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  1. Shane Hardman

    I just want to say that I agree that this has taken too much attention away from the economy. However, why is it that we are supposed to be so sensitive and understanding of the Muslims? Do you think they ever have or ever will be sensitive and understanding of Christians, Buddhists, Jews, or any other religion? I think Ron Paul needs to do a little more research into the history and beliefs of the Muslim religion as a whole. I am sure that some are better than others. But, can’t you say that about Christians and Jews as well?

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  2. AK 1

    The hate directed towards Muslims over the mosque issue is not that different than the hate directed towards Europen Cathloics & Jews. For decades the NYC public schools told Catholic & Jewish children they were devils & would grow hornes. This action forced the creation of religious schools in order to prevent cruel behaivor towards their children. I beleive the 1st Catholic school was built in NYC. Why else would a mosque be built 1st, rather than allowing the rebuild of a Catholic Greek Eastern Orthadox Church.

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  3. SEB

    As a Democrat, I have to say I am extremely supportive of Ron Paul’s statement regarding the “Ground Zero Mosque”.

    I can’t believe I am living in a country where people feel it is ok to undermine a particular group’s constitutional right to practice their religion freely. And, what’s worse, to try and tell a private property owner what he should/should not build on it. If we undermine one group’s rights, where will it end? We have to PRESERVE our freedoms for our future generations.

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  4. Bob Munzenrider

    Ron Paul’s commentary about the proposed Moslom Center in Neq York is one of the most intelligent I have seen. Right On!

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  5. Dan Greer

    This time I find it hard to accept Dr. Paul’s reasoning because it is incomplete. While I agree with the freedom of religion and property rights issues he describes, the fact remains that America’s constitutional freedoms were violated when a bunch of radical Islamists decided to subvert those freedoms and fly airplanes into American buildings and kill thousands of Americans.

    While I agree with Dr. Paul that we should bring our troops home from around the world, that agreement does not extent to a willingness to allow my freedoms to be eroded in the interest of being viewed as a purist libertarian. We are not the policemen of the world. We can not be that shining light on a hill when we are seen as the world’s marshall. America’s role in the world must walk a fine line. We must stand for justice and often that means we must be capable of enforcing it. The eagle with olive branches is one claw and arrows in the other as depicted on our money is a fit symbol.

    There are many who will say the Muslims who attacked the World Trade Center are not the Muslims who are building the center. This is true. Those who attacked the World Trade Center were the ones who flew the planes and took their lives and the lives of nearly 3000 others. But those who want to build the ground zero mosque and a majority of so-called moderate Muslims are not demonstrating in the streets by the tens of thousands denouncing the radicals. Instead, they are content to have their religious fellow travelers to use our freedoms against us.

    The long-term goal of Islam is the abolition of our constitutional freedoms since the majority of them are an affront to the fundamental tenets of Islam. If Islam gains dominance in the United States—a natural outgrowth of its worldview—will there be freedom of religion, speech, assembly, and press? Would Christians be permitted to build churches? Could the minority population of Christians be able to evangelize Muslims? To ask these questions is to answer them.

    The Islam sect contradicts any notion of religion that any civilized person would recognize. What religion advocates killing those who happen to disagree with their ideology? This sounds more like the description of an anarchist or fascist tyrant. In fact, I’d say Islam is more an ideology than it is a religion. Their murderous acts go on daily somewhere in the world. The sect has so maligned itself within the world community that it has no credibility and certainly it has not given us any reason to trust them. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. We can’t tell the good guys from the bad ones and until we can, we should not be so willing to extent our freedoms on our soil to those who are even remotely associated with an ideology that seeks to dominate us.

    I fear Dr. Paul leans too close to political correctness this time rather than a principled stand against political demagoguery. Liberty goes only to the point of treading on the liberty of another. I say no to the ground zero mosque and to all other mosque projects in this country until the Islamists demonstrate their willingness to assimilate into our culture as peaceful and loyal citizens the way everyone else is required to do. I see nothing in our Constitution that says we must accept or tolerate the treasonous or seditious among us. Quite the contrary, it is our duty to expel those who choose to behave in such a manner wherever they are to be found. We all must remember there are consequences to our choices and our actions and motives matter.

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    1. Mark Fey

      Dan Greer has written a legible response that turns the whole idea of logic on it’s head. Too long to take a point by point exception to, it is exceptional because it IS WELL WRITTEN. Usually when I encounter these types of specious arguments, they are written by folks who cannot think in complete sentences.

      Bravo Dan, but really you owe it to yourself to read Mr. Paul’s very erudite and courageous words once again to see where your train jumped the track.

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  6. AK 1

    It’s sad how some can not remember Sen. McCain standing on the floor of the senate lecturing Pres. Clinton about the pit falls of staying in Somilia & having it turn into another Vietnam, so we better pull out. Now look what were facing, I voted to reelect Pres. Geral Ford, so I’ve been here for awhile. I was a career sailor, my father was a riflemen in the 44th ID & my son served as a sniper in the 172nd SBCT in Iraq, Now I wonder if my 10 year old daughter & 8 yeard old grandson will be fighting in Iran. We do not need out side help in causing our down fall, we seem to be sewing the seeds of our own down fall just fine.

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  7. David A Morse

    Ron Paul is Right. We can not claim to support our Constitutional freedoms while insisting others give up theirs. All Americans are Free to Worship how they will and to build whatever they wish on their property.

    While we are all Free to Say whatever we want about it, only the local government can determine if any zoning restrictions exist. There are no legal reasons why a Mosque or any other structure can’t be built there.

    Our personal feelings are not a reason to stop construction. We don’t have a right to have our feelings protected. There were Muslim American victims on September 11, 2001. and their feelings are ignored in this debate.

    We must not blame all Muslims for the acts of a few evil men. Just as we don’t blame all Christians for the acts of Jim Jones.

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  8. Bobny

    You need to do research, you spew a lot of things that just isn’t true. First and formost, it was those that strctly follow the word of their prophet Mohammed that attacked us on the fateful day. The quran supports this methodology against any and all unbelievers. This is a truth. I will agree that not all muslims would perpetrate an attack like this, some of them will do like the marxist, and slowly erode our ways and values from the inside, getting into government, lobbiest groups, advisors, and try to make this country sharia compliant. They will also use taqqiya, lying , to show us how they are on our side. Again, these are more facts.
    Another fact you seem to have overlooked, the muslims put up their ‘victory super mosques’ over areas they have conquered, which is what this is. There will be no ‘undeerstanding’ of religions with the muslims. They believe that theirs is the only true religion and it needs to cionquer the world any way possible. You need to read the quran, the haddiths, and the story of mohammed to understand this all.
    If the muslims involved really wanted to ‘build bridges’ after this heienous attack, they would, in good faith, NOT build the mosque there. No one is saying don’t let them build a mosque in the US, just not there, nor close to that site. You ignore this and automatically blame hate and islamophobia, which is flase. After the attacks there weren’t uprisings against muslims, after the underwear bomber, Hassan at Fort Hood, nor the Time Square bomber, yet you and your ilk continue to bring this up, this is a strawman that isn’t in this field. Sow your lies elsewhere and honor those innocents who lost their lives and stand with your fellow countrymen and insist the build this mosque elsewhere, not in that location.

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    1. Tanko

      It was reported that some of the 9/11 attackers visited a strip club the night before they launched the attack. Does the Quran sanction that behavior? if you dont know then do your research too.

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  9. Mark Landsman

    It appears to be easier to believe in religious freedom when one belongs to the religious majority, though as a Jewish American I will never know. Well said Congressman Paul!!

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  10. claude

    Good job, Dr. Paul. Very well said.

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  11. Troop

    Let muslims have the building, and let New York go…Read Rev.18:10
    They vote Hillary in and love liberal democrats, so let New York suffer for it’s liberalisms…
    I guess it wasn’t ok for Ruby Ridge people or David Koresh…because they were fringe groups. Stomped all over their rights. Janet Reno should do time for not protecting the Constitutional Rights of it’s citizens…that was under King Clinton.

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  12. Darrin

    For me this really comes down to a “price of empire”. We have founding principles on freedoms no other country has. With that you have to take the good with the bad. Asking if we can build a church near Mecca is absurd. Do you really want to compare our society with the ills of the backward and oppressive? Please, that is an incredibly stupid argument that should be met with disdain. If you really believe in freedom, then you can not oppose the building of a mosque here or a scientology hut (is that what they use) anywhere else. Ron Paul as always is correct, you “supposed conservatives” only agree with him when his argument fits your bigoted agenda.

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    1. william ridenour

      I resent being called a bigot simply because I want to defend my nation and my culture from those who have repeatedly demonstrated over fifteen hundred years they have no respect for other points of view or other religions and routinely carry on wars of conquest to bring societies rooted in liberty into brutal subjugation.
      Continue your ideological rigidity and you’ll eventually see what I mean.
      If this is the price of empire we’re already in dire trouble, for we were not founded to be an empire–the inmates are in charge of the asylum and have been for quite a while.

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      1. Darrin

        Do not resent being called a bigot. if you believe in your rhetoric, I say grab a rifle and stand a post like all of us ex military. The individual should always be placed above the state in all situations. This means individual liberties including property rights. I am not a fan of the Muslim religion at all, but I respect the founding documents more. And less, I will not use the constitution and freedom when it applies to situations I deem worthy. Freedom for all, even the shitheads.

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      2. Mark Fey

        william ridenour,

        Why should you object to the label when you take some effort to expose the xenophobic machinations in your world view. The entire gestalt of your writings indicate that you have an irrational fear of those who are unlike yourself.

        If you hold the actions of soldiers fighting Charles Martel against people who hungrily eat a bagel and cream cheese on their way to morning prayer in their Manhattan neighborhoods; why wouldn’t you do the same to those that marched with Sherman to the sea ?

        The Yankee and the Spanish Muslim are equally guilty are they not? So why not also blame those that take up arms against the United States government (Whoops, that would include the confederates; darn.) and kill thousands {my, those confedrate soldiers were efficient}.?

        Or their descendants? tens of centuries or even just 150 years latter?

        Wear the label, you earned it. In the land of the free and home of the brave, after going through a real existential threat like 10000 nuclear weapons arriving from the USSR, we are not afraid of our own citizens exercising their freedom to build and worship where they please.

        You can’t take this away from them, because bigots are not acceptable to U.S. citizens.

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  13. Margaret

    Do any posters here that are against Islam or mosques even know or befriended any Muslims? I think I already know the answer to that.

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  14. D. Land

    Interesting: In 2000 Orrin Hatch and a Republican congress passed the RLUIPA law to protect religious institutions and land use — –see RLUIPA.com Even the hatemongers at the Westboro Baptist who protest military funerals get some protection for their free speech rights and religious beliefs. It’s really hard to draw one line without bumping into another issue that requires yet another line to be drawn. We live in a country that tries to solve everything. Where does one draw the line and who decides?

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  15. Don Herion

    Ronnie old boy, Finally you have gotten your name out there again! And who is backing you up? Of course Muslims. Surprise, surprise! Did you donate money for this thing? Where is the coming from? Maybe they should build it and then some crazy Christian drive a truck loaded with TNT, drive into the building and do what the terrorists did the first time in the World Trade Center. You’re a nut case RP, good luck with Iran and your North Korean screw balls which I’m sure you agree that they are building nuclear energy to light their soccer fields.

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  16. Roxii Love


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  17. Anish

    “Whatever WE may think about the erection of the Mosque, radical Islamists world-wide will see it as marking a Muslim triumph and proclamation of victory–and will be encouraged thereby.”

    Yes, a Sufi mosque is a total mark of radical Islamic triumphalism. You know, the same sect of Islam that is under constant oppression, that has suffered more than we can imagine, that has been mass murdered and had their mosques bombed by Wahabi extremists.

    If you knew anything about Islam, you would not be so idiotic. It’s like saying a Presbyterian church should not be built near MLK’s assassination site because the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa was racist.

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  18. Happymom

    Thank you Ron Paul for your courageous stand!! As an American Muslim it is disgusting to see the amount of hatred out there…..does anyone care that Muslims are equally or even more apalled by terrorists….this is our country too and we love and honor it. Also consider the violence that these extremists have brought to so many Muslim countries…Thank you Mr. Paul for differentiating between Islam and Al qaeda. You are so right by pointing out that this hatred game is exactly what the terrorists need to make a case for their terror tactics.

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  19. Chris

    Is there a difference that there is a mosque 4 blocks away from 9-11 or 2 blocks away? Because there has been an old one 4 blocks away for years. I wonder if Islamaphobia is the new anti-semitism.

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    1. Mark Fey

      It is telling that the opposers of the Center never define a metric of appropriate distance. So Chris points out a great point, closely akin to this is the opposition that is occurring around the country to mosque construction and to Muslims in general.

      It can be that the current popular definition for the term “Antisemitism” is applied only to Jewish people and Israel. The term would appear to apply to opposition to all Semitic people. (Of, relating to, or constituting a subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic language group that includes Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic, and Aramaic.)

      But it is from its origin applied only to Jewish people. (From Wikipedia)
      “While the term’s etymology might suggest that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic peoples, the term was coined in the late 19th century in Germany as a more scientific-sounding term for Judenhass (“Jew-hatred”), and that has been its normal use since then”

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  20. Old Yankee Sailor

    Mr. Ron Paul,

    You obviously do not see the forest for the trees.

    Religeous Freedom, cannot now, or ever, be allowed to be the tool for Cultural Subjugation, Capture and Corruption.

    Perhaps these presentations would expand your horizons a bit?

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib9rofXQl6w

    2. http://www.citizenwarrior.com

    May you now see the light.


    Old Yankee Sailor

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    1. Greg

      1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib9rofXQl6w
      2. http://www.citizenwarrior.com

      Thanks for those links, the youtube video is very educational.

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  21. guy

    This is just another attempt to keep the publics interest away from the real issues that effect this country. To me this is not an issue. Either you support the constitution or you don’t. If you don’t maybe you should consider moving.

    The real issues never get the national headlines. Like the story on the NORML blog this morning about the Tennessee farmer who was jailed and had his property seized for growing a few marijuana plants and giving it to friends and neighbors who were terminally ill.

    this is the kind of injustice that goes on every day in this country perpertraited on the american people by our government. Yet where are the headlines, no national media coverage. The government and it’s bagabons run ruff shod over it’s citizens while all attention is centered on a religious center for muslims. How sad!

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  22. Greg


    I suggest you read this short book about the Islamization of Western Europe. It was written 20 years ago, and has so far accurately predicted the future.


    Libertarianism is a movement of tolerance and freedom, but must we be tolerant toward intolerance?

    Your article is comparable to stating that the Keynesian school has the same right as the Austrian school to be in the school text books, and that both schools are equal, and that to criticize the Keynesian school is a hateful and bigoted act toward all Keynesians.

    What I’m getting at is that the Keynesian school and its many followers is responsible for the economic collapse, and that in the same vein Islam and its many followers is responsible for 9/11.

    The issue is not 9/11, the ground zero mosque, or other random symptoms, but that the Islamic faith is an intolerant and militant religion that opposes the very liberties and freedoms Americans hold sacred.

    While I don’t have an answer to how to deal with Islam, it saddens me that those claiming to defend liberty don’t speak out against it.

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    1. william ridenour

      Thank you for that refreshing moment of sanity in the midst of mind-numbing ideological idiocy and the deluge of the libertarian version of leftist political correctness.

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      1. Greg

        You’re welcome!

        Racism (judging individuals solely on their race) has been dealt with, not by revoking the right of the KKK to speak, assemble, and build club houses, but by loudly and openly denouncing it as stupid and immoral.

        Islam should be denounced as an anti-American and retarded ideology from which nothing good can come. It’s time for people to get educated about Islam and speak out against it.

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  23. Gary Sky

    Ron, you are completely, 100% wrong on this one. Either you are ignorant of history or just guilty of fuzzy thinking. History seems to verify that muslims have a record of building glitzy mosques at or very near the sites of their conquests as a celebration of the conquest, and they consider the 9/11 crime as a conquest. Witness the celebrations by muslims around the world. Also, these “peaceful” muslims are conspicuous in their almost total absence from any condemnation of the crime. Allowing the mosque to be built would be to join in celebration of 3000 American deaths.

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    1. misceg

      How do you know Muslims didn’t condemn the attacks? Because you talked to every single Muslim alive and they told you themselves? I highly doubt it.

      Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks – http://www.muhajabah.com/otherscondemn.php

      Try to stop generalizing whole groups of people based on nothing but your own opinion. Contrary to popular belief, not generalizing whole groups of people based on nothing but opinion is the American way.

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  24. william ridenour

    Those who agree with Maani’s post:
    Useful Idiots.
    Whatever WE may think about the erection of the Mosque, radical Islamists world-wide will see it as marking a Muslim triumph and proclamation of victory–and will be encouraged thereby.
    Inviting Muslims into our land and allowing them to freely game our system will bring about the end of the Liberty you all say you love so much––You all know how to use and abuse liberty, but are too stupid and ideologically hide bound to know how to defend liberty.
    Our founders knew how to, and it wasn’t by allowing those to overrun the nation who embrace a religion that is diametrically opposed to every fundamental principle in our founding.
    By allowing what our founders would not you’re giving the fox free run of the American henhouse.
    You all are just as ideologically hide bound and blinded from seeing reality as any group of lefties on the net.
    This will be my final post so I’ll state this categorically:
    I have no animus toward Islam.
    I’m perfectly happy to allow Muslims to live out their religion and culture unencumbered— in their own lands.
    I’m not willing for them to come here based upon what I know to be 15 centuries of Muslim hegemony and imperialism.
    If Muslims were pleased to live and let live and conform to America’s laws and culture I’d be more than glad to have them in America, just like any other group.
    But they cannot become Americans as other religious and ethnic groups that have come to America over the past century, because their fundamental religious teachings are diametrically opposed to core American ideals.
    If history is any witness, and I mean including recent European history, they won’t be satisfied with “live and let live” American pluralism. In addition, Muslims are well acquainted with the methodologies of incrementalism, and unlike us, they are a patient people and always have the long run in mind.

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    1. LG

      William, you call us “blinded” but you are the one who sounds brainwashed.

      Do you honestly think muslims are going to take over America and impose sharia law, and your granddaughters will be forced to wear Burkas?

      This is America, not Europe or the Middle East. All religions are welcome here and all must follow the rule of law and the constitution. You and many other so-called Americans are overreacting and being, well, very Un-American. And please stop invoking the founders like some Glenn Beck fanboy. You want to know what a founding father was like? Read Dr. Paul’s statement again.

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      1. william ridenour

        You think such a take-over is impossible because you don’t recognize what has already happened internally. Those who passed away in the 1950 and 60s would be shocked and horrified at the erosion of our liberties in such a short time–all wrought internally by radical elements using the courts to over-ride the will of We the People.
        We speak of the tyranny of the majority: NONSENSE.
        Hillarie Belloc stated the modern age represents the victory of quantity over quality.
        We see a great majority and a small minority and say this or that could never happen. But while we fix on the quantity we fail to recognize the quality: the minority has black robed oligarchs sitting in unelected seats of power who have only contempt for the majority, which they consider to be the ignorant unwashed multitudes. Time and time again they have sided with radical groups and completely nullified the express will of millions of citizens in sovereign states.
        The courts have been the powerful allys of radical elements, and those elements have used the courts to force the will of a few on the many.
        Our Founders would roll over in their graves to see what has happened.
        If all this has been wrought in a short time, what does the coming half century have in store for our children and grand children?
        I don’t have the answer to that, but unless something drastic happens, unelected, unaccountable, life-time appointed elitist judges will play an even greater role than they have in the recent past, and no man’s freedom will be safe from our renegade government that has repeatedly betrayed We the People.
        It can’t happen? I shudder at the penury of your imagination and your ability to understand recent history.
        NOT a Glenn Beck fan.

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      2. SR Luttrell

        How can I change my “like” (to LG, August 24, 2010 at 2:16 pm) to “Dislike?”

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    2. JP

      Wow, someone’s a little confused. First of all, it’s not even a mosque. It’s a community center. They will have basketball courts, classrooms, and yes, a prayer center on the top two floors. Oh no! Our freedom’s will be undermined by some Muslim’s having a prayer center down the street from Ground Zero. By the way, there already is a prayer center around the corner from Ground Zero. It has been there since before the the World Trade Towers were ever constructed–over 40 years. How is this any different? Oh yeah, it is insensitive. That is a BS rationalization to justify your fear of others. And how is it not insensitive to treat all Muslims as the same. Muslims died on 9/11. They come from different countries, have different beliefs, and are different ethnicities, but to you, they are all dangerous potential terrorists.

      Also, the “radical Islamists world-wide will see it as marking a Muslim triumph and proclamation of victory” argument is equally groundless. Do you know anything about Sufism? That is the denomination of Islam practiced by the Park 51 leaders. They are HATED by hardcore Muslims because they don’t adhere to the fanatical, kill-the-heathens ideology. They are persecuted by other hardliners because their brand of Islam is more moderate, modern, spiritual, and compatible with western civilization. They are natural allies in the curiously-titled, “War on Terror.” To lump these Muslims in with “bad” Muslims is bigoted, short-sighted, un-American, and plays right into the hands of the extremists. You say that allowing this “mosque” to be built will encourage the radicals, but a stronger argument can be made that Al Qaeda will use this to reinforce their narrative that the “Christian West” is waging war on Islam. That is counter-productive. Why are we willing to risk tens of thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars to “win the hearts and minds” of Muslim people in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then undermine that whole campaign at home.

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  25. C Patricia

    Granted the Islamic religion is feeling the ferver of the populas angst against them putting up a religious/cultural center near ground zero. I ask why is it any less of a strike against Islams than it is for the city councils, and state governments to restrict Christmas Nativity scenes in various communities across the USA?

    Nativity scenes have been taken down because they “offend” people of other religions and atheists. Church groups and small communities have been given court orders to take them down because it upsets the “sesativities” of others.

    I guess the majority are tired of being pushed around by the government and the divisive and inappropriate actions of courts around the USA when they have forced Christians to remove their religious symbology based soley on the issue of “offending some other groups’ sesabilities.”

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  26. john robinson

    Mr.Paul, you are an influential man and I am disappointed in your view on the NY mosque incident. While you are correct of course in pointing out the errors of other faiths in historical events, I wonder how you can believe that it absolves present-day Islam from culpability. We are judged mainly by our responses to affronts by others, like it or not. Appeasement has never been shown to work. If the Muslims cannot control their murderous minority because they all fear the retribution it can exert over them, how can we trust them? They are a 15th century society in a 21st world. Let the majority issue a statement condemning the action of their corrupt minority and apologising to us sincerely. They exhibit their indifference to our pain by their actions over the Mosque. Stand up for your
    country Mr. Paul!

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    1. william ridenour

      I think Dr. Paul would rather side with the Imam who said the US has more innocent blood on its hands than the Al Qaida.

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      1. Fighting the American Taliban Every Day

        Ridenour do you watch Faux? Of course you do……. It is painfully obvious.
        If so why do you watch a channel that hangs with terrorists?

        Feel free to check the facts that you get from the above URL.
        Then explain to me how come you watch Faux.

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  27. Timbini

    Good for you Ron Paul! I still oppose you on so many other issues, but on this one, I agree 100%!

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  28. justin

    It’s a strange day when a liberal Dem agrees with Rand Paul over Howard Dean, but here I am! Religious Freedom is paramount!

    BTW, actually Pelosi wants to investigate who is funding the OPPOSITION to the Mosque – she wants to identify those who are fanning the flames of Islamophobia. Not sure how Ron got this wrong.


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  29. Jeremy

    Dr. Paul, I may not agree with your political views, but this is definitely one thing we agree on. People are blaming all muslims for the horrible acts that occurred on 9/11, but it was extremists that were responsible. There are extremists in all religions, they may not be violent, but they do exist. Every muslim that I have met personally does not understand all the violence and is appalled by it, just like the rest of the world. It’s a shame, though, that in this day and age I have known muslims to attend their prayer services at mosques far away from their homes for fear of the reactions they may get from their neighbors, not wear some garments or grow out their beards as they would like to do in how they wish to practice Islam, strictly out of the same fear. Is this how we as people should act? No. It’s not. No one should have to be constantly stared at with hate or fear-filled eyes because of the acts of a misguided few.

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  30. Caleb

    Mr. Paul, you again are the only one in DC who is as statesman not a politician. You are the only one who has the guts to be consistent, even your son doesn’t hold a candle to you. God bless Ron Paul!

    I myself lived as a Christian in Indonesia during the financial crisis of the nineties, and the tactics used by Beck, Palin and Newt, were the same tactics used by politicians and rabble rousers in Indonesia to stir up the Islamic majority against the minority. It’s a very frightening similarity.

    I would go further to say that the pitting of non-Muslims against Muslims in the USA is just what the Muslim Militants want. Why? Because they NEED a situation which allow them to say, “See it’s all of them against all of us Muslims, we told you so. They’re out to get you”

    To all of you useful idiots who follow Newt and Glen Beck: your doing EXACTLY what the terrorists want, NICE JOB! And from all of us Christians who live (or once lived) as a minority in a Muslim country, we CURSE you for what you do to the name of Christ and the target you place on our backs!

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  31. Patrick Perez

    It seems that you excluded an important consideration in your argument.
    Namely, that this is simply not an issue of “religious freedom.”

    This is an issue of prudent city government listening to its citizens, and negotiating with the local imam and cultural center backers as to the timing and location of a building that will, most obviously, represent violent hateful, if radical, Islam jihad.

    There are plenty of mosques in NYC. Where is the government oppression of American Muslim’s religious freedom?

    Analagously, if a “Christian” hate group, imagine the Klan, decided to wipe out 3 thousand plus Saudis through an organized, religiously motivated, act in Mecca, would it be prudent for a Christian missionary group to attempt to build a chapel nearby?

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  32. Poor Richard

    So now we’re going to nit-pick about whether it’s 2 blocks away or only 1 and a half?

    How far away would it have to be to make this mosque acceptable to you? . . . 6 blocks away? 14 blocks away? a mile away?

    And I keep hearing about how “sensitive” this issue is and that we should “compromise” on the matter because it is so sensitive. Did we do this when we desegregated the schools in the South? Did we say to blacks that, because it was such a sensitive issue, we would only desegregate half the schools? Did we tell them that they would only have to ride in the back of the bus on Tuesdays and Fridays? What about women? Did we tell them that because the issue was so sensitive, they should be willing to compromise and vote only in every other election?

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    1. Robert Gosney

      You know what’s funny? All I did was correct Ron with some facts that he deliberately obfuscated and nobody likes it. I didn’t offer any opinions, only facts. Makes me wonder where all the grown-ups are…

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  33. Robert Gosney

    It’s not several blocks away, it is 1 1/2 blocks away. And yes, Islam alone is responsible for the attacks. And, radical Islam is a misnomer. What drives terrorism is Islamic fundamentalism. You seem to equate Christianity as morally equal to Islam. Mohammad himself killed hundreds of people and told his followers to do the same. Islam has been at war with western civilization for 1500 years. Nothing is going to change until we submit.

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    1. Ed

      Oh really and how many wars have been started in the name of GOD? Please Robert think before you speak.

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  34. afzal latif

    Bless you Ron for speaking out for the principles of our republic – something people have largely trashed. For as long as America has people like you – fair, principled and, above all, brave, there is a good chance this country will survive as a nation it was always meant to be.
    You’ve gotten youself one life-long supporter. I shall never flinch, never pause and never be afraid to say what you have expounded with such vigor.
    May we see you around for a long, long time. Amen

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  35. Poor Richard

    I agree with Paul’s principled statement on the mosque. In fact, that is what brought me to this website.

    I was a tiny bit disappointed, though, when Mr Paul seemed to water down his position a bit when interviewed on CNN.

    Sanja Gupta said that he appeared to be diametrically opposed to the views of his son, who opposes the mosque.

    Paul responded that “this is not about the mosque, that it’s about foreign policy” and added that he didn’t care if the mosque was built or not.

    Well, while he does mention foreign policy considerations in the original statement, it was indeed mostly about the mosque.

    He was obviously discomforted a bit when confronted with the idea that his views on the mosque were in opposition to his son’s stated position.

    Aside from this, though, I still think his original statement was courageous and true to libertarian principles.

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    1. Lisa

      I was disappointed in Sanja Gupta for bringing up Rand! Rand didn’t write the statement, and I feel it was an orchestrated attempt to stick a wedge between father and son, like “if you think this is about islamaphobia and bigotry, does that mean your son is a bigot?”

      It was CHEAP and POLITICAL.

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