Ron Paul to Run for President in 2012, Will Announce in January 2011?

Ron Paul is planning to run against Obama in 2012, according to hardcore activist and Paul insider Matt Collins. For strategic reasons, Ron Paul is expected to delay his official announcement until January 2011.

However, Ron Paul denied in two radio interviews dated 8/18 that he had made a decision or announcement. Whether he runs or not will depend on the level of support and encouragement he receives between now and the end of the year.

  • Chris Thigpen

    I am dying for you to run Dr. Paul. Although, I am voting for you whether you run or not. Return this country to sound economic principles and a foreign policy that will allow Americans to hold their heads high. The people of this country are the salt of the earth and we are desperate for a leader.

  • britishman

    I personally believe that it is the American peoples obligation to the world to vote Ron in. For too long has the world by in large suffered from the poor and manipulated nature of your leadership and the same applies to Britain certainly, but not to such a great extent. Consider yourselves lucky that there is such a man for you to vote for. The white house needs a genuine man with strong moral values that is not prepared to compromise them in the face of presidential puppeteers. For once I believe that change could come to the extent of which it is spoken of instead of a campaign being built upon false promises as the Obama administration has done much to my absolute disgust. Ron i love youu you are amazing and it is your duty to win this thing!

  • Lian

    Ron, run for President and beat out that neo-con Romney, Gringrich, and that fool Palin. Ron the U.S needs your leadership and lets over turn the Bush/Obama tyranny that has plagued us. For all lovers of liberty. RON PAUL 2012


  • John

    Mr. Ron Paul you have my undivided support in your run for the Presidency in 2012. I only pray the Lord Jesus that you may endure all that lies ahead and that HE blesses all your efforts on behalf of this Nation and the World..Amen!!!
    In The End there will be the Jesus Team and the other one…!!!! And We know the rest of the story.

  • Bing

    2012 RUN -RON- RUN ! ! !
    {Ron Paul = CONSTITUTION} . . . WiKi wouldnt have any reason to”Leak” the truth! ! !

  • James

    Please run for president!!! Ill hand out brochures for you too..And Ill get all my friends together to stand at different polls to tell people about you before they vote. Theres alot of people that would support your views in wv even though wer’re usually a democratic state.

  • Stephen

    Ron Paul has to run. Or there is no more hope

  • Me

    Don’t just do for America (although it’s obvious they need it too), but do it for the entire world and mankind as a whole. The world can’t continue down this path and it would be foolish to belief that the world doesn’t hang on America’s shirt tails.

  • Jon Hollinger

    Mr. Paul,

    As long as I’m living in 2012, you’ve got my vote! If you don’t run, I’ll write you in anyway 🙂 We need a president who will restore the vision of LIBERTY that the founders envisioned and who will not trample on the Constitution! I thank you for your strong stand on these principles.

  • By the way, tell your friends about my Meetup group:

    “National Boycott of Airline Travel 2011”

    To protest the TSA

  • richard

    I hope he runs, I have a feeling this coming election will be heated with lias and bias media covering. I would finally for the first time vote and spend time to teach others about this man. I will help in any way I can, there is still hope.

  • Pardeep Kumar

    He is a true American. I can see in him. He can do wonders for an American Society nationally and internationally. I have hope in him. I would have definitely voted for him if I were an American. Good Luck

  • Scott Bain

    Dr. Ron Paul,

    We, The People Of The United States Of America, do hereby draft YOU, for the office of President in 2012.

    IT IS YOUR OBLIGATION, as a public servant, to run for this office.
    IT IS OUR OBLIGATION, as responsible citizens, to support you in this endeavor.

    Together, God willing, we will restore our Republic!

    ……………………………………………….RON PAUL……………………………………………..
    …………………………….CHAMPION OF THE CONSTITUTION………………………
    ………………………………………………..VOTE 2012………………………………………………

  • josh


  • Richard Hetrick

    Thank GOD!

  • Greg

    I knew little about Ron Paul in the 2008 election, I’m sad to say, other than he was in the primaries. But now I’ve heard of him and feel like I finally found someone who I could accurately say represents MY beliefs. But the fact that I know of him now and didn’t before is a testament that the word is getting out. RON PAUL 2012!!

    • Andrew

      Same here

  • Estelle Edwards

    Hey,, Ross! Don’t worry about Ron Paul’s age. He being a doctor, he has obviously managed to keep himself fit, alert and active. He’s got a lot more on the ball than Ronald Reagan, who, despite his popularity, often came across as a bit senile.

    What we have to do is this. Ron Paul has concerns about running as an independent because of the ballot laws that are biased against all third parties, including the libertarians. Okay, so what WE have to do is this. Start organizing our own exploratory committees. We have to find out how much it would cost to get a presidential candidate on the ballot in each state as an Independent! We have to start EARLY with the money bombs, the fact-finding committees, people to work the polls on the next general election day, etc.

    If the good doctor needs our help, we should give it to him. We can have our forces in place just in case Dr. Paul does not win the primary or get the Republican nod. That’s what we on the ground have to do —- or SHOULD do. For God’s sake, let’s not fritter away time until the last minute.

  • Ross

    I thought Ron’s age would be a limiting factor, but where is the honesty and integrity in Congress to get us out of this almighty mess? The banksters have the power to restrict the money supply like past depressions and take us all to war under the deception of more false flag events.

    The West will not win a conventional soldier war against the likes of China.This is why the likelyhood of an all out nuke attack beckons the lunatic war mongerers. How do you have a stratgic limited nuclear war when one side feels it is losing? In this instantaneous computer world, there will be no time for diplomacy or reason.It will be all over in a flash.

  • Hank

    Ron Paul’s name is more popular than ever. People are fed up with lies and uncertainty and are searching out truth. America needs an honest leader and Ron Paul can be that leader in 2012!

  • Travis Pearcy

    I would vote for Dr. Paul if he ran. We were there for his 2008 campaign, and we’re back for 2012, stronger than ever! Fiscal responsibility and social tolerance must be upheld!