Ron Paul: Audit the Gold!

Ron Paul explains why we need to audit U.S. gold reserves: to make sure the gold is still there and has not been secretly removed or loaned out. The Congressman also asserts that it’s time to abolish Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and replace them with free market solutions.

Date: 08/26/2010
Channel: Fox Business

  • connorqb17

    Simply in a free market, or any market, when a recession or depression starts, just lower government spending, and lower taxes on the people, so more money can be spent on the market. But remember, key is lowering both spending & taxes, so you dont print money you dont have causing lowered value of the dollar. Plus, Ron Paul is correct, we do need a gold standard again.
    RON PAUL 2012!


  • onetondrumbum

    You know some of these anchors just look like fishes out of water. I mean the more sense this guy makes the more you see these anchors respond with” but.. but.. but.. but. if they were just play devils advocates it would be one thing, but they aren’t, they are clueless.

    Ron Paul :” 2+2=4″
    Host: “but, but.. but.. but…”
    Ron Paul: “Let me try this again since I got too technical for you, 1+1=2”
    Host: “but, but.. but.. but…”

  • lossless

    This Fox News twit says she has been to the New York Federal Reserve Bank and “they show you the gold.”

    Whose gold did they show you, bimbo!

    The New York Fed holds the gold of more than 100 foreign countries and international organizations (e.g. International Monetary Fund).


    Has anyone noticed that during the race for the White House ’08 that alot of the “mainstream media” and alot of politicians made fun of the good Dr. about the fed reserves and following the constitution but now they are talking about it? If obama was smart he’d apoint Dr. Ron Paul to a high position or follow his advice!!!

  • M.Janmaat

    I am a guy from Holland, and tracking the events that are happening in the USA and worldwide for a several years now. I am really glad to see that the people are waking up and understand that there is an elite group controlling all the key positions in government and banking kartels(read FED), and also the mainstream media that is trying to keep the people from the truth.

    I’ve been researching the US (shadow)government and their agendas, and the banking system as well. It went wrong in 1913 with the FED act. by the run for presidency by Woodrow Wilson.

    There has been many staged/false flag operations to push their goals of world domination in the hands of the few(NWO), taking away our freedoms step by step under the pretext of “security”(also in Holland, EU). History repeats itself over and over again, but NOT anymore!!!

    I am convinced that “we the people” will defeat the current regime, and change it to something good. Ask questions , demand answers!

    Good luck and love to u all,

    from Holland

  • pretorious700

    This lady really perpetuates the dumb blonde stereotype

  • Budvb

    Fannie and Freddy should have their doors closed. It’s a Liability to our Government and its holders as We The People!

  • benuncc2011

    i wanna know where the gold at haha

  • fuzzywzhe

    I wonder if the bleach has affected her brain.

  • anyusmoon1

    Fear factor described above prevents lots of ‘joiners on’. See? ridicule and legal battles are tremendous. And when you think about it it IS foolish to fight them legally. Why? Because you pay your own lawyer out of your ‘income’ and you pay for your opponents liars oops lawyers out of your TAX dollars. And believe me YOU PAY.

    That’s why Ron Paul’s rEVOLution at the college level is so critical. Students have little to ‘lose’ and everything to GAIN from seeing the light of austrian economics.

  • landmark425
  • tstruss912

    Support Ron Paul’s audit of the FED! Also lets get some other states the kind of state run bank that North Dakota has! It’s our Money, we get to decide what goes, not them!

  • powers009

    They would never let the kinds of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich to rise up and lead us from the front, they won’t because the majority of the people won’t let that happen, most of us are brain dead (I wish our brains were washed from filth) but yes we are brain dead, don’t see it happening in my life time, makes me sad of living the life of a slave under these ruthless pharaohs 🙁

  • LesiureBoy

    Ron Paul is amazing. Listening to him makes me hopeful of our future. God bless him and the United States Of America!!!

  • i8uNWO

    free markets are a radical idea? but out of control printing of money that is not backed up by anything is just dandy….wtf

  • Grahm
  • proaudiohd
  • fred the protectionist

    Good luck auditing the Jew Gold. They always keep a fake bag of gold to throw you off track.

    • Citizen


      NO— It’s Americas Gold confiscated in 1933.

      So cut the NAZI “jew gold” crap FRED!

    • Dfens

      Maybe the Almighty Ron should tell his followers to eat a vegetable every now and again. They seem to be very irony deficient. If you can’t laugh at Cartman, who can you laugh at?

  • mike

    RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT ! yes to the audit, yes to getting rid of fm&fm,and stop the printing press!

  • fred the protectionist


    • Dfens

      Typical Libertarian: Let’s go to a gold standard! Let’s go to a gold standard! That will fix all our problems. Duh, what do you mean there isn’t any gold?

      You’d think between the fawning and the mewling just one of the faithful would ask their Ron, “what are we going to do to fix the economy now?” Nah, that would require some independent thought.

      So they have one card left in their economic tricks sack, which is the unilateral elimination of all American market protections. Apparently that is one more right states gave up to the federal government that the federal government has decided not to do, just like protecting our borders from illegal invaders. Only Ron Paul is the worst of them. He doesn’t want the US Congress to abdicate their trade responsibilities to some treaty organizaiton like the WTO or NAFTA, he wants Congress to unilaterally stop doing its job and leave our markets open to attack from any and all foreign governments or multi-national corporations. He’s not a corporatist, he just votes like one.