Rand Paul Money Bomb Starts Now!

The Liberty Community is affirming its support for Rand Paul on August 19th & 20th with the “I Support Rand Paul” money bomb extravaganza to coincide with Ron Paul’s birthday (August 20th.)

Donate now at RandPaul2010.com

Ron Paul sent out the following email:

Dear Supporter,

I feel a little sheepish asking this, but I really need your help right now.

Today is my birthday, and traditionally, I hold a barbecue in Texas with friends, family and supporters. This year, with my son Rand running for Senate and everyone tightening their belts, I decided to skip the event.

Instead, I am asking my supporters to contribute to Rand’s Money Bomb today. Can you help?

Rand is leading in the polls and is fighting hard. But, the national drive by media has made him target #1 and he has a fight on his hands.

My son is under fire for the principles we hold dear. He is labeled “extreme” because he wants to abolish the department of education and return to sound money. He is called “radical” because he wants to balance the budget. And, when the attack dogs can’t think of anything else to smear him with, they dig up teenage pranks, twist facts beyond recognition and try to assassinate his character.

You and I understand what is really extreme: trillion dollar deficits, a Federal Reserve that creates money out of thin air and a foreign policy that weakens our defense at home while funding 700 bases around the globe. We know that sound money, balanced budgets and a common sense, Pro-American foreign policy are the solution to our problems.

Rand shares our principles and hopes to fight for them with unwavering commitment in the United States Senate. Will you help him today and make this a birthday I will always remember?

Please visit www.RandPaul2010.com and help as much as you. If we come together, we can give Rand the boost he needs to fight off the attacks and win this race.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

In addition to the money bomb, we’ll be having an Internet radio marathon hosted by Jack “The Southern Avenger” Hunter, Robert Scott Bell, Kurt Wallace and Charles Goyette, with a slew of big name guests, including both Rand and Ron. The show starts Thursday morning at 9am and run a full 9 hours until 5pm. It will be looped again on Dr. Paul’s birthday, August 20th.

Confirmed Guests and Schedule:

Rand Paul
Rand Paul


Jim Babka
9:30 am

Delia Lopez

Ron Paul


Tom Mullen

Jake Towne


John Dennis

Jesse Benton

Jeff Frazee

Bruce Fein

Aaron Biterman

BJ Lawson


Peter Schiff


Clint Didier


Adam Kokesh

John Tate

Listen to the show at iSupportRandPaul.com

MP3: http://aubroadcasting.com:8000/rand.mp3.m3u
OGG/Vorbis: http://aubroadcasting.com:8000/rand.ogg.m3u
Windows Media Player: http://aubroadcasting.com:8000/rand.asx

Rand Paul 2010, Ron Paul 2012?

A strong showing for Rand’s money bomb will really help put him over the top. The election is still three months away, and Democrats outnumber – and are likely to outspend – Republicans in Kentucky. Rand is one of our best shots to get a real Constitutional candidate into the Senate.

A victory for Rand will mean so much to Ron, as it will give Senate support for his father’s legislation, and it paves the way for Ron Paul 2012.


  • WaterGirl49

    win big Rand

  • End the beauracracy in Washington and lets have a more transparent government!

  • nicademus1974

    and those who wanted a strong central government. A few of the colony’s had to be threatened with embargo’s and even war if they did not comply. So right from the very start, the government was making people do what they wanted by the threat of force. That is Immoral. The whole idea of using force to make people do what you want is immoral. I am for voluntary interactions between people, nothing about government is voluntary.

  • nicademus1974

    We wouldn’t need any National Defense if the government would mind it’s own business and not try and tell the rest of the world how they should do things. I don’t hear Rand saying close down the 700 military bases around the world. I hear him saying the US should meddle “in certain situations” to “advance the cause of liberty.” It’s that type of thinking that got 3000+ Americans killed on 911. Sound money would be nice. Unfortunately the Fed looks untouchable. cont…

  • alstergee

    i wish there was something we could do. i mean our entire political system has turned into something ten times worse than what our founding fathers ran away from england for. i say we overthrow the bankers that own us and take back america. but how do i help, seriously?