Ron Paul to Run for President in 2012, Will Announce in January 2011?

Ron Paul is planning to run against Obama in 2012, according to hardcore activist and Paul insider Matt Collins. For strategic reasons, Ron Paul is expected to delay his official announcement until January 2011.

However, Ron Paul denied in two radio interviews dated 8/18 that he had made a decision or announcement. Whether he runs or not will depend on the level of support and encouragement he receives between now and the end of the year.

  • Lisa

    I am a registered Democrat but I would vote for Ron Paul without hesitation. I would also be willing to change my voter registration so that I could vote for him in the primary.


  • Kirt

    From what I understand, handlers had a part in holding you back last time. Not knowing how popular the message would be was given as the reason. You already know how popular it is. Knowing what you know sir, how is running even an option? You MUST run.

    That said, one of the causes in the campaign should be elimination of electronic voting machines. Our votes do not count when others count the votes and there is no record, nor recourse.

    • g

      I agree with the part about the voting machines. I think he should wait to announce.

  • mary ann witt

    Mr. Paul,
    I have been a Democrat all of my political voting years.
    When I watched the early Rebublican Presidental Candidates’ debates, I was impressed by your logic and saddened when you where not on your party’s ticket somewhere .
    I am again drawn to your willingness to say what needs to be said.
    I would gladly support you for any higher national office you may aspire to
    in 2012. As a grandmother, you are the only true hope I see in the political arena for my grandchildren’s future.
    Best Regards, Mary Ann Witt

  • Christine

    Ron Paul you have my vote…..

  • My friends and I have had the first Ron Paul for 2012 banner wave on November 5. We live out on eastern Long Island in Suffolk County. We had a banner wave for Dr. Paul in the town of Riverhead at the Route 58 traffic circle across from Seven Eleven and the Peconic Bay Medical Center. We want to start early alerting the people about Ron Paul, considering the short attention span of the public and how the mainstream media practically ignored him the last time until he started raising huge amounts of money in short periods of time. I suggest that all of you start your events and banner waves early, too. We really have to become our own media outlets to get the Ron Paul freedom message to that segment of the population who still haven’t heard of the good doctor.

    My friend is Rick Witt, a resident of Greenport, who was protesting agaisnt the Federal Reserve back in the late 80’s and 90’s when most people did not have a clue. Rick Witt has a YouTube channel, and he has even bought property down in Belize just in case this country reaches a point of no return and he has to take the expatriate route!


    Estelle Edwards
    P.O. Box 286
    Riverhead, NY 11901

  • Cody


  • John W (wapella)

    We need Ron Paul to guide our country before our great empire falls.

  • Pete
  • Tonight Mike will speak again live on TNS Radio:

    This message is to notify all of us that Saturday, Nov 6 will be the third broadcast live of Mike´s new radio show, “Mike Montagne on Mathematically Perfected Economy and Absolute Consensual Representation.” The 3-hour broadcast will be available live from at 3 PM to 6 PM Pacific Time (23:00 UK Time & 00:00 Central European Time).

    Please notify your friends, who can listen in from a live link at the top left-hand corner of the TNS Radio home page.

    TNS Radio; Millions of Listeners worldwide!

  • rebekah

    I voted for Ron Paul at the last election even though he wasn’t on the ballet so he has already had my vote once and definitely will for round 2! Ron Paul for president! I think you are just the man we need in office

  • Phil

    Ron Paul / Alen Keyes

  • BigH20

    I think maybe obama was a light (he thinks He Is the light) that went off that enabled millions of Americans to see the corruption that has been growing like a fast spreading cancer. For that is the only thing that I can thank obama for. Now, with that said…Ron Paul has a back bone and not a curbed spine. It is refreshing to be able to believe someone when they speak. You, Mr. Paul, have my support, and prayers. Run in 2012!!!

  • Meave

    Ron Paul will most definately have my vote and my support in 2012!

  • Damon (California)

    I have been forced to pay attention to politics this past year. I was blind, as many Americans have been to the corruption in both the republican and democrat parties. If i had only known more about Ron Paul in 2007 he would have had my support with my vote. I’m awake now, and I can only hope he runs in 2012. I will support his campaign for the presidency with not only my vote but with my (devalued) dollars as well. After all the investigating I have done, I am convinced his values and moral compass are the only hope for this great nation. RON PAUL 2012!!

  • I pledge to fully support Ron Paul’s candidacy for president of the United States. My greater hope is that he chooses his son, Rand, as his vice president. Let there be no doubt, America needs men and women who will stand up for the principles of the constitution, freedom, personal liberty, reasonable taxation and an end to the oligarchy of politicians, big business and the horribly corrupt banking faction.

    Ron Paul has stood for the best values of American democracy for a long time and I am certain he is equal to the challenge.

  • PLEASE you are our last hope!, I think everyone has had their wake up call and will support you all the way. Please run Ron Paul! You have the power to change the entire country with your swift take down of big government. If you miss this chance it may be too late!

  • Craig

    Ron Paul, you have my support and I will do what I can to spread the word. Please, run for president in 2012. It’s time for someone with some common sense to do some right for a change.

  • Ben

    Dr. Paul, you are our last hope in defending the republic against the banking cartels. If you run in 2012, we will “get out the vote”. Long live the republic!

  • Charlie

    Dr. Paul, run for us. Please we need someone like you to stand up for us. Ron Paul Revolution!!!

  • It’sjustme

    You’ve had my support for a long time!! God bless you and good luck!