Ron Paul to Run for President in 2012, Will Announce in January 2011?

Ron Paul is planning to run against Obama in 2012, according to hardcore activist and Paul insider Matt Collins. For strategic reasons, Ron Paul is expected to delay his official announcement until January 2011.

However, Ron Paul denied in two radio interviews dated 8/18 that he had made a decision or announcement. Whether he runs or not will depend on the level of support and encouragement he receives between now and the end of the year.

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  • RM

    Mr. Paul you are the only person who can help the American people regain control of “Our Country”. America belongs to the people.

    Mr Paul, you taught me that America belongs to the people, but was sold to big business when Woodrow Wilson signed the federal reserve act, taking away the power of the government to print and coin money and giving the power to print and coin money to the private banking entity known as the “federal reserve”. Each year the “federal reserve” which is a private banking interest loans our government money. Each year when we pay our income taxes, that money goes directly into the hands of the richest people on Earth. Leaving homeless and hungry americans in the wake. It is time to take back the power and place it in the hands of the people of this country, but we can only do it with you at the helm.

    Thanks for teaching me that, and opening my eyes!

    This old thinking derived from the false notion that humans are separated by race, class, religion, etc. Anything that divides or separates us is false and intended to keep us arguing amongst each other. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all one. All humans in all countries are interconnected. In the new consciousness spreading across the world people everywhere are coming together to tear down these false divisions and unite in the name of love, unity, and peace.

    Mr. Paul you have my unwaivering support! Long live the United States of America! Long live Freedom! Long live Justice. Long live peace on Earth! Lets end this tyranny!


  • Lynwood Bryan Busby

    I’m doing my best to spread the word about you Ron. I’m even doing an informative speech on you in my Public Speaking class on May 9th. I want to see you as President and I’d be hard pressed to see another money grubbing coward in our nations highest office.