Ron Paul: Congress Could End Obama’s Wars

The Trouble With Unconstitutional Wars

by Ron Paul

Our foreign policy was in the spotlight last week, which is exactly where it should be. Almost two years ago many voters elected someone they thought would lead us to a more peaceful, rational co-existence with other countries. However, while attention has been focused on the administration’s disastrous economic policies, its equally disastrous foreign policies have exacerbated our problems overseas. Especially in times of economic crisis, we cannot afford to ignore costly foreign policy mistakes. That’s why it is important that U.S. foreign policy receive some much needed attention in the media, as it did last week with the leaked documents scandal.

Many are saying that the Wikileaks documents tell us nothing new. In some ways this is true. Most Americans knew that we have been fighting losing battles. These documents show just how bad it really is. The revelation that Pakistani intelligence is assisting the people we are bombing in Afghanistan shows the quality of friends we are making with our foreign policy. This kind of thing supports points that Rep. Dennis Kucinich and I tried to make on the House floor last week with a privileged resolution that would have directed the administration to remove troops from Pakistan pursuant to the War Powers Resolution.

We are not at war with Pakistan. Congress has made no declaration of war. (Actually, we made no declaration of war on Iraq or Afghanistan either, but that is another matter.) Yet we have troops in Pakistan engaging in hostile activities, conducting drone attacks and killing people. We sometimes manage to kill someone who has been identified as an enemy, yet we also kill about 10 civilians for every 1 of those. Pakistani civilians are angered by this, yet their leadership is mollified by our billions in bribe money. We just passed an appropriations bill that will send another $7.5 billion to Pakistan. One wonders how much of this money will end up helping the Taliban. This whole operation is clearly counterproductive, inappropriate, immoral and every American who values the rule of law should be outraged. Yet these activities are being done so quietly that most Americans, as well as most members of the House, don’t even know about them.

We should follow constitutional protocol when going to war. It is there for a reason. If we are legitimately attacked, it is the job of Congress to declare war. We then fight the war, win it and come home. War should be efficient, decisive and rare. However, when Congress shirks its duty and just gives the administration whatever it wants with no real oversight or meaningful debate, wars are never-ending, wasteful, and political. Our so-called wars have become a perpetual drain on our economy and liberty.

The founders knew that heads of state are far too eager to engage in military conflicts. That is why they entrusted the power to go to war with the deliberative body closest to the people – the Congress. Decisions to go to war need to be supported by the people. War should not be covert or casual. We absolutely should not be paying off leaders of a country while killing their civilians without expecting to create a lot of new problems. This is not what America is supposed to be about.


  • nathan

    Just what America needs not one but two doctors Paul/Paul 2012

  • soulfeltart

    Ron Paul- A Right to Many Wrongs
    We DO need him, and WE the people need to support the shit out of him and help him to continue to lead us. Come 2012, we must put him above the rest, where he belongs, and work with him to restore our own dignity as a nation. We need to see how much politics has effed up and hurt this country more than it has helped it.
    We are strong together, and I truly believe we can collectively change the ways we live here on earth, for the better. Who agrees with me?

  • Citizen

    Hey citizens,
    American has the best friends MONEY CAN BUY,
    Yep, we can count on they’re friendship as far as we can throw them, sure nuf!

    Dr Paul is correct that if we were a little more selective on who we try to buy, we might actually have a halfway realistic foreign policy. As it is now we throw money around like it was cow manure dropped from a helicopter.

    The time is fast approaching when $100 USD will be used primarily as kindling to ignite yak dung overseas and toilet paper here at home.

    Obama’s Afgan war is a miserable half heart attempt to “appear” to be politically tough, while here at home B. Hussein O. does everything he can to promote Islam, just short of an outright conversion and flying the Muslim flag on the white house lawn.
    I swear this man Obama is priming the fuse in the powder magazine below the deck of the Constitution and fiddling with matches.

    Just smile and wait for the flash… BOOM!

  • Abagfullofwhat

    how about end the war on drugs? the one where you pay to be brutalized by your government.

  • MrBrucelee117

    What I love about Ron Paul is that this man INSPIRES loyalty, by being truthful, constitutional, sensible, and principled. Our current leadership attempts to manipulate people into loyalty. “An army of inspired soldiers always wins against an army of manipulated soldiers.”

  • KingJames456

    people we need to vote this man our next president. Obama is not real change and made big promises just to get elected. Times have changed and Ron Paul would do a much better job of leading this country

  • NewWorldOrderNow1

    We of the NWO will continue these “wars”, which are just revenue producing activities for our central banks. We will use your young people to die for us in the name of “patriotism”. You have responded well to our brainwashing campaigns.

  • echoghost4
  • GunnysGirl71

    please run in 2012. You’re what America needs to get back on track and reverse several laws. I’d definitly donate money to your cause.

  • Alive79311

    As for our troops, it’s a shame that our so called leaders disregaurd the fact that kids from poor working class families are willing to put on a uniform and defend both their Republic as well as other peoples working towards the same goals. The fact that that these wars are about money and control, I think everyone is well aware this now. I just hope that when these kids come home, we don’t hit them with these politics and make them feel like asshole for doing “the right thing”!

  • skyoverhead

    !!!!Ron Paul Rocks!!!!

  • EverEvolvingApe

    I´m a fan of Ron Paul, but… “Obama´s war”?

    Come on!

    Bush created this whole mess! Their idea was for America to stay there for years! They knew that, after overthrowing Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, those countries would be politically unstable! Simply getting out now would be irresponsible!

    I agree that it´s too costly, but America can´t simply leave after creating such a huge mess!

    “You break it, you buy it”!

    • jim

      Yes it’s Obama’s war. Do people just fall in love with a celebrity type figure and forget common sense and/or basic logic? No one is saying Obama started the war. Obama is continuing the war. George Bush started the war (past tense). Obama is continuing the war (present continuous tense). Nobody here is saying they are the same thing. Do you believe they are the same thing? In terms of basic logic they simply are not, just a fact.

      Obama is commander and chief of the US army. He directs foreign policy.

      And as I’ve stated elsewhere, Obama always was for this war. Make no mistake. During the presidential elections he has said “this is the good war.” He has sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. This peace candidate from the presidential election and Noble Award winner promised he would take the troops home in 16 months. He has continually lied and backtracked on this issue. The only promise the “peace” candidate kept once he was in power was to support the war in Afghanistan. One promise I wish he hadn’t kept.

  • vdvsoldat

    EVEN IF Ron paul won and made a positive change, some dimwit like Bush or bullshit saleman like Obama would soon win again and screw things up. It’s up to the armed Patriots of America actually get off their sorry NRA wanna be, Nascar watching fat asses and use the guns they love to DEFEND the constitution. As it is now, they’ve sat on their asses so long, the USA is beyond hope. Only a full blown execution of ALL federal agnets & agencies would make real change.

  • terr547

    When are people going to get off their asses and stop accepting this crap?! Stand up America! Stop this crap!

  • ryanthomastew
  • Rita1972

    Obama still wants to leave 50,000 troups behind in iraq as per this morning. I thought taking the troups out meant all would be gone, thus letting Iraqis make decisions for themselves. Lackey Obama and his puppeteers are still playing mind games with the public, trying to look good in the public eyes. Whom are you trying to fool? Unfortunately, the majority will be tricked. Obama knows his approval ratings are dropping and trouble is coming – he appears to “fulfil” his election promises.

  • Bertranddeghaul

    im not an american, but I hope this man is the next american president. He seems one of the few man in American politics I would trust with the job, although I cannot agree with all of his views, I agree more with him than any other US politican I know of. as the US president is not only a internal us afair but has mondial influence I hope for RON PAUL for presiden, I hope he runs and wins in 2012, vote out this obama liar and vote in this is man who seems integer and wise.
    greetz from holland

  • shadowfaxx1

    I gave to Ron Pauls campaign when he was running for president. Two times actually, even though I really could not afford to. Now I get many requests for money from his SON and his political efforts. I don’t support his son and don’t understand why I should get on his mailing list even though they share he same DNA.

  • Arceumon

    Please, run for president Ron Paul. We would all support for you.

  • jimmydemoret

    Wars should be efficient decisive and rare. Well said!! Sun Tzu would agree