Ron Paul Slams NYC Mosque Demagogues

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Date: 08/23/2010
Show: Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Channel: MSNBC

  • Ikbal

    It is a pity that such load noise are being made to expose the hipocracy of the western morality . We( the underdeveloped) were thought standards of western morality to find that the civilized west were lying all about it – nohate for race, creed or dignity . Cannot tolerate a minerat in Switzerland or a mosque

    Actually all religions were intended for good of human kind – so hate does not exit in it

  • Tony Chopkoski

    Dan expressed it nicely. Religions love to build over the ruins of sacred spots of religions they have “conquered”. One hears the ridiculous argument that there are a lot of arcane businesses in the area and a mosque would actually create a better atmosphere….more wholesome? But the point is missed, it is OUR arcane stuff. No one else’s. If the intended result of being a peace harbinger is really the point, they should gracefully exit.

  • Gilliatt83


  • Dan

    The problem here is people are confusing Islam with a religion.
    It is a political ideology masquerading as a religion.
    People need to understand this. But I guess if the news networks don’t play it on TV everyday for a week it won’t sink in to the average voter. (“The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”
    Winston Churchill)

    The Ground Zero Mosque is a celebration of the ISLAMIC VICTORY.
    Its scheduled to open on 9-11 folks. You think this is an accident?

    WAKE UP!!!

  • Fred Cummins

    Idiots and morons allow any mosque to built in this country period. Go build a church in Saudi or any other Muslim country. Ron I have been a follower and supporter of yours for a very long time but this breaks it for me. These people are all and I mean all murdering savages. Next we will allow sacrifices on the white house lawn, that is beheading of Christians or stoning of women. The left is so full of itself that it will destroy all semblance of a democratic party. Good by Ron because you just shot yourself in the heel. Muslims are the most dangerous foe we have ever faced because they are allowed to lie, cheat and steal in the name of Allah. There is no truth in them and if you support them then you will have to take responsibility for the American blood that they will continue to shed.

  • Tony Chopkoski

    I like when people defend their religion. Cool…but let’s get real about…other places. Most people in the US have not lived abroad for any extended period. I have…here’s one place: Mulhouse, in the east of France. The labor force was nearly 30% Muslim, brought in to work in the car factories. So, just reading the newspapers keeps you up on things. And you have to understand, France is not the sponge that the US is for absorbing new immigrants. Most times it is harder to become a citizen there. Combine that with immigrant’s frustration over not being “in control” and you know about the riots. That’s a very general picture of a complex process. However, add to that, that when ever an Iman talked about changing the religion, he would find his throat cut. They use that method in slaughtering sheep at certain ceremonies, much as Abraham would have done, so it carries over. And it is at this point that the great majority of content Muslims fail in that there is no uproar over this…only a scared silence. That is the sad part and what will make this present condition continue…

  • Ghjigee Ali

    Yes!!! Now we have him! In 5 years the U.S. will be under the blessed sharia law!!!

  • EndGovtTyranny

    Ron Paul is spot on, once again.


  • JocularINC

    Ron Paul is a far stronger man then any conservative/republican I have ever seen. I don’t care if you agree with him or not you have to admit that it takes balls to stand up for what you believe in despite what your peers tell you you should believe. Especially when those people have a large amount of influence in this country. And have used said influence in the past to marginalize and ridicule him.

  • CliveSinclairZX

    Amazing man!

  • David

    Well i think we need to smell a Rat here, and Ron Paul already has.

    The questions everyone needs to ask are these. Why in the world, would anyone decide to build a mosque in this location, knowing full well the hatred and the controversy it would generate ? There can only be two possible reasons, either it is a willful and deliberate insult to the American people, or the situation has been engineered and manipulated in order to create the controversy and just as Ron Paul has stated and as i stated in my post further up, in order to distract people from more important issues. I think the latter far more likely.

    Here is the situation, America is heading toward the final evolution of tolerating a private banking system, of which we had a really good discussion awhile back right here, and many more which have been posted on the various blogs on this site.

    Until now and over the past 6 months or so, the American population has been waking up in droves and figuring out how our banks have manipulated our political system though their ownership of our currency and control of our economy in order to establish themselves as a “ruling elite” over America’s population and they’ve also figured out that the current, long term and permanent depression were experiencing can only get worse, is simply and only due to the fact that these banks have managed to cheat and scam away all of he currency we need to trade with each other in spite of the fact that our production capacity and ability to create prosperity hasn’t changed one bit, so that they can continue to cheat and scam their way into owning all the property and then the people too.

    The American people have been fast developing a single mindset, and realizing that if they are to save themselves and their freedom from the fate of the rest of the world, that they need to act together and take back their country and economy for themselves from the private interests who have, in combination with the number of politicians they have put into power to serve their interests, usurped it for the purpose of reducing them under absolute despotism, just as they have every other country in the world up till this point with America being the last on the list.

    The simple fact that this issue can exist to begin with, or that 9/11 happened in the first place, is because these same private interests have manipulated the United States Government into involving themselves in the affairs of other countries which are no concern of ours instead of doing their job toward the benefit and prosperity if the American people. In doing so they have created another massive long drawn out war, which will never come to an end simply to create more debt so they can gain absolute power and ownership of the last of what is left of America even faster. Were it not for this, the Islamic extremists deemed responsible for this would not have cared less about us in the first place, nor would Islam have been anything but a different and curious religion to most of us either.

    What better way to distract people from this objective than to create a huge controversy that will generate so much hatred and conflict that it will completely distract everyone from dealing with the problem they had already determined they needed to deal with, until more power can be established to prevent them from doing so ? Ron Paul has said as much and i’m saying it again here. Those on here who have been trying to defend our banking system were doing this on the Border Security blog awhile back too, trying to stir up hatred and controversy in regards to Immigrants and now they seem to have switched over to this issue and are trying to exacerbate it to the greatest extent that they possibly can.

    Whether the mosque is built or not, will not solve our economic problem which has the American people living in the worst state of poverty they have experienced in 70 years, while neither our production capacity nor our ability to create prosperity for each other has not changed one bit. Whether or not the mosque is built will make no difference in the ability of our Banking system to continue to gobble up ever more of our country, its industry and resources until it all belongs to them and they manage to establish ownership over the people themselves as they already have in every other place in the world but here. Our country and we ourselves are on the verge of starvation from tolerating an ever increasing parasitic infection which is going to destroy us if we don’t swallow that tablespoon of kerosene to destroy the parasite before its too late.

    If the mosque is built, just as i said in an earlier post, with the hatred and controversy which has been created, someone is going to burn it to the ground as soon as its done and those intending on building it already know this. Then if the banks give them money and pay them extra to build it again and let it happen once more and then again and again and again, so that they can and multiply the hatred and controversy x 2, x 4, x 8, x 16 and so on and continue to keep people busy with it so they will forget about getting rid of them so they themselves can have a chance to survive and prosper, what’s going to happen ? What else can this be other than one last ditch desperate attempt by the parasites to continue to remain in our system when we have already made up our minds that we need to get rid of it and are fully capable of doing so ?

    Are we really going to be stupid and gullible enough to let them do this to us again ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    From the amount of attention this issue is getting it really seems so.

    Anyway go here:

    We’ve been discussing this for a little while on the sound money blog and i think this may be the tablespoon of kerosene which will finally get rid of the parasite, in the simplest and easiest possible way it can be done and allow the rest of us to survive and finally prosper together to the fullest extent of our own abilities, which are greater than most people here can possibly imagine. Take a little time out from this and do your part to make it happen and then whoever wants to can come back to debating this issue. As for myself i’ll just go in my shop and get busy with something fun and interesting.

  • zullie000

    This chick is a retard. She is *not* saying the same thing as Ron Paul said on this issue.

  • j1a2r34

    If the people who whine about building the mosque had any balls, they’d buy the property and then have a right to say what becomes of it. But they have no balls, no sense of liberty, no idea what freedom means and no common sense or they’d realize that when anybody’s property rights are negated, everybody’s property rights are negated. Just plain dumb.

    • SG875

      Completely agree with you. It’s people who say “I support property rights, but just not in this specific case,” that are the reason property rights have deteriorated over the years. It’s because everyone has their “specific cases” that now property rights are pretty much non-existent. Liberals would say “I support property rights, but just not when it comes to an business owner’s decision to discriminate against customers.” Now it’s conservatives, who claim to support the free-market (which obviously needs the protection of property rights to exist) who have their “specific case.”

  • MarianRenta

    HORRIBLE arguments. The terrorists didn’t blow up WTC in the name of soccer. They blew it up in the name of Allah.

  • Tony Chopkoski

    Hmm, I’m still having to deal with…is it Batman?…Robin?…or, just plain cowardice?
    A henchman for what group? Anyway, the usual deterioration into…(whimpering) just how poor America is…ah, you could try living is some place you feel closer to, someplace with realer bodies around you.
    And oh…you are still a he/she…and that is a perfect possibility. In Nature…
    As for the facts you represent…look at the background of your authors.
    To quote Baudrillard, “Today, the history that is ‘given back’ to us (precisely because it was taken from us) has no more of a relation to a ‘historical real’ than neofiguration in painting does to the classical…”
    Oft times the sad fact for your (still hidden and unknown) ilk.
    Maybe besides a blabbermouth, you are Superman…
    Oh dearie, do a flyover for the World.

  • ron

    Unbelievable – you are one sick puppy !

  • patriciaredstone

    That the mosque issue is so inflammatory speaks to the overall intelligence of the average American. It’s a non-issue. It’s their property. Leave them alone. If you’re a “good” non-muslim American it’s your duty to get involved in this mosque project only as far as to protect their right to build it.

  • TerrorWarrior5000

    Ron Paul is a homophobic Muslim.

  • exaurius

    This lady is a bitch. Who is she to belittle Ron Paul? I want to wipe that smirk right off her face. A woman that speaks like she knows what shes speaking about, but she’s not. May as well be a Obama teleprompter politician.

  • MrCld7082

    I have liked Ron Paul for quite some time. Sadly, I do not agree this time with him. Oh well, cant hit them out of the park every time. For the record, I agree that they have the right under the Constitution to build the mosque. Having said that, I feel they should NOT build it there. They have a history of conquering an area and then building a mosque, if they build it there (ground zero) it is like saying they have conquered the area.