Ron Paul: The American Empire Can’t Afford Another War!

Alex Jones welcomes back Congressman Ron Paul to the show to discuss the latest on Iran, legislation in the house, and more. Ron Paul also addresses rumors about a 2012 run for President.

Date: 08/18/2010
Show: Alex Jones Show
Host: Alex Jones


Alex Jones: Ladies and Gentlemen! Until the end of the hour, we’re joined by Congressman Ron Paul, Dr. Paul. Of course, his son has still got a healthy lead against the Democratic candidate there in Kentucky and needs your support. We’ll talk a little bit about the hoaxes; there’s five of them we’ve counted that have been run but we’re mainly going to focus on the Iran situation, the economy and so much more. Congressman, thank you for joining us.

Ron Paul: Good to be with you.

Alex Jones: So much is happening and you’re always nice to join us each month. I’ve got all my questions but for you, Congressman, what is most important on your radar, right now, you’d like to talk about?

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t think anything is new. I keep talking about the same issues. The bold and the broad issue, of course, is liberty and then I deal, so much, in foreign policy. We don’t talk enough about foreign policy. They are talking about domestic policy and the debt, and that’s very good. That’s what the election seems to be about. But according to the polls, they say that nobody cares about these wars but I have a little trouble believing that, because it shouldn’t take much of a leap for people to understand that running an empire and spending all this money is very detrimental to our economy.

So, that’s high on my agenda and of course, the economic situation and how they’re making it much worse. Hopefully, I can get as much interested in trying to allow people to opt out of this system with competing currencies. I think we’re getting much closer to a currency crisis. And, if people would only have that option to get out, and it’s encouraging news to know that the Indonesians are now looking toward hard money, and, maybe will put some pressure on Western nations, as well.

Alex Jones: Because if we went to hard money or a hard money-backed currency that would take the power away from the central banks to basically build-up their power at the expense of the real free market?

Ron Paul: Yeah, that’s right. I don’t think you have to by force, be able to have the political power to go in and close down the fence. That’s not going to happen soon. But they can self destruct. What we have to do is to educate the people to know what the other alternative is and an option to do it. That’s why I really fear it when people try to use constitutional money, silver and gold coins. They could end up in prison or harassed to death or fined to death. And yet, that is the answer. Why should they fear it? They fear it because they want power. And the power, the special interests have power when they can print the money, control it and make sure the people suffer the consequences of the inflation.

Alex Jones: Congressman, looking at foreign policy, you talked about sanctions on Iran being an act of war under international law and our own law. And now, we’ve got Bolton, the former Ambassador from the United States to the UN, saying “We’ve got to hit them by the 21st” – that’s just three days away – “or they’re going to fuel the reactor.” We’ve got the Gulf states lining up now, in support of an attack on Iran. Our government had lied the last three years and said “We don’t have contractors or troops in Pakistan.” They now admit that they are there. They are now trying to hype up and increase conflict, not just with Iran but Pakistan. Can you speak directly to the war clouds that are gathering over Iran and Pakistan?

Ron Paul: Yeah, I mean, there’s a lot in the neocon camp, that’s all they agitate for. They think that’s the only solution for the mess that actually the west has created, the European as well as the west, including us has created this mess. And, they’re determined to move it in that direction. I keep hoping and praying that they’re not successful and they’re not as about to be as stupid as to bomb Iran but they’re liable to and that is going to be a major, major catastrophe. I think the argument is still going on. I don’t think the plans have been made. I doubt that’ll happen in the next three days or next month, for that matter, but that doesn’t mean the issue is going to go away.

Alex Jones: Do you agree that we are moving towards a green lighting because many of the experts we interview concur that the war drums are intensifying and that the propaganda mechanisms, the very same neocons that promoted fictional WMDs in Iraq in 2002, 2003 are right back at it?

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t know that answer because I’m not on the inside. I still think there is some disagreements going on. If they had been unified on this, Bush would have done it. So, obviously there’re two arguments even among the radical neocons and other ones that are less radical. I think it’s still going on. And, I think reality sets in too. There has to be some military people who are really worried about this. What are they going to fight a war with? They had these war games where they tried to theoretically bombed Iran and the consequence was it’s going to be a disaster for us. So, there’re military people who are arguing against this as well.

Some of the outrageous politicians are arguing, “Go ahead. Go in and bomb.” Other people who have a little bit more common sense, economic conditions are such, “Where are they going to get the troops in? Where are they going to get the money in?” And that’s what all we need right now, is more of this. So, I think the debate is going on and I certainly don’t have the answer on exactly when. But I know there’re people there who would like to do it. People like Bolton, they’re going to agitate and agitate until they have their way. Hopefully, they don’t win this fight.

Alex Jones: Well, Jeffrey Goldberg of the New Atlantic, who pushed some of the key disinfo on the Iraqi WMDs, he’s back. And, they’re putting him on television and he’s writing for the New Atlantic. But, at the same time I, three weeks ago, saw the Financial Times of London with top Clinton advisor and also Obama advisor, Robert Shapiro saying, “If we don’t have another Oklahoma City or 9-11 to make Obama look strong, we’re probably going to lose the House and the Senate.” And then now, other neocons are openly writing articles saying, “Obama, attack Iran, we’ll back you. You’ll get political support.” So, a lot of people I’m talking to are really concerned that Obama may back an Israeli strike or even a US strike, in the short term, to have the people rally around him as some type of October surprise.

Ron Paul: Well, I guess it’s a possibility, but like I said, I don’t know the answer to that. I think, our job is to point out the great dangers, and at least explain to many of our friends in the conservative movement that the typical conservative shouldn’t be endorsing illegal and unconstitutional wars of aggression. And that should be our job and, I just can’t say that I can,either alter the future or know the future, but I do know what our obligations ought to be.

Alex Jones: Looking at the economy, many economists are saying we really are in a depression Ifiyou look at the old standards of economic analysis but then, there’s a lot of cooking in the books now. Now, the mainstream media is saying, “Okay, it’s a double-dip recession.” They’re talking about the Federal Reserve putting out trillions of more dollars the taxpayers will have to pay back. Congressman Paul, studying the economy and being very accurate in predicting what happened in 2008 and that the stimulus would not work in the last year and a half, what is your economic prognosis for the United States?

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t talk about double-dips because I don’t think the economy ever really recovered. Everything that said that the economy was recovering were artificial statistics from the government. Let’s say they give a tremendous tax credit for somebody to refinance their house or buy a house, and then there’s a little blip upwards. They spend a couple trillion dollars and that translates into a hundred billion dollars or so of GDP increase? I mean, what does that mean? The cost was ten times more than the GDP increase. So, they talk about a recovery as a weak recovery, and now there’s going to be a double-dip. I think, if we were honest with ourselves, we would say, “We started slipping nearly ten years ago, in the year 2000, when the NASDAQ bubble collapsed, good jobs went overseas, we’d lost jobs that never came back for that whole decade. Things got much, much worse after the last crisis in 2008” and I think, it’s a continuation of a downhill for us. And, since they’re doing all the same things as they did to put us in this crisis, we can expect this economy to give out much worse.

The American people are going to be a lot poorer and they’re only going to have the printing press to look to. They’re going to keep printing money and that’s going to precipitate the dollar crisis and that’ll be a political crisis. That’s when we better have our ducks lined up, so that we know we have enough allies to replace the system we have today with a constitutional system, sound money, free markets, private property rights, all the things we believed in. That is coming, but once again, you don’t know when. Now, we were just talking about the Iranian situation. If next week, they go ahead and bomb Iran and the oil prices double or triple, and one of our ships gets sunk, that war would spread rather quickly. That would be a whole new ball game and maybe what would collapse the dollar.

Alex Jones: I know you don’t like people to talk about how great you are, Congressman, but you really are a true statesman, a medical doctor, someone who has been given honorary degrees for your understanding of economics. Yourself, Judge Andrew Napolitano and many others in the last eight months have come on this show repeatedly and I read the bill, as well on air. The Financial Reform Bill allows the SEC to have secrecy, autonomy, cannot be investigated for covering up for Madoff for ten years. It allows the private board of the Federal Reserve to have more power over the economy in their 97 years of looting as a front group for private banks. And now that’s all come true. So, I’d like for you to speak to that, a, but then b, you also read the different versions of the Health Care Bill and said, “This raises taxes, cuts benefits, and it does allow the government to come in and set parameters on what type of care people will get.” And, the Democrats and Republican leadership, they stonewalled on this said, “None of that was true.” Now, everything you said six months ago on this show is admitted. They’re coming out and admitting, “Okay, this does not cover pre-existing conditions, it’s a tax increase and the insurance companies wrote it to rip you off as a bailout. Okay, it’s true, this gives the Federal Reserve even more power and more junk bonds are being issued and record derivatives are being issued.” I mean, it’s clear they’re accelerating all this over the edge of the cliff. So, you’ve been proven right again. It’s so incredible how criminal this is.

Ron Paul: I guess it’s better late than never, you know. People are starting read it and find out. I think, the most atrocious statement came from Nancy Pelosi when she says, when people were arguing, “Well, we need to see the bill and study it.” and she says something like, “We need to pass the bill so we can read it.” That’s, boy, the understatement of the century because that’s exactly what happened. And even as hard as my staff works, every little comma and every little phrase, it’s pretty tough to dissect all of that. That’s why the whole process is so bad. But I protect myself from endorsing that because it doesn’t take long to find out what their goals are and what their intent is, making government bigger, raising more taxes. But even as bad as it is, it’s even worse than some people think. Barney Frank is a big regulator, he loves this stuff. And, I work with him on some issues but obviously, on this regulatory bill I did not. And he, I believe, was honestly surprised about how much more power was given to the SEC. Because he has a sort of an instinct of more transparency and he actually wants to do something about that. He is probably the most informed person about that bill as it was going through. I’m amazed at how much detail he knows, but he can’t possibly know every single thing that the SEC does behind the scenes and sticks this stuff in at last minute. It’s just absolutely out of control. That’s why this system will end and has to be replaced by something else.

Alex Jones: Again Congressman Ron Paul joins us. Remember, one month and a half ago, Senator DeMint got up and reported that 94% of the Senate bills are never even read and are literally written by the special interest lobbyists, many of them foreign lobbyists. This is a foreign corporate takeover of our government! If the President can launch wars without Congress declaring it, the private Central Banks can issue all this fiat currency to their enrichment and our detriment. But he said in his speech he didn’t know the number on the House. Do we have any idea on what number of House bills are never even read and are brought out thirty minutes before they’re passed?

Ron Paul: No, not exactly. Some bills float around and you could read them. But the night before they’re due to come to the floor, they go to the Rules Committee and the Rules Committee has tremendous license to change things. The Chairman of the Rules Committee can have a Manager’s Amendment which was used originally to change some grammatical things and just a few technical changes. But now, they use the Manager’s Amendment to replace the whole bill. That’s what they did with the PATRIOT Act. Bob Barr and others tried to protect us to a degree against the PATRIOT Act. They worked months or at least several weeks on that, but when the Manager’s Amendment came from the Rules Committee, they put a whole new bill into it which meant that nobody could read it. So, it depends on the particular issue. But even if the bill is available, the Financial Reform Bill was available and discussed in a lot of hearings and a lot of talk but that still doesn’t mean that many members would have had a total comprehension and been able to read this bill.

It is so massive. So, I would say that if you are talking about how often all the members read everything that is being presented, I would think that it’s less than 5% where people can say, “Oh, I’ve read the whole bill and I fully understand it.” That just very rarely happens.

Alex Jones: And that’s why your known as Doctor No and they try to criticized you because if you can’t read some three thousand page bill and they give it to you an hour before it’s time to vote, it would be immoral for you to pass it.

Ron Paul: That should be an easy note for everybody and hopefully with what’s going on in this country, it’ll get easier because the American people are sick and tired of this. I mean, sometimes they just say, “Why don’t you guys read the bills. Why don’t we do anything else and let’s have a delayed time. Read the bills.” That, I think, is good that the American people are getting very upset with the status quo and I think they’re wise enough now to be very cautious about saying, “Well, if we just elect Republicans, they’ll take care of it. So, this is a Republican versus Democrat issue.” It isn’t, it’s the people who believe in big government and big taxes and a lot of war and welfare against the people who have to pay all the bills and all they want is to be left alone.

Alex Jones: Congressman, even establishment political analysts, as you know, admit there’s been the biggest political realignments in history against the Democrats and the Republicans. Almost every pro-establishment candidate, whether they be Democrat or Republican, are losing in the primaries. And great patriots, like your son Dr. Rand Paul, are winning. That’s got the system panicked. The Daily Paul ran a story yesterday that says, “Ron Paul to run for President in 2012; will announce in January 2011.” I don’t have any inside knowledge, but knowing you, you understand you’ll be able to inject real issues into the debate. Your health is good and of course, it’s great right now. I mean, I would imagine being a man of honor, you’re going to run. But, this has some supposed inside official who is unnamed saying you’ve decided to announce in January of 2011. Congressman, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring this up to you.

Ron Paul: Yeah well, I don’t know where they got that. They didn’t get it from me. And the truth is what I’ve been saying for many, many months, I haven’t decided to run. I haven’t decided not to run. It will, obviously, not be now, it would not be this year. And it will depend on what I perceive as support. You know, a lot of people like what I’m doing and they encourage me but there are some that say, “Well, it’s time for you to take a rest. Somebody else is about to do it.” You know, that sort of thing. So, I need to know if the support is really out there but certainly I gave no inside information as recently as Orlando as was reported.

Alex Jones: But I would imagine, if Rand does win and people support him, that’s going to be a big plus for you running for President.

Ron Paul: Yeah, I think, this is all a […] of what’s happening to show that the status quo is something that needs to be changed. Whether it’s Rand’s race or others, I think it’s all very positive.

Alex Jones: When your son said, “I’ve got a message to Washington, the tea party is coming. No to your carbon tax, no to your elitism, no to your globalism.” It scared them so, they’ve run five hoaxes. They’ve claimed you want to get rid of the Civil Rights Act when he said, “Excuse me I can’t hear you. Yes–No I don’t want to get rid of it.” They claimed he wasn’t a doctor—complete hoax. They have been caught; this is mainstream news, sending people from the Democratic Party to pose as racist supporters of Rand. They then, even three days after that lady admitted that nobody tied her up, nobody made her take bong hits, none of this happened. There’s still no retraction from GQ, no retractions from Huffington Post. They’re still going with it. My listeners made Rand Paul hoax the number one search term last Friday and hundreds of publications read our break down, saw that she retracted in the Washington Post. So now, it’s out there that was a hoax but I’m worried that if he doesn’t sue them or at least stand up to them, next they’ll say, “He killed Kennedy.” Next he’ll say, “He killed Jesus.” Next they’ll say that he burned the Reichstag. Next they’ll say that he let the cows out of the gate. I mean next he’ll say, “He’s causing the wildfires in Russia.” I mean, there’s no end to how desperate they are. I’m really worried about your son.

Ron Paul: Well, there’s a couple ways you can handle that. I do think you have to answer back. You just can’t let it stay sitting out there but you can’t get overly defensive or it gives them too much credibility. I’ve been under those attacks too because you know and I’m sure you share my views on how outrageous the War on Drugs is and how that violates our civil liberties. So, I’ve never supported the War on Drugs yet I oppose the use of drugs for kids and all that. But, they used that against me in 1996 and I put a TV ad on and I defended myself and explained why it’s the War on Drugs, not the drugs that I promote. I think the other thing that we did that is so important is to try to get an image out there. See, I can say a lot of things that might be controversial but by this time the people in Texas and the people in my district know me. And, they trust me and when they say, “Oh, Ron Paul wants to give kids drugs.”, nobody believes that stuff. Like all these things you’re suggesting, nobody’s going to believe that the more people know Rand. So, when they get to know him and see him as a physician with kids… last night I talked to him on the phone, which is rather rare, and he was out on a soccer game with his kids. So, if they see that, I told him, I said, “What you need to do is make sure people know who you are.” But I agree with you, you also have to be alert, you have to be willing to defend. I think it actually happened. They didn’t threaten but they insinuated that they might have to consider legal action. I think that’s finally when there was a slight backing down on that when they finally got the information from the girl and said, “I really didn’t say that.” So, I think…

Alex Jones: Well, my point is, Congressman, it shows how desperate they are. I mean this is some of the dirtiest tricks I’ve ever seen because they know he’s a real bona fide true constitutionalist. And, if he becomes the leader of the tea party, that is going to supercharge you, perhaps even winning the presidency. We have to think big and realize that this is possible. And we have to realize that they’re going to run other dirty tricks against you and we’ve got to understand that that’s why it’s so important to get behind Campaign for Liberty and donate, to get behind Rand right now, letters to the editor, everything. We’ve got to get him into the US Senate.

Ron Paul: Yeah and so far things are looking pretty good. I think he’s holding his lead and that’s good, there’re still a few months. But, I think your word of caution is legitimate because there’re still a couple of months to go and if they’ve done that much already, at the end, when they think you don’t have enough time to answer or clarify, they might throw a lot more mud around.

Alex Jones: They may claim he’s really a vampire. They may say he’s the Loch Ness monster.

Ron Paul: Well, I think that’s a bit over the top. I think they are over the top and they’ve lost their credibility. People are a little more sophisticated than I think a lot people are given credit for. I assumed for many years, “Well, if they ever knew what I really believe in, how little government I believe in, I couldn’t possibly get elected.” Sometimes, I am even surprised myself, “Wow! People really don’t like big government. They want to be left alone.”

Alex Jones: You know what Victor Hugo said, Congressman, “No army can stop an idea whose time has come.” Do you agree that we’ve seen a massive realignment and the pendulum is now swinging back but we’re in the maximum phase of danger because the ruling class is going to try and keep this crony socialist system in place?

Ron Paul: Yeah, they’ll be desperate and they still have lots of power and they have lots of guns and they have the political power. But, the ideas, like you say, are more powerful than the armies. So, I want to always work real hard at remaining optimistic and present our views. And, we can overcome all the bad ideas that we’re suffering from today.

Alex Jones: Congressman, in closing, I hate to bring up what I see as distractions, but the Ground Zero Mosque is now the biggest story in the country and is a diversion. This is kind of a liberal sect of Muslims, but regardless I don’t like ever agreeing with Obama and I do think they should look for another place just because the community has gotten so outraged. But, I am against government coming in and saying what people can do religiously and violating the first amendment. What’s your view on that? A and B, Pelosi though, saying she wants to “investigate” anybody who’s upset about it implying that people don’t have a right to be upset. So, we’re seeing tyranny from both sides.

Ron Paul: I think it’s a big distraction; it’s a grand distraction from the real issue. The country is engulfed in this war, as well as its financial crisis and they’re spending all their time on this. But this should have been grand opportunity, and you really touched on the opportunity, because this is a property rights issue, who owns the property? It is also a civil liberties issue; it’s a freedom of speech issue. This to me is so different than what the liberals say. The liberals say, “We’ll argue to speak but not to protect your private property.” Conservatives say, “We don’t worry too much about your speech but we want to protect your private property rights.” They want to regulate all the things that we do in stores, and how much salt you can use in restaurants and all that. So, when you get a guy like Bloomberg, he’s up there saying, “Oh yeah, this is a property rights issue.” But think of what Bloomberg does to property rights issues. I think this is a tremendously opportune time for us to point out that property rights and civil rights are one and the same. But, I think what’s behind this, it drives the neocons nuts because they can’t pursue this international war on terrorism without having a hated enemy and the hated enemy is Islam. And, I don’t believe for a minute that the “religion of Islam” is our enemy.

Alex Jones: Congressman, we’re out of time, look forward to speaking to you again. God bless you!

Ron Paul: Thank you! Good to be with you.

Alex Jones: We’ll be back.

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  • Also happened to the Roman empire, the Ottoman empire, the Mongolian empire, the German Empire, the Holy Roman Empire. It’s simple, overexertion + social unrest + decaying infrastructure= THE END

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  • People speak of FREEDOM and change, yet they drive around in Vehicles “REGISTERED” and their Body LICENSED to the Corporate STATE, owned and control by the CROWN OF LONDON. THE PEOPLE voluntarily participate through Consent and words-of-art to a Corporation, pretending to be an Organic Government. You get NO justice in the courts with the black ‘robe’ priesthood, WHY?
    see youtube: Season of Treason Full
    see youtube: Santos Bonacci Reclaiming Dominion Part 1

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  • Something very very very very very very bad will happen. But the question is when and in what form.

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  • Do your research bud.. that’s all i have to say… do your research

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  • This man should have been the US president years ago. The early Americans would have voted for him. Modern Americans are lazy fat consuming idiots that destroy the country their ancestors have build up.