Rand Paul Money Bomb Starts Now!

The Liberty Community is affirming its support for Rand Paul on August 19th & 20th with the “I Support Rand Paul” money bomb extravaganza to coincide with Ron Paul’s birthday (August 20th.)

Donate now at RandPaul2010.com

Ron Paul sent out the following email:

Dear Supporter,

I feel a little sheepish asking this, but I really need your help right now.

Today is my birthday, and traditionally, I hold a barbecue in Texas with friends, family and supporters. This year, with my son Rand running for Senate and everyone tightening their belts, I decided to skip the event.

Instead, I am asking my supporters to contribute to Rand’s Money Bomb today. Can you help?

Rand is leading in the polls and is fighting hard. But, the national drive by media has made him target #1 and he has a fight on his hands.

My son is under fire for the principles we hold dear. He is labeled “extreme” because he wants to abolish the department of education and return to sound money. He is called “radical” because he wants to balance the budget. And, when the attack dogs can’t think of anything else to smear him with, they dig up teenage pranks, twist facts beyond recognition and try to assassinate his character.

You and I understand what is really extreme: trillion dollar deficits, a Federal Reserve that creates money out of thin air and a foreign policy that weakens our defense at home while funding 700 bases around the globe. We know that sound money, balanced budgets and a common sense, Pro-American foreign policy are the solution to our problems.

Rand shares our principles and hopes to fight for them with unwavering commitment in the United States Senate. Will you help him today and make this a birthday I will always remember?

Please visit www.RandPaul2010.com and help as much as you. If we come together, we can give Rand the boost he needs to fight off the attacks and win this race.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

In addition to the money bomb, we’ll be having an Internet radio marathon hosted by Jack “The Southern Avenger” Hunter, Robert Scott Bell, Kurt Wallace and Charles Goyette, with a slew of big name guests, including both Rand and Ron. The show starts Thursday morning at 9am and run a full 9 hours until 5pm. It will be looped again on Dr. Paul’s birthday, August 20th.

Confirmed Guests and Schedule:

Rand Paul
Rand Paul


Jim Babka
9:30 am

Delia Lopez

Ron Paul


Tom Mullen

Jake Towne


John Dennis

Jesse Benton

Jeff Frazee

Bruce Fein

Aaron Biterman

BJ Lawson


Peter Schiff


Clint Didier


Adam Kokesh

John Tate

Listen to the show at iSupportRandPaul.com

MP3: http://aubroadcasting.com:8000/rand.mp3.m3u
OGG/Vorbis: http://aubroadcasting.com:8000/rand.ogg.m3u
Windows Media Player: http://aubroadcasting.com:8000/rand.asx

Rand Paul 2010, Ron Paul 2012?

A strong showing for Rand’s money bomb will really help put him over the top. The election is still three months away, and Democrats outnumber – and are likely to outspend – Republicans in Kentucky. Rand is one of our best shots to get a real Constitutional candidate into the Senate.

A victory for Rand will mean so much to Ron, as it will give Senate support for his father’s legislation, and it paves the way for Ron Paul 2012.


  • Truth_to_power

    Congrats on the well run campaign, Rand.

    I saw this video, a satire about exess regulation and thought you, and Ronpaul.com visitors might enjoy it.


  • kommisar

    “Rules that were broken before the ink was dry.”

    Oh, really? Cite some examples.

    balltce is right. You’ve given up. Your idiot whinings about how the Constitution doesn’t amount to shit because politicians ignore it just means you are a pussy. Nothing can be done, hm? OK, go to a corner, curl up in a ball and die, because that’s basically what that shitty attitude of yours amounts to. Rand actually has his shit together and knows what he’s talking about. Can’t say the same for you.

  • kommisar

    Then how do you explain the fact that they were all for limited government with most of the governing power allocated to the states, low taxes, individual liberties, private property laws, strong national defense, sound money, etc.? Just about everything Ron and Rand are advocating is based on the Constitution. Your bullshit about how the Constitution is a worthless piece of paper indicates your lack of intelligence and education.

  • nhsadika

    The US takes in $1 Trillion in personal taxes, and spend $1 Trillion in the military/security complex. SO, all the people have to work the entire year to support their security – that is enslavement not security. Anyone who has researched further knows that these invasions are not making us safer, hint hint, this is not about security at all. Oh, and guess what $ supports the rest of the govt? DEBT – which means THEFT by money printing. When Big Macs costs $12 you will know why.

  • baaltce

    Nico, your attitude sounds like a lot of people in the country. You’ve given up hope, and now you argue with your fellow man, discouraging them from their stand. Instead of arguing, perhaps you should be mobilizing your community. It all starts in your backyard. Yeah, it might just be a piece of paper, but that paper was created out of blood and hardship.. so it’s time for us to do the same.

  • kommisar

    “many leading economists believe in Keynes and it makes perfect sense”

    Yeah, and you can watch these idiots on video as they said there was no recession in sight and the U.S. economy was as strong as ever. This was all back in ’07.

    Actually, you’re wrong. A strong economy includes saving, a strong currency and no business cycles. None of that was seen before the recession or during FDR’s days. Your claim that government spending stimulates an economy is pathetically refutable.

  • kommisar

    Any fool who credulously believes in Keynesian is a hack and a charlatan. Keynesian has been soundly refuted by many other economists. The idea that government spending can make an economy grow practically flies in the face of simple common sense. That being said, yes, I am belittling him. He’s an idiot if he promotes that quackery. Trillions upon trillions have been spent and tons of regulations have been passed since Hoover and none of it has done ANY good. You are a fool.

  • Dfens

    Wow, I must be having an effect. My posts were never deleted at this rate before. Isn’t the internet a great place to go and talk to people who believe and think just like you? I love that.

  • isthatfunny

    End the Fed, End The Wars,protect the borders and your freedom will return….That’s a message we should all be in tune with,and support.Where is the “transparent” government that was promised? Good luck and God Bless freedom

  • tejaspics

    Don’t kidnap me bro!

  • vermontlibertarian

    Gettin’ ready to pull the pin, and toss one at Washington.

    Money bomb time!

  • GoVikes0

    God, seriously Rand did you never learn basic Economics

    The economy needs to grow by government spending, if you try to balance the budget we will see massive deflation and the economy will shrink. The stimulus was a good thing as it revitalized the economy and caused the Dow to go up

    Go learn Economics before running from Senate

  • calicheese23

    End the war and balance the budget!

  • sailingonwaves

    I earn a measly 7.35 an hour, getting greasy, hot, sweaty, and yelled at constantly… and yet I still deem Rand Paul a worthy cause to donate ample support to. Praise God.

  • ladronesmentira

    Let’s not depend on others and believe whatever we can give to Mr. Pauls campaign will help, no matter what the amount. We are all strapped now, but we all can spare something – no matter what it is, to be able to say and feel we contributed in some way, no matter how, to help this good man and our freedom to get where they belong, representing the citizens and those who have worked so hard in America today only to see it crumble before our eyes as it is now.

  • ladronesmentira

    Mr. Paul, what is your stance on cutting services for Senior Citizens, ie, Social Security and Medicare, please?

    • jim

      Dr. Paul believes social security is bankrupting the economy. The goverment overspends so the money isn’t there and will never be there. But he understands it’s too late to expect that senior citizens who have paid in 50 years to start over. He wants to phase it out. People who need it should receive it (say people 45 up). People younger (44 down say) should no longer be taxed for it and should start retirement savings.

      • LadronesMentira

        So why, then, should those 45 and up who no longer have children in school pay for the 44 and under’s kids’ school and education taxes which make up 75% of our taxes in my area?

        Works both ways, my friend.

        But the stance you’ve mentioned regarding our Seniors – it is not a good one. SS did not bankrupt our Government – the abuse of the funds by those in power did. I have worked close to 50 years and paid in all my life, and am *still* paying taxes for public schools.

  • guitarland

    I hope you win!!! We desperately need more people like Rand Paul in the senate.

  • iannetta11

    RAND PAUL 2010 !!!
    RON PAUL 2012 !!!

  • Cesario82

    Why is this video mirrored backwards? His wedding ring is on his right hand and that “Ya’ll for paul?” thing in the background is backwards… Weird….

  • asperin

    The only politician worth supporting is a politician that will do away with the State as much as possible and allow people to continue to decentralize power… Unless you are a parasite that wants govt to rob others through taxation to support you.