Ron Paul to Obama: Mission Not Accomplished!

Congressman Ron Paul today released the following statement on President Obama’s speech from the Oval Office last night:

The President’s announcement that all U.S. combat troops have left Iraq is no more believable than the ‘Mission Accomplished’ declaration was in 2003.

Once again, we are being told the mission has been accomplished and our brave men and women are coming back home. Though the people are hopeful they remain skeptical, and rightfully so.

The biggest problem is that success in Iraq is undefinable since the mission was never defined. The reasons given for the invasion were based on misinformation. Now, the war has cost us hundreds of billions of dollars and this has contributed significantly to our economic woes.

Forty-four hundred Americans are dead, thirty thousand severely wounded, and more than a hundred thousand are suffering from serious health problems related to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. This alone should tell us that it was not worth the investment and the needless sacrifice of our young people and the taxpayers.

It is deceitful to imply we will avoid hostilities with this new policy. We still have to contend with:

  • the 50,000 troops carrying weapons that remain in Iraq
  • the 100,000 contractors that remain with more expected to go to Iraq
  • the 9,000 special ops personnel trained in assassinations that remain in Iraq
  • a huge embassy, bigger than the Vatican, that will remain
  • Dozens of military bases that will stay
  • Al Qaeda organizations that did not exist before the war
  • Muqtada al Sadr, a strong nationalist who has gained much political power
  • The fact that Iran benefits tremendously with the Shiites now in power in Iraq and is a close ally of al Sadr

Osama bin Laden wins by ‘proving’ that America has an agenda of occupation in the Middle East. And, we continue to walk into his trap and hand him up his best recruitment tool in his efforts to incite hatred and terrorism against the United States.

What’s worse, President Obama made it clear last night that the troops and resources leaving Iraq will not come home to defend our country or ease our economic woes. They will instead be diverted to Afghanistan, perhaps also Pakistan and, I fear, even Iran.

From my viewpoint we are the losers in this fool’s errand of endless war. Tragically, this new policy is not one of peace but merely a charade that will severely undermine our national security and continue us down the path to bankruptcy – a threat that we best not long ignore.


  • Our invasion of Iraq was immoral and I connect it directly with the elitists’ policy to secure oil in the Middle East as investigated by Noami Klein in Shock Doctrine. Besides the President’s speech we are nearing the anniversary of 9/11 which was used like Pearl Harbor attack was used to get American citizens to step in line with the elitist agenda. It is all connected! Please join with me and demand a new investigation. Here is my letter to my representatives in state of WA.:

    Dear Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and Representatives Brian Baird,

    On Sept.ll, 2001 2,972 American citizens died. Now nine years later,. most Americans believe and fear it was an inside job done to create the invasion of a sovereign country which never attacked us causing 1,700,000 Iraq civilian deaths!! War made by one people on another must be recognized as national murder and the people who provoke that war condemned as murderers! The ones who perpetuated these murders must be held accountable……the very SOUL of AMERICA is at stake!!

    On the anniversary of the 9/ll event I demand the Congress of the United States to re-open an investigation. In the 9/11 Official Investigation questions went unanswered. The victims’ families and the American people deserve to know the real TRUTH.

    Furthermore, YOU are MY representatives. YOU are not to serve a political party which is funded by elite bankers and corporation owners but serve the common good of all Americans. Party politics is an enemy to the people because it divides them, causing them to be against each other and prevents them from having a united government. I DEMAND you become an INDEPENDENT who will honor the request of ME, your true constituent, who is now demanding you ask that justice be served and the 9/11murderers be brought to justice.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mary Hath Spokane, alias Lady Liberty

    Please Americans – join me and write (cut and paste, add etc.) your representatives. It is time we wake up and take our country back by becoming more involved in the political process. Our government is owned by elite special interests. Congress members with few exceptions like Dr. Ron Paul and Barbara Lee are bought. However, we have the sword…the vote. We can take our country back.

    A thorough investigation demanded by We The People of 9/ll would set up a chain where the ‘puppets’ would squeal and the real men in shadows, the graymen would be revealed. Men who have ordered the assassinations of every American president, including Lincoln, for not wanting their federal reserve banking scam.

    Thomas Jefferson warned us: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and corporations which will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

  • Darrell Young

    To make a long story short I am 25 years old. I’ve only had to real jobs since college. I’ve been a home owner since age 19. I have been paying taxes for a while now. I have no problem paying taxes if my money goes to a good cause. Like real public services, like to our “Fire Fighters”.The good cops that are needed for those who need their service. Mostly our “Teachers” of this great country. Our education is what so calls determines our future in this country. Why take that from our children. I will be alright but what about others. We all know Obama isn’t to blame for the issues we have going on today. But I sure blame him for prolonging it. Change? “Real Change” Vote Ron Paul 2012. Ever since Ive learned about the great Dr., I decided to dedicate my life to the cause. Some say I’m crazy, the election is over. Why do you still support him. I usually reply why are your belief your belief. People have been mislead for so long they dont know what to believe in. But I’ve typed enough, Thanks for reading!!!

    • jim

      Darell I’m 34 and living in South Korea. Mom won’t talk politics with me anymore because I can’t stop talking about Dr. Paul. You are not alone. Take care and most importantly keep caring. And thank you for typing.

  • the Dood

    So Obama is like Bush because he doesn’t pull everyone out at once? Waa Waa Waa.

    • Darrell Young

      I apologize, I meant to hit dislike. The Revolution lives on. I love the fact we have a black president. It’s a big come up for my people. But unfortunately, Obama just isn’t for me. If I wanted to vote due to race, I would have voted GREEN party. Go Ron Paul 2012

  • Sasha

    I love Ron Paul’s statements. The only exit strategy for this world is Ron as a president of USA.

    This statement is almost perfect. Ron only has to make sure that he always mentions victims of the other side as well. I know he does it most of the time, but he should never forget them, killed Iraqi people in this particular case.

  • Cody Callihan

    I love how you can know more than you say, but say only what needs to be said.
    The contractors over in Iraq are a great concern to me. The are essentially the Hessians on the British Empire, mercinaries who work for privite corporations, who are supposedly managed by “some government.” But really it’s a private army. I don’t even know how such a thing can be legal. I gues I should ask the IRS…

    But anyway, that you can honor the troops who are being put in a situation no one should be in, and who are suffering greatly in many ways because of it, well, it shows a true and deep love of the citizens, and as a citizenI sincerely hope that I am given the opportunity to honor that and vote for you for president in 2012, as I was too young in 2008.

    • the Dood

      Why are the contractors worse than the military?

  • kdub

    Ron Paul For President 2012!
    End The Fed!
    Restore The Republic!
    The Time Has Come, Give Peace a Chance!

    • Forest

      Wow, when did inanimate Bumper Stickers learn to use the internet?!?!

  • Dr. Paul,

    I read your book. I think I may be a Libertarian… but don’t tell anyone. I’m kidding.

    I agree with your comments regarding the President’s declaration last evening.
    However, what would be your plan (in as much detail as possible) in Iraq and Afghanistan with the current reality we are facing. Our not having ever entered the war is history, so what do we do in our reality? I would welcome anyone else’s comment on such a plan as well.

    I cannot believe that I DO agree with pulling our presence out of so many countries across the world, but I think the economic and political situation of our country has reached a tipping point. I think in order to preserve our country (defense) we actually need to be more thoughtful about our allocation of resources as it relates to our military and military presence.

    I don’t like hearing the word “provoke” when discussing our country’s foreign policy and recent experiences of terrorism. I certainly don’t think we should pull out of a strategic position anywhere in the world simply because someone does not like our being there. HOWEVER, I think at this time in our history it is in OUR BEST INTEREST to ebb stateside. Consider it a strategic military move, frame it as such because it is true, and get over being seen as cowering to the demands of terrorists.

    We have to wake up. I really hope there are average Americans who will step up and serve their country in elected positions across the USA. I hope that other average Americans will give ear, dollar and energy to such candidates. I pray we will VOTE. I pray we will CARE. I pray we will realize that no fallen society of the past ever thought they would fall. But, pride cometh before…

    Drop the pride. Scale back the military presence. Get honest about entitlements. Loose the free market. End the Federal Reserve. Get government out of social and religious matters/contracts. Let freedom ring.

  • Chris

    @Ken. The economic crisis is a combination of different, yet interrelated issues, not simply the out sourcing of jobs. To say that one card pulled from the base caused the house to fall is much too simplistic. Dr. Paul is correct in his analysis that the war has greatly strained our economic situation (not the sole reason) and that ending these wars of imperialism will assist us in easing the economic strain, freeing resources and man power to invest in the redevelopment of our economic base. It is not the single answer to solving our economic problems, but it will aide us in that quest.

    And I can’t speak from personal experience, but I’m quite sure a number of honorable servicemen and women would be quite willing to leave that endless desert of hate and return home to their families and friends. Of course they would have to be ordered to do it, but what job is it that they have to finish there? As Dr. Paul states we were never assigned a proper objective in Iraq.

    Also, you state that the economic crisis is our fault, do you mean the American people are to blame? We are not to blame, our government and Corporate entities are to blame. (On that point I will agree with you) But to blame the American people is to misunderstand the roots of the problems.

  • Ken

    I understand that Obama is wrong in what he is telling the people of this country, however I’d like to touch on something slightly different. You say that we should not have gone to war and even blame the war for our economic crisis. The economic crisis that we face here in America is our own fault as a country. We outsourced to many jobs to China and Taiwan and who knows where else because the corporate big shots got greedy. They wanted to get as much money as they could and if it meant giving China all the jobs, then so be it. On that subject, think of all the Automobile companies that asked for bailout money. Then think of how those C.E.O.’s were to blame for their companies going under. The war didn’t cause this economic crisis, the problems in the very heart of our nation did. The selfishness, the greed, the ignorance, the disregard for human life. These are the thing that couse our nation to be in the state it’s in.

    Also, all of the men and women serving our country in it’s armed forces joined because they love their country and want to defend it from the hate that the rest of the world harbors. They knew what they signed on for and I don’t think you’ll get them home short of ordering them back, because they want to finish the job they started.

    • Nitroindole


      WHY do you think “the rest of the world” hates us, YOU and me???

      Because we are “selfish” good whereas they are so bad towelhead people?

      Because you are rich and happy? Because you are lucky free man? Or maybe because our military and special forces invade allover the world and bullying other countries for DECADES?

      Do you know that many of the young men are enlisted to escape jobless poverty at home where ” selfishness, the greed, the ignorance, the disregard for human life” is?

      This is time to start thinking.

  • I agree with Ron Paul as well! This is just a political stunt to make us believe that we are done in Iraq. Our men and in women in uniform will be staying there to rebuild the nation and we are still spending money there.

  • Dan

    Ron Paul, once again, is absolutely correct on this issue. We need to respect private property rights (NYC Mosque), audit the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox (trust but verify), and call out Obama on the ongoing wars and erosion of civil liberties both home and abroad (assassinations of U.S. citizens). For the life of me, I will never understand why people continue to call Paul a broken clock. These people should look in the mirror and realize that they may be the ones that are broken clocks.