Ron Paul & Lew Rockwell: End the Fed, End the Wars, End the Empire

Date: 08/10/2010

  • MyRepresentativeOrg

    Wars are costly but they make Big bucks for the Military Industrial Complex, many congress members are bought by the crony’s. It’s not really about police for the world it’s about profits.

  • Charles

    Why exactly should I believe that R.P. wouldn’t begin ‘endorsing’ the FED once he were elected? There are only 2 outcomes to his run for president. If the powers that be the FED really fear him, he’ll be assassinated before ever being allowed to go against them. Or he’ll sell out like every other politician does. We’ve had too many super hero offers. Central banks run the planet, and one man can’t stop it. Even if he IS honest, he’ll be surrounded by crooks who use their office for personal gain. I can’t imagine one preacher in hell being able to make a difference. J.F.K. wanted the FED taken down, and we all know what happened to him.

  • 19Truth53

    Is that a fact!?

  • ryanjohnsond

    Who are “these guys in Washington” who want to rule the Middle East? The Federal Reserve, Democrats, Republicans? Who?


  • youngnoyesfam

    Free Terry Lankin

  • BeLiketheSquerrl

    wow, this is the greatest clip ever on fox news

  • javabarbarian

    It is about oil. That is the resource that drives it all that is running out.

  • 19Truth53

    What was Neocon water-carrier O’Reilly doing on ‘Freedom Watch’!? Oh yeah, he WORKS for Fox. This begs the question, “What the HELL are true Freedom-Loving Americans like Napolitano, Paul, and Rockwell doing on FOX, a network dedicated to policies 180 degrees OPPOSITE of these men!!?