Ron Paul Slams NYC Mosque Demagogues

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Date: 08/23/2010
Show: Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Channel: MSNBC

  • jimberkt

    I love listening to these guys talking about semantics as if the dumb ignorant rednecks they’re talking about could possibly understand them.

  • CTastic1

    It’s funny how “experts” talk about Americans like we are dumb and don’t knwo what’s going on. Let’s get one thing straight. We very much know what’s going on, we very much know the agenda of the muslim world. There is only bad mulims. they only want to take over the country using their religion as a crutch to get there. They can not take us with power, so they use their religion and our laws to do it. Make no mistake, this is a war, and this is how muslims fight, they build mosques.

  • carlosperdue

    Few folks yapping about neocons here know anything more about neoconism than than you do about Islam. Lesson:
    Neocons want to invade, occupy, quagmire & “nationbuild” every country they can gin excuses for, poking hornet nests while subverting our borders & I-laws so fundos can come in by the millions, breed anchor Jihadis, recruit, plot, build Victory Mosques etc.
    True RepubliCons (aka PaleoCons) want secure borders, sane immigration limits & no unnecessary foreign entanglements.


  • fuzzywzhe

    Dear Americans.

    Enjoy the government you have, you absolutely deserve it.

  • Palin123Sucks

    Ron Paul just lost the 2012 teabagger vote to Palin. How sweet it is.

  • MiKikaIwaShizaru

    Uh-oh, Ron Paul is monkeying with the very heart of one of the propaganda machines in our society!
    What will the sheep do with their irrational anger, more importantly, what will the sheep-herders do? (Maybe the sheep-herders are starting to realize that they are playing with fire!)

  • INatalkaI

    I am sick and tired of everyone being labeled and lumped into groups. I am an atheist, progressive, liberal, pro-choice, pro-gay rights and anti-Islam. Not everyone who thinks Islam is destructive is a republican Christian.

  • Warrior484

    What people dont admit…If a Christian church had been planned for this same spot? Not a word would have been said.

    • Dan

      Christians did not kill 3000+ people in NYC on 9-11.
      Had this and constant terror attacks my muslims for HUNDREDS OF YEARS (see Barbary Pirates, see the movie “The Wind and the Lion”etc etc) not occurred I could care less about their religion or where they build a mosque.
      So allowing the celebration of 9-11 by their building a “victory mosque” nearby? Nope. Not acceptable to me.


  • jrtakesthesky27

    Geez so much negativity, here and about the subject on the video.

  • alexn159

    “the clearest most unequivocal statement from any politician on the issue”

    as his statements are on every issue – what a man

  • DeathToLiberalism

    Glenn Beck exposed the lies of Media Matters and MSNBC last week on this bullshit. MSNBC is a liberal propaganda mill.


    I know this is long but please listen to the whole thing and respond.

  • forestdweller1

    If you dont like it you could always make it uncomfortable for them to go there and they will end up closing it down…This is still America isnt it?…………or maybe not 🙁

  • forestdweller1

    We are not in favor of the mosque… we are against losing our liberties for ANY reason!!!! (And property rights is a big one..) Dont you just love the way they spin that….Listen dont just watch America

  • Tony Chopkoski

    Moderate…Rauf? Hardly, a total contradiction in terms when used together here. The man is snake bitten by his own superiority and will do anything to dance on the graves of the infidels. He knows no other way…

  • stu

    why would jihadists be in favor of an Islamic center started by a famously moderate Muslim that promotes interfaith dialoguing? if anything this is the sort of thing that Al Qaeda would be against.

  • RamsesReturns

    I have always liked Ron Paul but here he’s showing weakness and a lack of depth. International zionism creates fires all over the world to manipulate things to the furthering of fascist-globalism, but Islam has their international goals as well. My idea of freedom in America is not living under a Manipulative Global Government or Sharia Law. Should a wise people be tolerant to the intolerant?

  • copstryin2takemycrop

    It’s constitutional for Muslims to build a mosque near Ground Zero, get over it.

  • Vertigo2903

    I love how all these fake conservatives love Ron Paul but when it comes to foreign policy they trash him…he is right once again..he makes the most solid principled arguments of anyone in political life today

  • TexasIndependance79

    why is she talking about blacks lol