TIME Peace Cover Contest

We received 14 entries and 1,267 votes for our TIME Peace Cover Contest with the theme “What Happens if We Stay in Afghanistan?” The winner has been determined and will be announced in a separate post shortly.

The winning entry’s creator will receive a RonPaul.com t-shirt, bumper sticker, and copy of Bruce Fein’s bookAmerican Empire: Before the Fall“, which is a truly amazing book recommended not just for lovers of liberty and peace, but also for war supporters with an open mind.

Please continue rating these fantastic entries! 0 = very bad, 5 = average, 10 = excellent. (Note that this page reloads after each vote.)

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  • You lost me, friend. I mean, I assume I get what youre declaring. I understand what you’re saying, but you just seem to have forgotten about that you will find some other individuals in the world who view this issue for what it truly is and may well not agree with you. You might be turning away alot of persons who may have been followers of your weblog.

  • Davido

    David – Me llamo Davido from here on out as you are the board vet here, with all due respect. A namesake to fight the comic book war and crime fantasy brigade that lies at the heart of neo-condom. This will be fun. Thanks for the welcome mat. Promise not to sh!t upon it. To Ron and Rand’s rise to prominence. Cheers.

    Proud Tex – You’d think all these neo-cons who attend safe college while wars are being waged would surely have had Econ 101 as part of their business curricula. C students taking a stand (in a Barca Lounger) for America. Is there an econ doctor in the house?!?

    • David

      Hola Davido. Lol that and your introduction are about as far as i can go with the language at this point. My fiancee is Latin, and i am under very strict instructions from her not to learn any more Spanish from the guys in my valley here, and to wait till she moves in this fall so she can teach me the language in a manner which i will actually be able to repeat in front of her mother LOLOLOL πŸ™‚

      Ive been concentrating my efforts on the banking problem we have in this country, as if anything else is ever to be resolved that will have to happen first so that we can actually regain control of our economy and political system in order to do so. From what i’ve seen of your posts, they contain a lot of good common sense and reason, and your obviously thinking and capable of understanding, realizing and coming up with good solutions as well. We’ve been centering our efforts on the “sound money” blog and cross posting to and from other relevant blogs on here, so i certainly want to invite you to come and scroll through the posts and see whats going on and we could certainly use your contributions as well.

  • bonnie

    We need to STOP all this crap now! This country is going down the crapper! We are sheep being led to a slaughter. WAKE UP AMERICA…NOW! Before it’s too late and were a 3rd world nation!

  • Nitroindole

    And you, “normal” fred the protectionist, suggest keep killing more Americans and killing much more local civilians somewhere 10 tousands mile away in Afghan mountains to please your normal cave-man vendetta feelings with insain hope that that will keep USA “safer”? Did they attack USA? Did they attack you? Oh, yeah, they could….. This used to be a Chrisian country, haha. I imagine how you go to church every Sunday morning…. haha… Not enough blood for you? You thirsty for more blood? It is not enough for you that this country is almost always in state of war and covert operations since the end of WW II:


    What is really more insain, to keep spreading bloody guts and limbs everywhere or stop this at last after 9 or 10 or how many more years? You, very normal cave-man, get out of your cave and answer me.

    • fred the protectionist

      Yes I am normal. A normal person’s reaction to see’ing a blown up American would be, “Let’s kill a thousand muslims in retaliation.” You’re reaction is not normal, you are abnormal.

    • fred the protectionist

      Similarly a “normal” person’s response to see’ing a “crush video” (never seen one before, but I don’t have to), would be to take the guy/kid who made it and punch him in the face until he’s bleeding.

      But you guys aren’t normal. You are Abby Normal.

  • fred the protectionist

    I like the picture of the American’s head blown off, hamburger everywhere. Real nice. See, a normal person’s response would have been, “Lets kill 1,000 Muslims in retaliation.” But you Ron Paul people are not normal people, you’re response to this is, “SURRENDER! RETREAT!” and something about the Federal Reserve.

    This is why I have been against the war. Like Pat Buchanan said, America is full of abnormal people (like you Ron Paul people) who can never win a war properly, and if you don’t fight it properly with an intent to win then America shouldn’t fight it at all.

    And even the Moderates and moderate-Democrat or moderate-Republicans are not normal people. If you were to say, “Let’s kill 1,000 Muslims,” they’d recoil in horror and insist we’re not at war with a religion. hahaha

    • fred the protectionist

      So Pat Buchanan is right, Ron Paul is just abnormal.

      Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul might say they are against the war, but for 2 totally totally different reasons, that does not make us natural allies.

    • pocket

      You Fred, are in the minority. This is obviously an entirely new idea to you but “NORMAL” people don’t think “kill 1000 Muslims” when they see a middle eastern man responsible for an American’s death. We see through the media charade, both red and blue and think for ourselves whereas you think “blue bad, red good.”
      You’re sold on fear and trying to mask it as pride in our country and finishing a job you started. We as a country are continuously reaping what we sow overseas by empowering Osama, supporting Pakistan’s militant puppet government, and giving billions of dollars to Israel that they then use to blow up arabs and paint USA as the murderers.
      We are not even remotely at war with Islam. Your ancestors founded this country in part because they weren’t free to practice their chosen faith and you dishonor them with your hate-mongering.

  • Josh

    The first one really hits home. That’s what should be put on the cover of Time magazine but they have lost their values and are just scum now. Ron Paul 2012

  • justme

    The banker one is most educational for those who are unaware.

    • Forest

      Actually, looks a lot like a fraudulent contractor or weapons manufacturer. Seems like it might be more applicable for funding a war.

      But hey, leave it a ronbot to see a ‘banker’ in everything.

  • Davido

    Stay vigilant, people. The mainstream media, left and right, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and MSNBC, are trying to paint Ron and Rand as anti-war extremists simply because they want us (and 45% of our tax dollars) out of Iraq and Afghanistan. They wanted us out five years and 750, 000,000,000 tax dollars ago. Close 360 of our 720 overseas military empire bases (functional obsolescence), and we are back to government surpluses to pay for medicare, medicaid, soc. sec., healthcare, schools, roads, infrastructure, and real homeland security of borders, ports, airports, planes and trains. Rand/Ron – 2010 and 2012.


    • Forest

      Actually, “mainstream media, left and right, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and MSNBC” (so, essentially, everyone except Lew Rockwell, Alex Jones, and your brother the blogger?) aren’t trying to “paint” Ron and Rand as “anti-war extremists”.

      In Ron’s case he has been labeled as crackpot that fornicates with his earmarks nightly while having a sketchy, hysterical past, and Rand is in the process of being labeled as a naive corporate lapdog, whose prose is utterly laden with racial dog-whistles.

      Big difference there, chief.

      • David

        Forrest, your name-calling and intellectual buffonary proceed you. Let’s just stick with the facts, mam.

        Fact: Each soldier who sits in the sand of Iraq or mountains of Afghanistan waiting for word of an end-plan to their service is SOL.
        There is none. Never has been, never will be. Like Vietnam for us and the Russians in Afghanistan, it’s all a prolonged, undisciplined exercise of the military-industrial complex, power games, and it is all ending terribly and in vain. Read your history books, son.

        Fact: Each single troop over there costs over 1,000,000 dollars of your US taxpayer dollars. We have over 175,000 over there. Add the zeros. 1,750,000,000,000. Get it?

        Fact: Our national debt is approaching 9,000,000,000,000. At least 45% of that can be attributed to our police actions overseas, Iraq and Afghan being the most financially costly wars in the history of warfare. Were you born before Vietnam? Do you know how all police actions end for our country?

        Any Vietnam War, Korean War or Russian-Afghanistan War google search or academic history book should have the answers. Make sure it’s not written by one of the thousands of government propagandists or corporate shills in the media you seem to be so familiar with.

        Fact: Our own borders, police and fire service, port and airport security and economy are all much less safe, secure and stable than it was before all the middle eastern empire building embarked upon by our state and defense departments.

        Left much less safe, in massive debt with a broken economy, with programs for disabled, veterans and retirees being cut and cut again, businesses shutting down and people left out of work, foreclosures through the roof . . .

        Time for Forrest, to see, well, you make it so easy . . . trees?

        • David

          Hehehe, well i logged on here and saw my name on a recent post and knew i hadn’t posted on this blog, so I see we have another person on here under the same name and making posts i would agree with as well, including your opinion of forest.

          Anyway don’t waste too much time with him, i’ve asked him 5 times already what he does and he wont answer, and from everything i can gather about him he’s being paid by our terrified banking system to come on here and try to scare people out of killing them as we should have long ago and they know were getting ready to. All he can do is post rubbish and criticisms and can make no tangible arguments due to the indefensible nature of what he is trying to defend.

          Getting him to post isn’t a bad idea either though as his obvious hatred and contempt of everything American does come out in brilliant colors and the more he writes the more hatred he generates for himself and his masters, so he’s actually good for us in a way LOL πŸ™‚

          Anyway, welcome to the blog David.

          PS. i should add that “fred the protectionist” is his single and only disciple, isn’t that a hoot ! LOLOL πŸ™‚

        • David –

          Thanks for the above facts but unfortunately most of these fact that you mentioned can’t be understood by Hollywood minded movie watcher – You know, you’ve got to mention the Rambo thriler whom kick the Russian rear in Afghanistan and the Chuck Norris guy who was in Vietnamese prison free himself and concord the north Vietnam all by him self.

          Sadly, we are not just showing sign of becoming a third world nation but out of this world nation when we see Hollywood minded here in this forum.

          RON PAUL 2012

        • Forest

          David, and I hate to interrupt the little circle-jerk y’all got going on here, but you missed something… I am not pro-war or pro-debt, I am however, anti-hysteria.

          Original quote I responded to: “mainstream media, left and right, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and MSNBC are trying to paint Ron and Rand as anti-war extremists ”

          Before you went off the deep end, as Ron ulans are for some reason wrought to do, come out of your bunker, take off the tin foil hat, and realize the adults are having a serious, heated, widespread discourse about the efficacy, effectiveness, and direction of the war efforts. News Google ‘Afghanistan War’ you idiot, is it all ‘This War Is AWESOME and Ron Paul is an EXTREMIST for OPPOSING IT!’ I just did, and NOT A SINGLE RON PAUL MENTION IN THE FIRST 10,0000 links provided.

          Now that I have refuted (or as you tea bags refer to it ‘refudiated’ it), realize that the Paul’s are being branded for their extreme views on:

          Civil Rights Being A Local Decision
          Constantly Decrying The Fall Of Society (40 years and still wailing like chicken little)
          Federal Reserve Is Root of All Evil
          Corporations Knowing Best For Everyone
          Issuing Racial Dog Whistles
          Waffling on 9/11 ‘Truthers’

          So, in the future, you may wish to learn a bit better how you are perceived before you start lecturing.

      • jim

        Being guilty of something and being accused of something are 2 different things. I will personally speak for just myself on some of the positions you have stated because even people in groups are still individuals. You fail to realize this consistently. The second David from above has convinced me to rethink some of my positions. But unlike him I still like commodity backed currencies as a medium of exchange because unless you get an alchemist you literally just can’t make more of it. We can disagreee civilly, still get along and inform each other. But I wanted to reply to your extreme views bit.

        Civil rights being a local (for me a state) decision.In some instances Guilty. Maybe Californians think marijuana should be legal. Maybe many christains in Alabama don’t. Why does it have to be one size fits all.

        Constantly crying the fall of society for 40 years. I’m only 34 but I hope somebody’s being guilty of it for 40 yerars. Or do you believe all the market problems of September 2008 started in August 2008?

        Federal Reserve is the root of ALL evil. Semi-guilty (all evil is a bit of hyperbole). Don’t like fractional reserve banking. Don’t like NAFTA. Don’t like pre-emptive war.

        Corporations know best for everybody. Accused. I think you must be critical of people who believe in a free market solution. The term free market includes corporations, small business, supply, demand, consumers, consumer choices, a law syatem that treats everybody as equal etc., etc.,etc. You have over-simplified.

        Issuing racial dog whistles. Accused. Come on, the one thing I didn’t think you do is to use liberal coles notes 101. Agree or disagree all you like with libertarian talking points but you are intelligent enough to know that believing in individualism over collectivism doesn’t inherently make someone a racist. Whether you are just stating all libertarians are racist or that I can be perceived by people at large as one will not change my core beliefs and doesn’t make one wrong for believing them.

        Self-certification. partially accused/partially guilty. On the guilty part. That’s just the nature of believing anything. Everyone starts with some a priori assumptions because nobody is omniscient. But let’s not get into ontlogical argument. Accused. I personally just believe that’s your opinion, not the opinion at large. People disagree with libertarians in the mainstream media because of their views, not because they self-certifiy more than their opponents. It’s actually a hard and unfair charge for anyone to discredit, not just libertarians. In other words, a cop out. It comes down to the argument what comes first reason or belief. An argument philosophers have had for thousands of years and will continue to do so for quite a long time.

        Waffling on 9/11 truthers. Accused. Do I personal think 9/11 was an inside job? Let most people how the heck can I actually know that. That’s not waffling. That’s a fact. Does it seem like their’s enough information to warrant more investigation. Seems that way. Will we ever get one? No. So I don’t worry about. I have bigger things to wail about for the next 40 years.

        On things I’m guilty on, I’m glad enough. On the accused bit, tired like anyone else who is tired of being accused when innocent.

        I have a question for you if you don’t mind, is free trade slavery?

  • jason evans

    people in possition to make changes for the future of our grandchildren only seem to care about their own, and i’m not so sure they care about thier own. i mean they can’t be that stupid, can they?
    not only are we in a depression, but too many of our representatives don’t even represent us.
    if we try to promote change, we are assasinated. . .’they can keep thier illusions to themselves’. they’er the ones that like they’er fantacy worlds so much.

    ‘revolution is comming’, ‘we’ve gotta be the cange if we wanna see ‘ so if your tierd of all the chaos, march with me in the street’. ‘war has never ever been the way, how many more have to die the same fate?’
    (Quotes from Liberty or Death)

  • LOC

    Ron Paul Revolution 2012
    Last chance for Freedom

  • nathan

    Just what America needs not one but two doctors Paul/Paul 2012

  • bab

    Obama need to be impeached and imprisoned……NOW! Along with all those czars and democrates that think it is ok to steal $28 trillion dollars, take our land, water, poison our food and water, put us into forced servitude (never) and the rest….time to clean house.

    • Forest

      Wow. That was a bunch of baseless, angry bile. I bet it was just seeing Obama’s face that lurched you into an irrational rant.

      I look forward to you being just another stain on the underwear of history, very soon.