Why Big Bankers and Corporations Love Obama

Successful Economic Policies? For Whom?

by Ron Paul

Last week, in the wake of another uptick in the official unemployment rate, the administration continued to claim that their economic policies were working, just not fast enough. This administration inherited an unemployment rate of 7.7% and promised a peak of no higher than 8% if their policies were followed. Not only does the administration have a funny way of ending a war, but now they claim their economic policies are successful. For whom, I wonder?

These policies are not working for the 9.6% of Americans who are out of work, nor for the over16% underemployed. They are not working for nearly 3 million Americans who have declared bankruptcy in the last two years, or the 40 million currently on food stamps. Nearly 1 in 6 Americans depend on those and other government anti-poverty programs such as Medicaid and unemployment benefits. As more Americans are added to the unemployment rolls, the tax base from which to hand out their benefits is shrinking. Still, businesses are being taxed and regulated out of the market, adding to the problem. What solutions are put forth? More government spending – even as each citizen’s portion of the public debt is over $43,000 and expected to increase by $250,000 over the next 40 years.

No, this economy is not working for these people. But current economic policy does “work” for some people. For example, it has worked out very well for certain bankers and large corporations, who took on too much risk and got themselves in hot water, and were declared “too big to fail” which is really a euphemism for “friends in high places”. It works well for large, well-connected military industrial corporations, who can always count on perpetual war and conflict to keep them in business. It also works for those on the government’s payroll, which is increasing as the tax base is decreasing.

So where does the government get all this money even as its most obvious stream of revenue dries up? How can it keep spending seemingly indefinitely? Once it steals as much from you as it can get away with through taxation, it steals even more from you through what central bankers like to call quantitative easing, which is more or less the same thing as counterfeiting. When the money is no longer based on a finite quantity of something of value, like a store of gold or silver, the amount of money in circulation is not limited by anything but the restraint of those in control of the printing presses, in our case the Fed and the US Treasury. When increasing pressure is put upon them by irresponsible politicians, it is predictable that out of thin air, more money will be created to satisfy the insatiable appetites of those on political spending sprees. As money becomes more plentiful, it becomes less valuable, and the average citizen suffers again as the value of their savings evaporates. It has happened over and over in history, and what usually follows is the total debasement of the currency, hyperinflation and chaos.

Sound economic policy would be to take our foot off the gas and apply the brakes to government spending as the economic cliff approaches. We must get back to where our economy produces actual wealth, rather than mere paper wealth. The road back to fiscal sanity and a strong economy is simple: Congress just needs to get back to following the Constitution.


  • Gassebol

    This message should be translated into every language on the globe. Spread the truth and fight big bankers and corporations. Do you want your children to live as slaves?

  • By the way, its HILARIOUS that you call me a “liberal”
    Absolutely fucking hilarious.

  • By the way, there are far less emissions from ethanol, and ethanol can boost your horsepower in your vehicle by a great deal, and also burns cleaner,smoother, is less detrimental to the environment, (especially the hemp solution) and also, don’t tell me what to do. Cannabis helps treat cancer as well. So how does keeping it illegal do anything but create a nightmare of subsidation and crony corporatism and favoritism? I’d rather politicians stay out of my wallet.

  • subsidation doesn’t work, I’m not talking about subsidizing industry, I’m talking about legalizing hemp, because hemp is a very clean source of ethanol and wouldn’t cost any “forced taxation” like the liberals are trying to push down our throat, liberals want to force carbon tax down our throat, but the hemp ethanol solution would prevent deep sea drilling disasters like what happened in the gulf. Just to prove out little YOU know. Good day sir, I don’t need any “hybrid”

  • Ghost9909

    He sounds like he’s getting tired of repeating the same message. He’s absolutely right of course. Keep trying Ron!

  • Lay off the dope. Ethanol is a horrible idea for fuel. It is only an issue because of farm subsidies, treehuggers and (wait for it)……..capitalist. I will say it is good for jobs but in no way does it do anything for the environment in the long run. If you liberal hippies would open a book that didn’t say zigzag you might see that. Look into hybrids also if you want to see how little you know.

  • campaign4liberty

    9/11 Truth

  • openbreakwhat

    Don’t bail big companies out, let them fail and give the little guy a chance. They had their chance and failed.

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    Mr. Paul, we need to buy you a new mic!

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    This guy is amazing.

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    THE SECRET OF OZ at theopensource . tv 😉

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    Ron Paul for president 2016

    • ProudTEX

      Why 2016? Didn’t you had enough of OBAMA for the last three years?

  • ex1le444

    This guy is very brave, we all know what happens when you pose a threat to the MilitaryIndustrialComplex & The Fed Reserve.

  • brotherjupiter

    So it’s back to appeasing Islam to preserve the precious US $ / OIL relationship

    so America can go on printing money endlessly and export the inflation globaly through everyones need to obtain US dollars to purchase their oil… the same substance thats bringing about catastrophic clmate change .

    Stop the corruption! Starve the elites of paying customers for what their selling for your offsprings sake.

  • Gassebol

    A hero and a truthteller = Dr. Ron Paul

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    “Yea Ron Paul my hero!!!

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    Hum, I would like to hear the ideas of those 2 who voted dislike

  • lordofthemanor25

    Vote monarchy. Lord of the Manor is my name. A democratically elected president is loyal to no one but the campaign contributors (the big bankers and corporations Ron Paul was mentioning). If I were king, I would shut them down permanently.

  • lordofthemanor25

    Vote monarchy. Lord of the Manor is my name.

  • steeldawn71

    Ron Paul 2012! Ron is the only honest politician left in America! Support Ron Paul! Support constitution! Support America! Support troops! Bring them home!