Ron Paul: It’s TIME to come home!

Ron Paul comments on the current TIME cover and speaks out for ending the war in Afghanistan. It’s better to help people than to bomb them!

Date: 07/29/2010

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  • N0diggityN0doubt

    bring them home. besides we cant afford to keep them there. we just marched in, we can just march out. bring them home.

  • ItsFazsha

    Oh, so in every country where their govt does bad things to its own people, America and only America should go in and overthrow that govt. Sanchez, you’re such an idiot.

  • joepeeler34

    Nation-building and so-called preventive wars are idiotic. If you want to help people in other country’s then move there or write a check to a non-governmental organization like the Red Cross. This guy Sanchez is such a partisan. He gives Democrats a pass unless they aren’t as socialistic as he would like. Democrat wars good, Republican wars bad. I wonder if he walks on two legs or four.

  • yakyakyak69

    NeoCons and crony-corporatist Progressives are feeding our liberty and treasure to the Military Industrial Complex and the Bankers who own them.

    Watch “Money as Debt” here on YouTube and then END THE FED!

  • aznboi789

    this is so biased….CNN played the emotional card instead of the logical part. Lemme guess, if it was a boy instead of a “beautiful girl” nobody would care LOL. i dont know about you, but i value the lives of our american heroes more then the scum over there

  • HarveyMushman85

    You cant change the mentality of other nations with war! They will cut noses and do other horrible stuff whether there are american troops or not. the questions were so dull and he just wanted to tickle a bad answer out of ron paul. what a charade!

  • rita21200

    BRING OUR BOYS HOME NOW! our zionist buddys & our dush bag polititions fund the taliban….. ENOUGH AMERICAN BLOOD……the zionist bankers make millions off war

  • LastReplaySC

    I’m not sure how sane RP is, he can’t be serious and I can only judge this as a political correctness strategy fo more attemtion, don’t get me wrong he’s a good guy!
    BUT, you don’t want 500 K troops and trained spychopathic potential killers come home, with no civillian jobs for them to do but to give them a federal uniform ready to terrorise the own public, I mean comon. Everyone knows the deal with the loony veterans, you can’t release them on civilians, hell will break out!

  • Steve Largent

    These people must have the chance to exercise self determination.

  • sJeGaJn

    I lack to see the social stigma of saying whether or not you support the war … why is it so many politicians hold so much wight from a 1920’s social view point? it’s the 21st century why aren’t we acting like it? ex. how many other political figures can be found on youtube?

  • popeye1250

    Rick Sanchez, “Mr Amnesty for Illegal Aliens!”

  • d0861

    Screw nation building. We marched right in; we can march right out.

  • cecil luckey

    American blood sdould not be shed in nation building. only when America is attacked should our miltary be engaged. if our troops were bought home any threat from a nation wishing to do us harm would be resolved quickly with air and navel overwhelming power. nine years is too long to be involved in a country no nation has been able civilize.

  • 93msinclair

    Wow it looks like commie-CNN have stoped pretending that they are anti-war

  • jlbarber54

    The Russians have declared war on the Chechnyans and classified them as ‘Terrorists’ just like we have classified Al-Qaeda.
    Imagine that the Russians have great intelligence on an American based Chechnyan cell located in central Philadelphia PA. and they decided to launch a pair of cruise missiles to take them out.
    Would we Americans be upset? Would we retaliate? If the answer is yes, then how can we not understand how the rest of the world has ill feelings for us.

  • hharrington05

    nice editing

  • fred the protectionist

    Mine would be, “Congratulations Ron Paul, you can play both sides of every issue, you make The Party proud.” (with a picture of Big Brother smiling down on you).

  • yeomalt2

    Many patriotic Americans believe “The Troops are fighting to protect our rights and freedoms.”

    If we were to reach for an honest understanding of US foreign policy- we might have less reasons to send the troops to distant lands.

  • ElConquistador24

    It isn’t a “declared” war, which makes it a corrupt conflict, one in which President Obama is supporting. You know one thing that I think is funny is how for 8 years the Democrats were inheritantly opposed and pissed and moaned against the war, but now that Obama is on office the Democrats are commited to the war.

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    Thank you Dr. Paul for being a voice of reason and a man of principle.