Ron Paul: Without Hate For Islam Our Aggressive Foreign Policy Couldn’t Continue

Ron Paul speaks out against the warmongering demagogues who attempt to link Islam with Al Qaeda. Stop fanning the flames of hate and don’t manipulate the public into supporting the continuation of an aggressive foreign policy that now threatens to bankrupt America!

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Show: CNN American Morning
Channel: CNN
Date: 08/24/2010


CNN Anchor: It’s safe to say that you were Tea Party before Tea Party was cool, Congressman Paul. And we’re noticing a lot of Tea Party candidates all over the country today. Is this going to be a big day for those candidates, or do you think it’s maybe going to be something that the incumbents will hang their hat on, like John McCain out in Arizona?

Ron Paul: Well, I think it will be a mixed bag and I think even though, let’s say, half of the Tea Party candidates win, it’s a pretty big deal. But no, they’re not going to win all their support – you know, everybody they support. I think it will be pretty mixed.

CNN Anchor: And let me ask you about one of the races up in Alaska. Sarah Palin has weighed in, throwing her weight behind the challenger in that race, Joe Miller, running against Senator Makowsky. And I’m just wondering, what do you make of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee; some of these big name Republicans sort of weighing in in individual races across the country. Do you think that’s a good idea?

Ron Paul: Oh, I think they’re pretty good. I do it, but I’m very, very selective. I just have trouble finding the candidates I really get enthusiastic about. I want candidates that have a real Constitutional take on foreign policy and civil liberties, the drug war and also on economic matters. But no, I think for them to weigh in, but I want the people to sort all these positions out, so that they know exactly what is being supported, what positions are being supported.

CNN Anchor: Do you think it’s meddling for somebody like Sarah Palin to go into a contest like the one up in Alaska and throw her weight behind the challenger there, or perhaps another state like Georgia where she gets criticized somewhat for doing that down in Georgia?

Ron Paul: No, I wouldn’t call it meddling. I think our presidents have done this for many, many decades, if not ever since the beginning of time, the beginning of our country. So no, I think it’s pretty traditional to do it. Maybe some people overdo it, and exaggerate and do it just to build up chips and get people to support them later on. But no, I wouldn’t use the word ‘meddling’, but sometimes I guess they get overly involved more than they should.

CNN Anchor: Let me ask you about one of the issues that’s come up during a lot of these contests all over the country, and that’s the proposed Islamic center and Mosque near Ground Zero. You came out very much in favor of that project, mainly along libertarian lines, saying that property rights and freedom of religion rights are a big part of this. And on your blog you wrote that opposition to the mosque is all about hate and Islamaphobia. What did you mean about that?

Ron Paul: I think the people who are organizing that is one thing, but now that every candidate gets asked that question, I don’t think you can put them all in the same category. But the organizers, the woman that put this out on her webpage and the people that picked up on it and preached this, yes, I think that they want to continue the hatred towards Islam rather than Al-Qaida in order that justify their foreign policy of intervention and nation building and occupation, because if you don’t have an enemy that you despise, it’s hard to get that support.

But you know, I think it’s turned into another issue as well, maybe your station has reported on this Imam and he seems like a pretty reasonable person. So if he’s a reasonable person that worked for Bush as well as Obama, and he’s making inroads because he’s trying to bring Christians, Jews and Muslims together. So if that would happen, there wouldn’t be as much hatred over there. So I think maybe there are some now that are trying to destroy him and his reputation, and I think that’s going to backfire. It sounds to me, and I don’t know the individual, the Imam, but it sounds to me like he might be a very reasonable person. So in order to perpetuate this foreign policy, not only do they have to perpetuate the hate towards Islam, they have to really destroy somebody who might be bringing the religious factions together.

CNN Anchor: And what do you have to say about former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, comparing this Mosque near ground zero to having Nazi symbols outside of the Holocaust Center. What did you think about that? Was that an appropriate comment, do you think?

Ron Paul: Well, I think he’s overstepped his bounds and I think he’ll suffer the consequences for it, because it was over the top. I mean, to compare this Imam to Hitler and the fact that there are mosques within that area already, and that he ignores the fact that there are strip joints in this area, and he has to go after an Imam that is trying to bring people together, yeah, I think for a bright guy like Newt Gingrich on some of the issues, I would say, politically he’s made a major mistake.

CNN Anchor: Do you think he should apologize for that comment?

Ron Paul: I don’t believe in these apology games. He’s going to have to apologize to himself. He’s going to be sorry, but being sorry about what he did and recognize it will be a much bigger deal than if the media comes and badgers him in into making a public apology. But maybe he’ll come around to that, but it should be spontaneous and earnest but not as a reaction to badgering by the media: “When are you going to apologize?” I never quite thought that was good.

CNN Anchor: What about your son, Rand Paul, who’s running for that Senate seat down in Kentucky. He’s taken a slightly different position than you and has essentially come out against the project. Is that causing any friction in the Paul family?

Ron Paul: No, as a matter of fact, I really haven’t spoken to him about it. But I think he’s in a category of most of the people who are running for office who get pushed, and rightfully so, by their opposition or by the media and say, “What is your position, do you want it or not?” and he’s taken a different position. But that isn’t my concern as much as the people who started on the website and picked it up and the politicians who are trying to gain a lot of points. And they’re active in promoting this mainly because they believe in an interventionist foreign policy and they want to make sure that Islam is blamed rather than Al-Qaida. And so yes, I think it’s okay to have a disagreement on exactly what we should do with the mosque. As a matter of fact, my emphasis is not on should the mosque be built or shouldn’t it be built, that is very secondary. Everybody recognizes on private property and a place of worship… we’re supposed to protect that.

CNN Anchor: Your problem is more in playing the politics, you feel that some of these people are playing politics with this is what you’re essentially saying. What about the president, did he make a mistake weighing in on this controversy, do you think? Did he inflame this controversy by weighing in on it?

Ron Paul: You know, some people are saying this, especially on the conservative side, but actually I didn’t think his statement was all that bad. I thought it was conciliatory in trying to bring people together. I mean, he and Bush both hired the Imam to go over and promote bringing the religious factors together. So no, I wouldn’t go out of my way to condemn him for saying that. Now politically he may have stirred the flames, because that just gave more ammunition to the conservatives who like to pick anything he says and make a political issue out of it. But I don’t think it’s the right one. I’d rather pick issues like too much spending and why he’s expanding the war in Afghanistan. But since too many conservatives like the expansion of the war in Afghanistan, you know, they are willing to go and attack him because he might send a message that they disagree with. But no, I don’t think his statement was all that bad.


  • captkirkconnell

    A reporters dream is to be able to twist up RON. Ron is the MAN.

  • Paul

    I think that Catholic churches that are built within a stone’s throw of a daycare center or a junior high school are bigger threats to my kids than is this mosque that is being built on private property in NYC.

    • jim

      I think Ron’s point is not to paint with broad brushes. I’m catholic, am quite proud of my religion, the fellow catholics I know, and we all despise the cover up.

  • As any naturalized citizen in the US, everyone has to go through a test about the history/government of this country.

    Wouldn’t be best for these so called politician to go through constitution exam?
    If Gingrich doesn’t know the constitution, how can he defend it? When Obama swear to protect the constitution of this country in his inauguration, Why would he continue and intensify unconstitutional wars?

    I would like Dr. Paul to ask every politician to take an exam and if they flunk, They should be fired, Impeached and stop serving this great nation.

    Thank you Dr. Paul for clearing it. It was Alqaida rather than Islam

    Dr. Paul for 2012

  • ididabarrelroll

    Nice to see someone still believes in the Constitution.

  • terr547

    Thank you for saying that you don’t believe in those apology games!!! That’s so frustrating. Congressmen think that an apology cures all. You’re my man, Dr. Paul.

  • Corey

    Sarah Palin, Gingrich, and the rest of the Republican talking point politicians need to be cast out from any and all Tea Party rallies and support groups before I truly start to trust the message of this supposed “third party”.

    Sarah Palin just wants run in 2012 and she’ll say anything to steal Tea Party votes from Ron Paul. She’s a weak, uneducated Republican whacko.

  • browns46809

    Ron Paul is right again. As much as we dont like it. How much freedom are we willing to give up? Freedom of religion is essential. No one should be able to suppress that. I agree it is disrespectful to build it so close. We have to find a way to live in peace despite our differences.

  • galuiot

    I really support Ron Paul, but after this?… I will unsubscribe!

  • WeCanAllGetAllong

    The worlds a stage for many,besides ron and a few more. Nothing is said behind thier pulpit that isnt scripted,with ron and more its we the people and no foriegn entanglements which is nice.

  • GompCelticPL

    That Imam works for CFR. He’s a provocateur, he’s meant to create phony controversies.

  • catholicforever

    I understand that there is a right to build on your own property, but I still don’t think that the mosque should be built. The best thing for people to do is protest the building of it. I’ve never disputed the fact that the owners have a right to build the mosque.

  • europa

    Private property is the foundation of freedom

    Ron Paul 2012

  • goldcurrent1

    My president is Ron Paul.

  • xWren

    Dr. Paul, you are the only congressman in washington who uses logic and common sense. You are the only one who is actual presidential material!

  • secoxxx

    all religion is a joke.

    • You must have got your master/doctor in every theology. is that why you came up with this statement.

      BTW; You have to give your subject an “S” at the end when your using ALL. 🙂

      RON PAUL 2012

      • Crazytaxi

        “all religion is a joke.”

        Right….so several thousand years of philosophy, meditation, and social boons are just a bad joke, huh?

        This isn’t even talking about the fact that religion is one of the most potent evolutionary adaptations that has ever existed and has done much more good than harm (even then, there always complicating outside factors). Don’t believe me? Read the work of David Sloan Wilson or Emil Durkheim (don’t worry the former is an Atheist and the latter is an Agnostic) and you’ll see that it is far from being “a joke” .

        Listen, I’m an Agnostic. I don’t dig organized religion.

        But I know better than to simply dismiss something that complicated so flippantly. This reveals that you most likely know next to nothing about individual religions or their believers and are just lashing out in blind prejudice (like the good little fanatic you are).

  • MastersOfInfinity

    Nah. I’m still going to hate Islam no matter what.

  • mike8903

    Wow, a politician with character

  • edwardpf123

    Islam is America’s enemy.

  • combovergi

    Do yourself and the world a favour America make this man your next president RON PAUL 2012

  • TheBrotherMouzone

    Rand Paul is not a true libertarian. I think if he gets to Senate, he will just play that vote game like every other loser in there. He is not strong enough.

    Peter Schiff, on the other hand, would have been strong enough to withstand pressure from everyone else in that hellhole.