Ron Paul Slams NYC Mosque Demagogues

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Date: 08/23/2010
Show: Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Channel: MSNBC

  • guidav123

    Ron paul has more common sence in his little finger than all other politicians combined.


  • TheJoelef

    teh protestors i dont think are ignorant however anytime there a crisis we want to restrict rights. Eugene debs was put in prison for being outspoken against the war, japanese american had there civil rights taken away, mccarthism , patriot act you name it. It amazes me howlittel the protestors value religious liberty and want to ban things to feel “safe”.

  • bonfirejovi

    Islam is NOT a race! It is an ideology that is homophobic, violent and anti-woman. Hating Capitalist and Communist ideologies is no different to hating Islam.

  • bluesmann8

    just what they want to happen, everybody fighting among thenselfs so they don’t see where the real problem is.,our government!, wall st. and the off shores crooked bankers that run the federal reserve.,thats bringing the country to its knees. listen to Ron paul

  • bloodngutspatriot

    Good white Christian boy, happy now?

  • TheJoelef

    it wabbahbism islam that apparently is why this violence is happening. The sufis who are more of the peaceful hippie mysrtics of islam dont like them.

  • halcyon0830

    FBI and EU Europol Report:
    europol.europa. eu/index. asp?page=publications&language=
    europol.europa. eu/publications/EU_Terrorism_Situation_and_Trend_Report_TE-SAT/TESAT2009.pdf
    loonwatch. com/2010/01/terrorism-in-europe
    loonwatch. com/2010/01/not-all-terrorists-are-muslims
    edition.cnn. com/2010/US/01/06/muslim. radicalization. study
    en.wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_designated_terrorist_organizations
    fbi. gov/publications/terror/terrorism2002_2005.htm

  • BoberFett

    Ron Paul is right, as usual.

  • halcyon0830

    Does Nazi Bill know that there is a Japanese Cultural Centre at Pearl Harbour?
    Does Nazi Bill know that there are New Churches built besides the Olympic Stadium in Atlanta where in 1996 Christians committed Terrorism during the Olympics.
    Does Nazi Bill know that there are New Churches built besides the Oklahoma City Building in OKC which was Bombed by Christians, and 100s of Americans died.
    Does Nazi Bill know that there are Churches built besides Bombed Clinics that Christian terrorists bombed.

  • PrettyPiZZAface

    ok, i thought ron paul would be the best for america, but after that bullshit i hope he never gets elected. he will appease islam just like obama does, and that is a terrible mistake

  • mythicalhell

    OMG the hatred people are spewing toward each other in the comments section is such a turn on!! I’m LOVING IT! You’re all a bunch of unintelligent wankers with NO LIFE other than your computer!!

  • russn8r

    Freethinkersclubuk Way to evade issues, coward. Yes, you’re a Jew hater, but hardly for speaking the truth. You keep saying you will not reply, but you keep replying. It’s amusing. Keep it up, bigot.

  • russn8r

    Another from the “english teacher”. Ahem: it’s a transliteration of القرآن‎. The trendy spelling is Qur’an so you F-d that up, smartass. Nothing wrong with Koran. Don’t like it? Eat me. No, not literally! Down boy!
    So you’re not a Muslim, you just spew Jew-hater lies like a neo-nazi nutter. Surly you know nought about the Bible either, so don’t lecture me on Jesus. He wasn’t a Jew hater. “Freethinker”.
    Another lesson for Jews that their enemies are “liberals” & their friends are conservatives.

  • BAPP04

    pork is the best meat, every one should try it. Pork is a human food not for pigs.

  • TheJoelef

    hoooo be scared of the interfaith community center witha muslim prayer romm IT WILL BE THE END OF ALL. hooooooo

  • anom123

    She is kind of saying terrorists can still be good people. They pick & choose clips & still the Msnbc people look like morons. Good Muslim is like “Good Negro” I can’t believe somebody thinks this is news, but even better somebody thinks they made a good point while they are spouting out idiocy. This is why there are so many Harvtards. Professors who try to conflate issues with unrelated historical “parallels”. So much silly analysis over nothing. The left clearly has nothing relevant to say.

  • sailbeyondthesunset

    I like cheese, and beer.

  • russn8r

    Freethinkersclubuk today “At what point have I illustrated the dynamics of illiteracy? I teach English at Greenwich College”
    Freethinkersclubuk a wk ago: “You sir are idiot. your a bigot”
    YOU are either [a] liar or “your” [a] poster boy for affirmative action.
    “Illustrated the dynamics of illiteracy”? What a clown. $2 worth of words to cover a 2-cent mind. “Your” a pseudo-intellectual ignoranus & “YOUR” the bigot here.
    “These guys were not muslims who done this”
    LOL. Spewed my coffee. Thanks!

  • petkol

    These commentators are pure evil.

  • crazyyafai

    Christianity is the only religion that spread by the sword and the only religion that caused bloodshead and the folloelwers are the biggest hyppocrites becuse everything in the Quran is in the bible including not eating pork , no homosexuality, women covering up, and all other rules