And the Winner is…

We received 14 entries and 1,267 votes for our TIME Peace Cover Contest with the theme “What Happens if We Stay in Afghanistan?”

The winning entry was submitted by Kale Ray (visit website) from Ocean Springs, MS. Kale writes:

“I’m so excited I won! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’m a local musician in Ocean Springs, MS who fools around with graphic design in my free time.. since discovering who Ron Paul was, I learned more about the Libertarian point of views that a fundamental and functional America needs in this day and age. Since then I’ve become a dedicated supporter of Dr. Ron Paul and his remarkable ideas to a more perfect union.”

Congratulations Kale! And thanks to everyone else who participated.

Peace Cover Contest Winner

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  • ron stillman

    I liked Ron Paul a lot until I found out that he was one of only three congressman who voted against banning animal crush videos. He apparently thinks it’s either okay to for spike-healed women to impale small animals live on the internet for pay, or he thinks government should not be involved in it. Either way, he’s wrong. I agreee that there’s too much government, but it would be a better government if we got rid of the salary of those three congressmen than if we kept them and allowed the crush videos.

    I thought he was a decent man, but he let his principles get in the way of his morality. He voted in favor of animal crush videos, in favor of torture and murder of helpless animals. He is not a decent man, after all. He is a horror.


    • Brian

      So he is one of three congressmen out of 435 that thinks the Federal Gov’ts power should be limited to only the powers granted it by the constitution and that makes him a “horror”?
      I agree that whoever would make such video’s is a scum bag, but Ron believes it is NOT the federal gov’ts place to regulate. The States are supposed to regulate themselves.

      If you look at all of the countries in history that abused or murdered millions of their own citizens ( over 100 mil killed in the last 100 years alone ), they ALL had a strong central gov’t. NOT ONCE have mass murders been commited by a decentralized gov’t. The founders were very careful to give us a gov’t that could not encroach on our liberty, even if we happen to be a scum bag.

      Unfortunately, over the past 100 years we have let that beutiful design by the founders be eroded away to a federal gov’t. that keeps us in a state of never ending wars, steals all of our money thru taxes & inflation, dictates to the states, and tries to regulate every aspect of our lives.

      Ron Paul is the ONLY man in congress that ALWAYS defends the constution, even if its an unpopular position. A true man of honor, not like the rest of those self serving politicians that only quote the constituition when it suits them that moment but then trash it with their next vote.

      Ron Paul 2012

  • Also Dr. Paul should be nominated as the most ethically savy politician of the year.

  • Dr. Paul should be nominated as the most honest politician of the year. & that is a great looking cover.

  • DOA

    Great cover, i really like the prop 19 ad : D
    Ron Paul Revolution 2012!!! Last Chance For Freedom

  • jason

    pretty neat. . .i just now noticed the machine gun tip all close-up and blurry. alot of cool little ‘more inside’ story ads on it to. ..

  • GWash

    Looks amazing. Great job!

    January 03, 2008
    By: Devvy

    2008 –

    “One man with courage makes a majority.” –President Andrew Jackson

    Today is the Iowa caucus. In five days the New Hampshire primary will take place. Candidates from the Republican and Democrat parties are attempting to get the vote, no matter how many lies and false promises they have to make. THE EXCEPTION IS CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL, WHOSE VOTING RECORD FOR 22 YEARS AND HIS ABSOLUTE CONSISTENT STAND ON CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT CANNOT BE DISPUTED. No flip-flopping, no tarts in the back ground, no scandals and this man will never sell us out to any special interest group in this country or globally, i.e., the Bilderberg group of world totalitarian monsters.

    Read the rest at American Chronicle –

  • Ben

    Ron Paul fights for transparency! That’s a good one! Keep ’em coming, guys.

    Ron Paul can’t even tell the truth about his own voting record.

    • Kale R.

      You’re a god damn fool, go do some research on your candidate of choice and see just how spotless their voting record has been compared to Dr. Paul’s.