Ron Paul: It’s TIME to come home!

Ron Paul comments on the current TIME cover and speaks out for ending the war in Afghanistan. It’s better to help people than to bomb them!

Date: 07/29/2010

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  • chad

    Staying in Afghanistan is a total economical and military disaster. With our Army already occupying this war on terror, it leaves America less safe and more vulnerable of an actual attack or invasion from another foreign enemy on our own soil.

    Also, it has been over 8 years since we have been involved in fighting this conflict in Afghanistan, our enemy has no Airforce no Navy no Army no tanks no jets no laser guided missiles no superior technologies. How many years does it take our entire combined forces to destroy a primitive militia fighting with A-K’s from caves? This war should have ended a long time ago. Im a Vet of 8 years and 2 Iraq deployments, and i support Ron Paul and everything he stands for. -No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. -James Madison-

  • anyusmoon1

    NO NO NO! We can just ‘switch’ our military position to ‘peace corp’ this is exactly what ‘The Pentagon’s New Map’ is purporting; that military must change / expand it’s strategy to include these strategies which is essentially saying NATION BUILDING, FOREIGN WELFARE, FOREIGN AID, FOREIGN POLICING!

    I agree with Ron Paul and say NO FOREIGN ENTITLEMENTS! Its time to work on PROJECTS AT HOME!

  • dmeckle

    bring them home to clean up the oil spill, secure our boarders, and stop policing the world

  • brown55061

    Funny how nobody said a word against someone who labelled Iraq as “Bush’s war”. If you increase military spending beyond any president in history, send in hundreds of thousands more troops, take the most lobby money from the military industrial complex in history… YEA IT’S YOUR WAR! People and their politically correctness needs to take a dump. Ron Paul is ridiculed for always being up front and honest while Obama does a 180 from every single point and gets little blame. MSM sucks!

  • Lukamusic81

    Peace! Ron Paul tells the truth unlike all other politions

  • JizzonTheDark

    Time magazine has been in the bag for a long time and they’ve played a critical role in brainwashing the US for decades.

  • kungfujellybean

    I think congressman Paul recognizes some striking similarities between what England tried to do to us, and what we’re trying to do to the middle east. Of course there’s fighting going on! Of course there’s dissonance. We’re playing kindergarten cop and destroying cities.

    It’s PERFECTLY VALID to call this Obama’s war. I for one remember the hollow campaign promises that got him elected. “Immediate withdraw” my ass! How is this allowed? Is the general public that docile and cowardly? Ron Paul!

  • laxguy22655

    honestly does anyone give a rat’s ass what ann coutler thinks

  • kamakazishark

    its ridiculous how these asshole are changing thier stance publicly while privately doing the opposite. ron paul is the only honest one.

  • capitalist4life

    who’s the douchebag who disliked this video?

  • eastwood13

    Did Dr.Paul really call Afghanistan “Obama’s war”? …If he did, it would be one of the very few times I have disagreed with him.

    • Yeah! It’s Obama’s War you worm! We must send our troops back home and how many more of them do we need to lose? It’s time to stop policing the world and take care of our own here at home and close our borders. & time to impeach Obama and clean up Washington.

  • GnosticNinja

    The Koran was written by Vatican scribes… they scribble scripts for fools to follow.
    Same goes for many other pretender religions.
    They then pit one against the other… republicrat or depublican.

  • TheEbonicslover

    Does this mean the zionist media admits to corruption of the government?

  • Serge1965

    Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul !!!!! Bring all the coalition forces home!!! Stop that stupid war NOW!!!!!

  • werebear1

    Time for the troops to come home!
    OBAMA Lied obviously, he is a continuation of the Bush regime, nothing has changed. He is spending far more money, more money is being lost and unaccounted for and the war has been extended to Afghanistan, Pakistan and likely Iran.
    What? people thought it would be different because he is a Mulato? So far that is his only achievement – and not one that can be attributed directly to him

  • GnosticNinja

    If I stated: it is morally/ethically reprehensible that Zionists murder & torture their neighbors for fun & profit; no doubt I am to be erroneously labeled a “Jew Hater” or “Anti Semitic” or “Racist” This does nothing to address the FACT that evil scum continue to commit treason on humanity with impunity on a daily basis using your tax slave dollars. %98+ are not even Semitic!!
    O’Bummer (Bush 3.0) actor/liar/ZOG puppet doesn’t tie his shoe without permission from his handlers.

  • D10SdelFutbol

    I never wanted Bush’s war, or Obama’s war, or Clinton’s war, or Bush’s father’s war,.. or any war that is NOT declared by Congress with a full Declaration of War as the US Constitution mandates. We can’t even call these wars, they are just illegal military operations overseas which benefit no one but the military industrial complex and its puppets in government.

    The whole thing is a tragedy, the best country that ever existed will be no more.

  • shoespeak

    stay in iraq, get out of that hellhole afghanistan.

  • ryanthomastew
  • joepglass

    Why was this video edited? Why did he spend soo much time on the build up and only allow Ron a few minutes to speak.