137 responses to “Will Rand Paul join Ron Paul on Capitol Hill?”

  1. DinosaurM1911

    I’m down with ANY third party. Except the Nazis… Ok, maybe the Nazis. No? Ok, no Nazis.

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  2. DarkCyder9

    Rand should run with Ron, as his VP! Paul/Paul 2012

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  3. NCIcaucus

    Ron Paul is the best!! We love you Dr. Paul!! Rand Paul too!

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  4. Dfens

    I’ve got to give Rand credit, he’s at least willing to say stuff like this to the faces of the people it will kill, unlike his father who doesn’t have the guts:

    The Bowling Green eye doctor has come under attack from members of the United Mine Workers who recently said they were alarmed by Paul’s suggestions in a magazine interview that elected officials in Washington shouldn’t be setting coal mining rules.

    After his speech, Paul said all levels of government have a role in regulating the coal industry, adding that his preference generally is for “more local over federal” oversight.

    Paul, an advocate for more limited government, suggested the need for a broad review of coal regulations to determine what’s working.

    Conway, the state attorney general, has won the UMW’s endorsement in the race to succeed Republican Sen. Jim Bunning, who is retiring after two terms.

    Conway spokesman John Collins said the Democratic candidate would be a strong defender of the coal sector because it creates good-paying jobs, attracts industry and fosters low electricity rates.

    “That’s why he opposes any and all cap-and-trade legislation, which unfairly punishes coal states like Kentucky and raises utility rates,” Collins said. — Kentucky.com

    Rand is a real “man of the people”. He doesn’t care if the big coal companies are all for reducing the safety of American mines so they can equal the production value of coal made overseas, he’s willing to take that stupid idea to the coal miners themselves. The only thing he won’t take to these coal miners is the possibility of raising tariffs. No, tariffs are too scary. They might result in US power plants burning coal mined in the US by miners who are employees rather than slaves, who work under safe conditions instead of those in Communist China who die like flies tyring to get their crappy, highly polluting reserves.

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    1. GB

      There are alternatives, friend, to the federal government doing everything for us.

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      1. Dfens

        I’d be happy if the federal government would do the things they are supposed to do per the US Constitution, like protecting our borders and our markets. You remember the US Constitution, right? It’s that one page document where the states signed away certain rights and responsibilities to the federal government because they thought these things would be best handled by a federal government. You should read that document some time.

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  5. soweyesee

    we should save up for a huge war and put the money in a gigantic pigybank and when we have enough well smash the pig open and spend spend spend and kill kill kill and life would be better than it is.

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  6. GB

    “fred the protectionist
    August 14, 2010 at 6:27 pm | Permalink
    Yes fool, tariffs lower the price of imports by strengthening the dollar, unlike Free Trade which destroys the dollar and increases the price of imports. ”

    Please explain how these take place.

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