world has so much potential and could of been such a great place havnt corporates and banksters take over control. WE THE PEOPLE GOT TO GAIN BACK CONTROL OF THIS PLANET AND DUMP THESE STINKING CRIMINALS IN JAIL!

  • Voy2378

    Who cares what Coulter said? Monkeys have better understanding of the reality.

  • QuantumBios

    EDIT MUCH?,,,,fricking propagandists…

  • shroomingnewman

    there’s no unedited version from i what i can see

  • virtuousvoice

    We’re dealing with some very backwards people in a crazy land, but we’re even crazier for thinking we can invade them and convert them to our way of life. Ron Paul is right, GET OUR BOYS THE HELL OUT ASAP.

  • spiralmetal

    We are already in Iraq and Afghanistan. The damage is already done. Let’s finish the job ASAP and bring our troops home.
    It’s really cheap, not to mention ridiculous to call this “Obama’s war” when we all know who started it. Obama inherited the mess.
    It was logical to respond to 9/11 by going after those responsible, but it made no sense invading Iraq. I guarantee u that if a Democrat had been in power at the time, we would never have started that unnecessary war. But what’s done is done.

    • jim

      No, of course it’s not Obama’s war. But technically it’s not George Bush’s war either. It’s George Washington’s war. You see if George Washington had not secured the retreat of the British then America never would have been founded. Then George Bush would not have been able to start the war.

      Of course it’s Obama’s war. The moment he became president he became commander and chief. If he didn’t want that responsibilty, he shouldn’t have run for office. Saying that he started the war and saying that it is his war are 2 different things. George Bush no longer directs foreign policy. The way this war is being conducted now is as Obama sees best.

      And make no mistake. He has never been against this war even before he was elected. He stated during the presidential race that this was “the good war”. He is the person who has decided to send 30,000 more troops over. He is the one who has decided preventive war is better than non-interventionism in Afghanistan. So he is the commander and chief of the US army, has determined America should stay, has not determined what victory is (meaning of course America’s there for a long time). Therefore he is responsible for his decisions, let alone the army’s safety and America’s security. But no it is not his war. I understand perfectly.

  • freedomcorp

    2:07 North Korea has been doing some of the same things and worse for over 50 years and nobody wants to do anything about it. Same stuff goes on in lesser known 3rd world nations and sometimes even here in America. Is anyone outraged? No, because there is no benefit in return, as with the spoils of war to be had in this region of the world.

  • sniper6081

    Is every spending bill “emergency” spending now?

  • Shohadaku

    Pay for schooling over there? Our own damn country is falling apart and they still talk about waisting our cash overseas. Will you people ever stop falling for the same bullshit? WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • gr8dalmuti

    The interviewer needs to talk less and stop cut off Ron Paul’s responses.

  • nonaCbarC

    There are two types of Afghans; normal Afghans, which is Taliban & majority, & pro western Afghans, which is small minority. It’s very similar to the Vietcong & Vietnamese dichotomy. Basically they are the same ppl. LOL. So, Taliban don’t wanna send their girls to school means that majority of Afghans don’t wanna send their girls to school, i.e. it’s their family matter. Also, note that majority of Afghans don’t go to school regardless of their gender anyway. LOL.

  • selfrealizedexile

    The Afghan people have to stand up for themselves. Liberty is worth fighting for no matter what culture. Guerilla warfare always wins. They will eventually liberate themselves. In any case, if we’re there, we’re not liberating them, anyway.

  • jneil2007

    We were attacked by Muslim psychopaths, that were probably aided by the U.S. government. Most of them were of Saudi descent. Having said that this doesn’t give us the right to invade any country over there considering 911 wasn’t a military action.

  • toyrunner87

    Hate to say it, but we are not destined to impose morality on the rest of the world at gunpoint. We cannot keep the Empires troops scattered around the world as we go broke, we cannot build schools in other countries as ours fail. It’s time to bring the troops home and fix up our own house. We should lead through example, not intimidation.

  • a4finger

    Ron Paul is great. And hes right, we need to end the war

  • nonaCbarC


    “We leave, they start doing that again”

    The preceding argument can be valid if only if the following proposition holds:

    When we are there, they don’t do that.

    However, the very cover of Time mag shows that although we are there, they still do that. 😀 Nice try, moron (I don’t know this moron’s name). LOL.

    Also, note that a domestic abuse is a domestic matter, hence the word “domestic”. You don’t bring a million troops to solve some domestic abuse problem. LMAO.

  • airborne373

    Man these in the tank tv talking heads have no shame. How can it be anything but Obama’s War. Obama IS the Commander in Chief. Rahm Emanual would never let the puppet Obama end the war though.