Ron Paul to Run for President in 2012, Will Announce in January 2011?

Ron Paul is planning to run against Obama in 2012, according to hardcore activist and Paul insider Matt Collins. For strategic reasons, Ron Paul is expected to delay his official announcement until January 2011.

However, Ron Paul denied in two radio interviews dated 8/18 that he had made a decision or announcement. Whether he runs or not will depend on the level of support and encouragement he receives between now and the end of the year.

  • dan

    I sincerly hope Ron Paul runs in 2012 at the same time win…. He is the only canidate willing to go the length needed to help end the bad luck string…. also on another note he is the only worthy canidate and if you disagree watch youtube vids to see how long he has been saying the same thing time and time again…. I will point out the 2008 elections more so because of the news channels cut of him….. RON PAUL [email protected]!!!!!!!!!


  • BadKaty

    send me some yard signs and schedule the rallies. IM PUMPED!

  • fukowski

    Go Ron Paul!!…you are the re-Founder of the Republic!
    This Can happen, just continue spreading the word to the countless people who don’t know, as your duty to this country, spread the revolution!
    Ending the Fed, Abolishing the IRS, and enacting the Fair Tax will happen…The Fair Tax alone would solve our economic woes immediately by bringing manufacturing and countless other companies back to the US by ridding the combersome corporate and embedded taxes, and giving everyone their entire paycheck, so we of course spend more…It’s a no brainer.. Although we must have a liberal society with conservative monetary policies, we must end the two party system and rid the country of lobbyst’s….It’s no way to vote!! You Vote for the best suited candidate…PERIOD!
    We the peole must take our country back and the next big move is unprecedented support and voter turnout for Ron Paul.
    Long Live The United States of America!!
    GO RON!

  • Ken

    Dr. Paul ,
    We all need your intelligent , historical perspective of our founders vision . They
    would plead with you to get this fire burning to educate the masses . Can you please recommened firing all of Congress wholesale ? There’s no other way to get their collective attention to follow the Constitution in it’s simplistic brilliance or to fix decades old issues that get passed over . This would be the best start for a non violent Revolution and for a leader like you bucking the system . May God bless your efforts .

  • Matthew

    This is good news because it places him in a position to speak again as a statesman and American leader, now becoming worldwide. However, the elite still has control of the Republican Party and they will block his nomination with dirty tricks as before. Even so, the world needs to hear from him. A statesman like him comes perhaps once in a hundred years.

  • Brooks

    Ron Paul President Peter Schiff V.P. This might fix our country, or at least turn the lost ship around.

  • Go Ron and good luck from England. We are also sorely in need of a shakeup.

  • I am a Canadian with three young adult children. I have recently become aware of the way our politicians and our governments have enslaved us all with their monetary policies. It’s happened here in Canada also. End the Fed! End the influence of the military-industrial complex over government! End the influence peddling of Big Pharma over our politicians! We need to send the RonPaul website to everyone we know, domestically and internationally. I hope Dr.Paul gets into the White House and I hope he is able to apply his agenda, and I hope he doesn’t get iced before he can do this.

  • We need a President like Ron Paul. It’s not too late to fix this mess. Check out:

    It’s a few ideas how we can build America again.

  • Nicholas Pappas

    Dr. Ron Paul,

    I am absolutely thrilled to hear about your consideration. I hope that you do make another attempt because this great nation needs someone who understands and practices the American way of life. I live in the very liberal state of Maryland, but I will do everything I can to help you and your campaign spread the message of liberty.

    God Bless

  • Ron Paul, Peter Schiff 2012 or we are finished……..If ron don’t run, we are screwed…….there won’t be a next time……it’s ron 2012 OR new world order dictatorship……..Don’t let us down Doctor Paul !!!!!!

  • AEB

    Run Paul Run. I will do everything I can to help out. We need you more than ever.

  • Daniel Fanger

    Please run again, the more people are aware the greater we can be.

  • AMEN!!! Let’s make sure that we get the word out and support this man. It all starts this November, by voting for the right person for the job (that represents and listens to the people). They must also believe in living by the Constitution. Well, I hope that he really does run for president and WINS. Beat Obama and those liberals. Let the revolution begin.

  • Stacey
  • You have our full support! Please! Contact us and let us know how we can help. Our candidate, Stuart Bain, shares your views on most issues.
    Thank you

  • fred the protectionist

    “Drill here, drill now…then export it.” Right free traders?

    • fred the protectionist

      Why thumbs down your own agenda. Are you ashamed of who you really are?

    • to fred the prostitutionist

      You’re like a whore asking for attention. that is why thumbs down. You ain’t clean to us even if your doing us a favor.

  • y

    I knew this was too good to be true. Today, from the blog:

    “I am getting lots of emails asking me, to which I always reply, “I do not know.” When I mentioned this to Ron, he wrote:

    And the truth is, I don’t know either. I have said publicly several times that it has not been ruled out. Certainly the decision will not occur in 2010. Assessing the degree of support will be a very major factor in making the decision. And note: there was no announcement in Orlando.”

    This is straight from Lew Rockwell, former chief of staff for Dr. Paul.

  • James

    People we’ve got to fight for Ron Paul and give it everything we got starting now. God Bless him. Ron Paul 2012

  • Asmaro

    Ron Paul 2012 ..Yes You Can