Ron Paul: End the Wars, Stop Blaming Islam for 9/11

Congressman Ron Paul today issued the following statement about a Florida pastor’s plan to ban copies of the Quran on the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

A professed Christian pastor in Gainesville, Florida, Terry Jones, plans to burn copies of the Quran on 9/11. He indicts all Islam for 9/11 and argues that it is a hate-driven religion. He’s convinced he’s on God’s side even though he is getting little support from other Christians, who believe that Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

General David Petraeus, our military commander in Afghanistan, strongly condemned Mr. Jones’ plan, arguing it would be provocative, make his fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan more difficult and further jeopardize the lives of American soldiers.

I agree! This blame of all Muslims for the atrocities of 9/11 only makes things worse — especially since it wasn’t the Taliban of Afghanistan that committed the atrocities on 9/11. Under Jones’ warped logic, we should have attacked Saudi Arabia since 15 of the 19 suicide bombers came from that country.

But while I am pleased to see General Petraeus recognize the danger of one type of incitement, he unfortunately fails to see the whole picture and understand that our policies of torture, targeted assassination, invasion of Muslim countries and unintended infliction of civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are also provocative. Pictures of victims of torture as well as innocent people killed by drones and stray bombs are every bit as bad as burning the Quran.

In some ways, what Jones is doing may be minor compared to the resentment toward us as a consequence of what our government has done to thousands of innocent victims.

As I have said time and time again, Osama bin Laden wins by ‘proving’ that America is an enemy of Islam and has an occupation agenda in the Middle East. And, we continue to walk into his trap and hand him up his best recruitment tool in his efforts to provoke hatred and terrorism against the United States.

If we don’t want to incite radical Islamists, we need to stop these un-needed wars. It is high time we came to our senses, brought our troops home to defend our country and pursued a Constitutional, Pro-American foreign policy.


  • James

    Since this is getting a good number of people to read these comments, I have one thing that has nothing to do with any of it, but once you take a look at it I hope that you will agree to send it out to all that you have in your address book.

    Governors of 35 states have already filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) states to convene a Constitutional Convention. This takes less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass it on.

    An idea whose time has come!

    For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest was to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform … in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn’t seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

    A constitutional Convention – this is a good way to do that. It is an idea whose time has come. I’m asking every person reading this to forward this to as many people that they have on their address list. In turn ask each of those to do likewise. In three days, most people in the United States of America will have the message. This is one proposal that really should be passed around.

    ***Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution***

    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

  • Ben

    Thomas Jefferson had experience with Muslims terrorists known as the Barbary pirates.

    As I’m sure many of you know, pirates based out of North Africa were attacking American ships. They promised to stop doing it if we would pay them off regularly. The amount of money they wanted was quite exorbitant, of course. And there was no guarantee that they would be true to their word.

    Jefferson met an envoy of the Barbary states in London and later recounted:

    “It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every muslim who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise.”

    Not much has changed in their attitudes since then. Or since the seventh century, for that matter. It’s not that they only became psychotic mass murders because of American foreign policy, as RP would have us believe. They were psychotic mass murders long before the United States was even a country.

    Paying the Muslim terrorists off didn’t work. America sent its finest Marines to Tripoli and stomped their guts out. After that, they left us alone.

  • Terry

    I have listened to many speeches by Ron Paul and not once have I ever heard him promote anything but principled action and responsibility. Here in this forum, Ben, gets to express his narrow point of view several times in several different posts, verbally abusing Ron Paul, a man of high moral value, in the process. I’m ok with his expressing his 1st amendment right, as would Ron Paul, but what I have a problem with is his abusive style, his limited knowledge of what has caused the American people to look like a nation of uneducated bigots in the world, and an arrogance that stinks of too much armchair war-mongering and mass media programming. I am sick of hearing people spew hate programming learned from mass media, undigested, unquestioned, and stating them like they were a reality derived from some real world experience. If there is any question who is a True Patriot and a True Conservative, the question would be about you, with all your proposed abuse of humanity, with no concept of human rights, dignity or justice.
    Muslims are just people and are one fifth of the world population. Do you really think that our homeland security and Military could shield the American people from that many, so called evil people? If the Muslim faith were a truly evil religion, you would have been attacked dozens of times a day, every since 911 and not just one building would have fallen.
    You are an ignorant hate filled bigot, and I am glad you get to be you, because you’re narrow-minded, bitter and if there is a douche anywhere in this forum, it is between your ears. Do some accurate research and find out who America’s true enemies are, and learn who really deserves your hate. You won’t be finding them very far from where you live. Not once did you mention the Constitution, God-given rights or any principle other than hate and destruction in your posts.
    I’m glad there are more people like Ron Paul in the world, and less people like you.

    • Nitroindole

      Well said, Terry!

      Thank you!

      I do hope Ron Paul will be our next President (tough to happen though…).

    • Ben

      Terry, your post is a lot of nonsense.

      “Here in this forum, Ben, gets to express his narrow point of view…”

      Yes, I “get” to express my point of view. That’s why they call it forum. It’s not narrow, it’s just something you don’t agree with, so you don’t want to hear it. Your attitude is the definition of narrowness.

      “…several times in several different posts, verbally abusing Ron Paul…”

      I think you mean criticizing. He is an elected official, and I will exercise my constitutional right to criticize him and his policies. Welcome to America. Get used to it.

      “…a man of high moral value, in the process.”

      He is not a man of high moral character. He lies about great many things, including his voting record, his newsletters, his connections, and his philosophy. The amount of worship you bestow upon this man is not appropriate for a politician.

      “I am sick of hearing people spew hate programming learned from mass media, undigested, unquestioned, and stating them like they were a reality derived from some real world experience.”

      I’m not “spewing” anything. I am the one who rejects mainstream media programming, not you. Our news outlets go out of their way to reinforce the idea that “Islam means peace”, they label everyone as bigots who objects to the Ground Zero victory mosque, and they bend over backwards never to upset Muslims. Oh yes, and they love to portray Muslims as a poor, downtrodden minority that can’t seem to catch a break in America. My ideas are not recycled talking points taken from the nightly newscasts. I came to them by careful consideration and learning. You, obviously, have not.

      By the way, Islam does not mean peace. It means submission, by the sword if necessary. When every human being on earth has submitted, then their job will be done.

      “…with all your proposed abuse of humanity, with no concept of human rights, dignity or justice.”

      I’m all for all of those things. By the way, Terry–since when did Ron Paul’s legion of blind zombies become so comfortable with the socialist lingo of known leftists? Also, human rights, dignity, and justice–concepts you care so much about!–are non-existent in Muslim hellholes like Saudi Arabia and Iran. Go preach it to them.

      “Muslims are just people and are one fifth of the world population. Do you really think that our homeland security and Military could shield the American people from that many, so called evil people?”

      You called them evil, not me. Listen, nobody said that all Muslim are trying to kill us. (A great number of them condone it, however). That’s not the point. There are “moderate Muslims”, but only because all religions have followers with varying degrees of enthusiasm. The “moderate” Muslims compromise the tenets of their faith as laid out in the Koran. For example, the Koran tells them to kill unbelievers, or at very least, to oppress them as second class citizens and extract a heavy tax from them (dhimmitude). Now, every Muslim in the world isn’t doing that right now, but that’s because most of them have chosen to disregard those particular verses. In other words, they’ve compromised their Muslim faith in order to live in modern circumstances. But the Muslim who follows Islam to the letter–who really does kill unbelievers–he has not “hijacked” Islam. He’s doing exactly what his prophet tells him to do.

      “If the Muslim faith were a truly evil religion, you would have been attacked dozens of times a day, every since 911 and not just one building would have fallen.”

      Muslims terrorist attacks have become so commonplace that they not elicit yawns. The underwear bomber, Fort Hood, the Arkansas recruiting station, the Times Square bomber, the shoe bomber, the plot to destroy the NYC tunnels, the plot to destroy the Sears Tower, the plot to bomb German trains, Bali, London, Madrid, Istanbul, the recently foiled plots in Norway, the hotel siege in Bombay last year, the endless attacks in Iraq…and the list goes on.

      That’s just in the last few years, since 9/11. Keep in mind that Islamic terrorism has continued without pause since 622 AD when Mohammad got the ball rolling. He commanded his followers to continue conquering in the name of Islam after his death, and that is exactly what they have done!

      So please, don’t tell me that I’m a “ignorant hate filled bigot”. That’s the same mentally lazy trick that the liberals use. (Ron Paul’s army is a lot more like the liberals than they would like to believe).

      “Not once did you mention the Constitution, God-given rights or any principle other than hate and destruction in your posts.”

      That’s because my post wasn’t about the Constitution. That doesn’t mean that I don’t cherish the document. I do.

      • SamFox

        Hey ben, if i was not quite sure you are full of…what ever, I am now convinced you have it flowing out yer ears.

        Lucky for you You Shall Not Lie is not in the Constitution. You would be up on charges.

        Long post, lotta hot air, NO citations. Show us where Ron Paul lies about anything or does any thing on your list.

        Actually you are spewing because your words have no iron in them. They are empty baseless lies flung about as if your opinion was God’s own truth..

        Say hello to your boss at Media Matters. Let them know we are on to you.

        When you said “He is not a man of high moral character. He lies about great many things, including his voting record, his newsletters, his connections, and his philosophy. The amount of worship you bestow upon this man is not appropriate for a politician.”, you over played your hand. Few of Ron’s enemies are that blatantly obvious.

        Show us. Prove it. I b waitin! Citations please, not more opinion.

        By the way, Ron is not a politician. He is a true US statesman. Lies about his own philosophy? That’s funny strange & weird. Well, considering the source…

        Who lies about their own philosophy? And why would they? Dude, you are way out there! If Ron was or did all that you say it woulda been blasted all over the USA in every major Soros news outlet there is. Ron is, after all, going for their biggest weapon against the USA, the ‘Federal’ Reserve.He has taken on another monster pet of big govt as well, the military industrial complex.

        I say you are a Media Matters plant because you are trying to spread your NWO ‘progressive’ jive about Ron a bit ‘under the radar’ rather than your handlers taking a chance at a law suit on a more public media stage if they were to go national with junk like you posted.

        If what you said is true it woulda been splashed all over by Ron’s enemies way long time ago. Ron has been at the same thing, consistently, bravely taking on the UN-Constitutional big tax, borrow & spend govt establishment for over 30 years.


    • SamFox

      Good show Terry.

      What many Americans don’t seem to understand that the ME is, at least to a great extent, a diversion.

      The greatest threat faced by the USA is in the WH & fills much of congress. Most media is in on the agenda of Collapse the System, as 0 has relentlessly been trying to do. But it did not start with 0. It started at least as early as 1913 when the ‘Fed’ was sneaked in on US. Later the ‘progressives’ gave us the ‘progressive’ income tax. Then came the Gestapo, errr, …I mean IRS.

      Verify by reading the Cloward & Pivon book about collapsing the USA financially. Also check out Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky, Saul dedicated his book to lucifer. Tell ya any thing?

      Check out this from Walter Cronkite:

      Are these two isolated coincidences? Or do they form the tip of an iceberg, so to speak…I post you decide…

      Christians should read Psalm 2.


  • James

    This is a video explaining how the government manipulates the public to go along with the politicians to go to war. It sells it before any conflict for war ever exists. –

  • James

    9-11 Up Close And Personal –

  • Ben

    This is a spectacular video! A TRUE conservative and TRUE patriot (unlike lil’ Ronny Paul) had this to say to a Marine who asked him a question concerning people who always dream up rationalizations about why Islamic terrorist attacks are actually America’s fault.

    “The first you gotta do is you gotta study and understand who you’re up aginst. And you must realize that this is not a religion that you’re fighting against. You are fighting against a theopolitical belief system and construct. You’re fighting against something that’s been doing this thing since 622 AD. The seventh century. Thirteen hundred and eighty-eight years. You want to dig up Charles Martel and ask him why him why he was fighting the Muslim army at the Battle of Tours in 732? You want to ask the Venetian fleet at Lepanto why they were fighting a Muslim fleet in 1571? You want to ask…the Germanic and Austrian knights why they were fighting at the gates of Vienna in 1683? You want to ask people what happened at Constantinople and why today it is called Istanbul because they lost that fight in 1453? You need to get into the Koran…you need to understand their precepts. And then you need to understand, this is not a perversion. They are doing exactly what this book says.”

    Later, he continued. Take heed, Ronulans. This man could teach you something, if you’re willing to open your mind.

    “Until you get principled leadership in the United States of America that is willing to say that, we will continue to chase our tail, because we will never clearly define who this enemy is, and then understand their goals and objectives—which (are) on any jihadist website—and then come up with the right (and) proper objectives to not only secure our Republic but secure Western civilization.”

    That principled leadership is NOT Ron Paul. He’s part of the problem in Washington.

    • Lindsey

      Ben: Allen West is running for Congress in my district in Florida. He is indeed a true patriot and hopefully he will be elected to replace the socialist representative (Ron Klein) who we now have!!!!!!! People on this site need to see this video for sure!!!!!!

      • Ben

        I admire Colonel west very much. I wish I lived in his district so I could vote for him.

        Now there’s a patriot. Men of the caliber are hard to come by in government today.

    • ProudTEX

      BEN – Did he answed the question?
      And what did anyone learn from the question’s answer? Continue the illegal occupation and immoral wars? – There is no winning on either side but alot of money to made by Neocons/Zionist.

      A house Nigro jumps to answer the question who’s master couldn’t answer well.

      Thanks to Malcolm-X for clearing this on this black and white video.

  • Ben

    By the way, we don’t have a “policy of torture”. I wish we did, but we don’t.

    Ron Paul telling the Muslims this is only enflaming them. He’s making our soldiers targets! Bad, bad, Ron Paul.

  • Ben

    Oh yeah, and this argument that he’s going to make our soldiers targets–what bullshit. They say that about everything.

    If we don’t build the mosque at ground zero, we’re going to make our soldiers targets. If we support Israel, we’re going to make our soldiers targets. If we don’t trip over ourselves, obsequiesly declaring that “Islam means peace”, we’re going to make our soldiers targets. Whatever the Muslims say, we do it. You know what we could do to make sure that our soldiers are NEVER targets? We could adopt sharia law!

    Seriously, this idea that we should never make Muslims mad or we’re inviting violence is the first step toward dhimmitude. We don’t make our policy based on what terrorists will do in retaliation. If we do, then we’re allowing them to set our policy.

    “As I have said time and time again, Osama bin Laden wins by ‘proving’ that America is an enemy of Islam and has an occupation agenda in the Middle East. And, we continue to walk into his trap and hand him up his best recruitment tool in his efforts to provoke hatred and terrorism against the United States.”

    Oh geez, the old recruit tool chestnut. Listen, the Middle East is awash with bizarre beliefs that have no basis in reality. A majority don’t believe that Muslims attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Most don’t believe in the Holocaust. As if we could ever convince them that our cause is just.

    Any one of you blind Ron Paul followers should be able to answer me one simple question. How would Ron Paul have reacted to the attacks of 9/11 if he had been president? Go ahead and tell me.

    I know the answer to that question. He would have invaded Afghanistan with an open ended war resolution with broad, sweeping executive powers to go after the people who perpetrated the attack and those who harbored them. I know that because that was exactly what he voted to do in the September 14, 2001 resolution.

    • ProudTEX


      Sure, I will tell you..

      In a real state world, it is always location, location, and location.
      In a crime scene for any investigator, it is investigation, investigation and investigation.
      Once I was watching court TV, a female FBI agent stated; to find a murderer you must interview and investigate the people closest to the victim/scene and start growing the circle of your investigation but unfortunately the 9/11 investigation start from Iraq and Afghasiatan and the real criminal already cleaned up the crime scene and cashed their insurance paycheck and went to the bank. Now, our poor soldiers and poor afghans are stuck in a war that has no end and victory on either side.
      I don’t know if you call them victors, but the victors are those who committed the crime and went to the bank
      The real victors are the DOD contractors whom continue making endless money from these endless wars.

      Ron Paul 2012

    • ProudTEX


      Sure…. I supported the war against Iraq too because we were told that they had illegal WMD but now no one can find it. Should we still support this war? What for?
      IRAQ WMD again – we ain’t buying it anymore.
      IRAN WMD now – we ain’t buying it….

      If anyone wants to fight these wars get together with your buddies and parachute you from the Air to Iran or Iraq and fight as long as you can.

      RON PAUL 2012

    • Bribo McBain

      The resolution wasn’t open ended. He voted to go after Bin Laden and the perpetrators of 9/11. That’s not open ended. People like you who misinterpret things are what made it open ended.

      • Ben

        You haven’t read the resolution. You only believe what RP told you he voted for.

        RP lies to you. Read it for yourself.

  • Ben

    “…our policies of torture, targeted assassination, invasion of Muslim countries and unintended infliction of civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are also provocative. Pictures of victims of torture as well as innocent people killed by drones and stray bombs are every bit as bad as burning the Quran.”

    Ah! So we deserve acts of every bit of terrorism we get from the Muslim world.

    Thanks for clearing that up, Ron. You’re a douche.

    I wouldn’t want to provoke the Muslim world. But then again, it doesn’t take much to provoke them into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage. Think of cartoons. And Teddy bears.

    Look, Terry Jones is kind of idiot. I wouldn’t have launched this publicity stunt. But he had a point to make about the Ground Zero victory Mosque that Ron Paul and other should make an effort to understand. Yes, those jerkwads have the right to build their mosque there so long as it conforms to zoning laws and building codes. (It appears that the building codes were waved for the victory mosque, by the way)

    But is it right? Is it a big middle finger at America? Yes, it is. If this imam was honestly stupid enough to believe that he was “building bridges” by putting it there, he should know better now that he isn’t building any such bridges.

    So Terry Jones lept into action. He decided to threaten to do something that he had every right to do, but would nonetheless enrage a targeted group. I see his point.

    The Imam is ripping the scab off a wound. Of course, Ron Paul thinks that there’s “Demogaugery” on “both sides” of the Mosque issue. Spare me, Ron. He highlights that the assholes who want to build their mosque have property rights and first amendment rights. Yeah, that’s true. But when Pastor Jones wants to burn some books, he’s doesn’t seem to care that he has the right. He only seems to care that it’s a needlessly provocative thing to do.

  • Kris

    Just to see a funny side of the whole mess, I think Muslims should actually be grateful to Terry Jones for what he planned to do!
    He would have given those copies of Quran a clean, hygienic end! I mean, just think of alternatives!

    Disposed of / unsold / replaced copies of Quran don’t actually go to some Quran Heaven where they lay safe and respected. They end up either on a dump, rotting away along things like non-halal meat (likely pork!), discarded condoms, alcohol containers, and all sorts of other things that are better left unmentioned. Or, if recycled, copies of Quran would end up in a mill where they get mashed with things like pornography mags, books of authors against whom fatwas were issued, holy books of other religions, etc. and then get turned into toilet paper.

    When you put the above into perspective, I think Terry Jones does not look all that bad, does he?

  • Lindsey

    The church I go to is sending 2 missionaries to Afghanistan. Any comments?

    • Ben

      Obviously, the missionaries at your church are unpatriotic Americans. THey’re only going to make our soldiers targets!

      Don’t they understand that Muslims are very sensitive people? Don’t do anything to make them upset.

      • Lindsey

        The missionaries are helping people with necessities and witnessing for Christ.

      • Dan

        Why do people use the term unpatriotic or unamerican to an idea that they don’t agree with. I think differently about many subjects on here but I don’t consider anyone anti-america.

        • Ben

          I obviously don’t understand the tongue-in-cheek nature of my post.

          Ron Paul’s thugs regularly attack the patriotism of anyone who disagrees with them.

          The point I was trying to make was that Christian missionaries in a Muslim country are guaranteed to make Muslims mad. It will serve as a recruiting tool for al Qaeda! So we’d better not do it. Anything that could make Muslims mad is off limits.

          When Muslims say “jump” we say “how high”.

    • ProudTEX

      You didn’t say what for? Change them to an idiots like Ben?

  • Nitroindole

    Technical correction (sorry):

    Positive entropy – easy job, Evil way.

    Negative entropy – hard job, Good way.

    Yet the essence still is: Create, Do Not Destroy!

  • Nitroindole

    To all the discussion below let me to put it as simple as general and fundamental rule of mine:


    Neither physical nor spiritual. At least, at least (!) try so. Only this would mean real RESPECT. This, by definition, includes both do not kill and do not insult.

    What is Evil? Evil is DESTRUCTION physical and spiritual (negative entropy, easy job!) and all deeds that contribute into it.

    What is Good? Good is CREATION physical and spiritual and deeds all that contribute into it (positive entropy, hard job!). Not to destruction and/or insulting of others!

    I do believe everyone in the Earth is able to understand and follow the above simple rule. While the rule is simple to follow it is hard job.

    I do believe in God my unique way. I do not belong to any denomination and do not want to.

    Let’s stop making any harm to others and (!!) ourselves!!

  • James

    Terry Jones has or had plans to burn copies of the Quran sometime today, but if he were one that truly heard from God, then he would have been told to burn the government’s official 911 Commission Report. That would be a worthwhile book to burn.

    The collective voices of these respected senior officials along with over 100 esteemed professors, over 200 pilots and aviation professionals, and hundreds of architects and engineers give credibility to the claim that the 9/11 Commission Report is tragically flawed. These dedicated individuals from across the political spectrums are not irresponsible believers in some 9/11 conspiracy theory. Their sincere concern, backed by decades of service to their country, demonstrate that criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report is not only reasonable and responsible, it is in fact a patriotic duty. –

  • I for one do not believe the media story of 9/11. I have made an investigation. Here are my results:

    There were no planes – photoshop forgeries!!
    But there was a 30′ drone unmanned ball – photographed!

    And there were tons of thermite and tons of molten steel [from jet plane fuel we are told?? Right!]

    On Sept.ll, 2001 2,972 American citizens died. Now nine years later,. many Americans believe and fear it was an inside job done to create the invasion of a sovereign country which never attacked us causing 1,700,000 Iraq civilian deaths!! War made by one people on another must be recognized as national murder and the people who provoke that war condemned as murderers! The ones who perpetuated these murders must be held accountable……the very SOUL of AMERICA is at stake!!

    On the anniversary of the 9/ll event let us all demand the Congress of the United States to re-open an investigation. In the 9/11 Official Investigation questions went unanswered. The victims’ families and the American people deserve to know the real TRUTH.


    • Ross

      Mary,You are being very selfish.How can lying deceptive industrial military complex make a dishonest living with people of intergrity like you around?
      You should know your place and be more considerate of your facist superiors.

      There is only $ trillions to be made in the arms industry and not only that the poor old US Fed is forced to counterfeit your money and loan it back to you as debt .Now give them a break.All they wany to do is to make profit by murder,destruction,stealing energy/resources and then charge you the tax payer a fortune to rebuild their economies.

      Just think of the other great noble things they are achieving.They are saving the environment by getting hate filled humans to exterminate each other via lies and deception.

      They’ve been doing this for centuries and the moronic masses still get sucked into the same old wars..WW1 was to be the war to end all wars.

  • Al Treska

    I thought after being a Marine infantryman in Vietnam in our worst year for casualties, 1968, that nothing in my lifetime would come close to that unnecessary mess. But our interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan seem at least in a spiritual sense to be worse than all of our years in Vietnam.

    I voted for Dr. Paul in 1988 when he ran for prez. I’m glad he is still with us as a sober voice of Reason. (A bit of a plug there for the libertarian monthly. wink)

  • Darwin

    The root of the muslim’s hate of america begins with the weapons U.S provides to israel that kills muslims there

    If the united states put a more pressure on israel for making diplomacy instead of using military force would be a positive start

  • James

    Terry Jones is now doing the two step and he is not going to do the book burning. The Imam says that he did not make any decision to not build the center in NY. The MSM is having a field day with all of the hype and confusion. Mr. Paul has said during an interview about the Muslim center, “And we do know that the people who attacked us on 9/11 were Muslims.” – – I have never seen any positive proof that would make that statement true, or anything even close to making that a true statement. There are many testimonies of what occurred on that day from eyewitness rescue workers, police and firemen for anyone that would take the time to listen to those who were there to see through the government cover up documents in their final 9/11 report. Nine years later with expert reviews by architects, scientists and those that work in the field of building demolition proves that this could not of happened by planes hitting the buildings or by the burning jet fuel. The government was quick to identify the hijackers by name. Half of these so called hijackers came forward to prove they were alive and had no involvement with what happened. And still this government says it was nineteen hijackers that committed suicide on those four planes and continues to give the names of those that have proved themselves alive and innocent of these charges. The traps have been set for all of us by corrupt administrations one after another that make policies to allow torture, target people for assassination, invade Muslim countries and inflict casualties against innocent civilians. I respect Ron Paul. I am saying this because if we are to change this nation back into a Republic and take it out of the hands of those that are out to destroy it, we must have truthful politicians that have viewed all evidence and listened to all the testimonies and reviews that point the finger in the right direction of those guilty. Anything less will allow those who are the guilty to walk free and to continue their evil endeavors to destroy the United States and the American people.

    • David

      Wonderful James;

      Its absolutely amazing the sheer volume of people in this country who are putting things together, seeing through the deception and realizing the culprits behind all this and their agenda to gain absolute power and control over the single and only country left in the world where any form of freedom still exists. Seems to be the vast majority by now as well.

      Americans are definitely not the stupid trusting sheep that exist in the rest of the world and they’ve figured this out before the power has been established to prevent them from doing anything about it and i expect that before too long they will. They have made me very proud of them once before and i expect they will do so again.

      Per my post further down, they do need to actually do something instead of just talking as were well past the point where they know what needs to be done and i expect that many are already doing so as we speak. This will be the generation which finally kills the concept of Banking and introduces the very much needed economic renaissance which will shift our government and economy over from a system of theft and fraud designed to create shortage to buy power for a few parasites who contribute nothing to it, to one designed to fuel abundant and ever increasing useful production and prosperity for the benefit of the population. Both the banks and the government they established are living in absolute terror of us at this point, as they know we have figured this out before they could take away our guns and if we can increase that terror in our political establishment just a little, then i think we can get them to revolt against their masters who put them in power, fulfill their constitutional responsibilities for our benefit and we wont ever need to use them.

    • Nitroindole

      You are right guys but to me there is not much basis to be optimistic… How many Americans do need and do dig the TRUTH? Polls show that average less than ~ 30-40% and the ignorant rest are satisfied marching under propaganda brainwashing trumpets, supporting wars, provocations (burning Qurans), big government’s lies, cover-ups and general agenda. I am afraid we have very low chances of rebuilding the Republic.

      However Dr. Ron Paul weights a lot in favor of those chances.

      • David

        Well, it was exactly 5 % of the American population who participated in and brought about the first American Revolution and one man, Thomas Payne, who published a book giving the population the concepts of freedom and justice which they could work toward accomplishing and did.

        There’s a great many of us on here who have been participating in the effort for a long time and have been copy pasting posts containing ideas of a free economy and the problems that exist today and potential solutions to them from this site into emails and forwarding them into circulation among the general public. As this effort has been progressing so has the hatred among the general public toward the current powers and the suffering which they have inflicted on them along with the realization that things do not have to be as they are and can be changed toward their benefit as well.

        Now i think we’ve come up with the simplest possible means to force this change to occur:

        and if enough once again participate in this effort and do their part as individuals to promote it and get it into circulation where everyone in America can see it and act on it, then i expect it will happen as well, quickly, simply and easily.

        Don’t discount the method either. Email forwards are a geometric progression, its like having a penny, doubling your money every day and at the end of the month you’ll have $ 10,000,000.00, $ 20,000,000.00 if the month has 31 days. 5 minutes of effort from one single person in helping to get these things into circulation can result in them ending up in the hands of millions, and there is absolutely nothing that anyone who would want to prevent this can do to stop it, so instead of giving up, just help, and lets see what happens.

        You are right, the definition of a “normal” person is that they don’t dig for the truth as they are generally absolutely terrified of having to think and want to be told what to do, but they have been pushed to the point where they know that those who have been doing the telling are the enemies which will destroy them and that they have to do something. If those of us who do think and dig can put the solutions and the means to accomplish them in front of them, they will act on them as well.

    • Ben

      “I have never seen any positive proof that would make that statement true, or anything even close to making that a true statement.”

      Bullshit. You’ve seen positive proof, you just refuse to believe it because you’re batshit crazy and you prefer to believe nonsense.

  • Rob

    This guy sounds like a Nazi. I think American Foreign Policy is more to blame for 9/11 than islam.

    • ksh

      Ron Paul, a Nazi? R U Serious? LOL Surely you just misunderstand his argument. Geez!

      • ksh

        Sorry – I tried to change my statement but the web site refreshed itself and did not allow me to edit the above/ I understand the post meant the pastor was acting like a nazi, not RP.

  • Douglas

    I fear, those (Elite) who control the media have a specific agenda for this ‘book burning’ event. One that will let them get away with another staged unthinkable terrorist attack. This pastor should seriously consider the opportunity he is currently giving the Globalist Elite. They are going to use this event to their utmost advantage. Yea and on top of this will come the random fanatical violence of Muslims.

    What I understand is that the Private International Banking Families (Elite) who own and control US and many Nations of the world ‘must’ be able to exploit the natural resources of Afghanistan, Iraqi and Iran in order to keep their civilization going.

    I postulate. If America and NATO ‘fail’ to stabilize and contract these countries then the Elite will have no choice but to influence and cause ‘China’ to the Job. China helped to finance this War because they stand to benefit from the exploitation of all these countries natural resources.

    I postulate. I am not convinced that the Zionist Elite will be able to maintain control of a massive Asian military invasion of the Middle East. However, if they give China a lead role in the representation of a cashless world currency system, China may, in return, curb Iran so the Zionist can have their little Nation in Palestine without any posing threats.

    • David

      HI Douglas;

      Yes to assume that there was not some sort of agenda and that the F’ing parasites who currently have consumed 60 % of this countries wealth and want to make it 100 % in the next couple of years are not going to use this in some way would be extremely foolish.

      In terms of China, i expect that if we do not get rid of the parasites we are going to end up in a very nasty war with china at some point which we may very well lose. If my information is correct they have one of the very few economies in the world which functions on real state issued money as opposed to bank debt and the banks have to destroy China in order to accomplish their ambition of ruling the world. Given a choice over enslavement by the world’s banking system or the Chinese, i sort of expect that the latter would be the better alternative as it is the far lesser evil of the two. In terms of the religious arguments they will accomplish absolutely nothing in terms of saving America and restoring it for the benefit and control of its population, this has been going on for well over 1000 years, and nothing has changed in that time. LOL when i was young, my father was a history teacher and he brought home one of his textbooks one day with a drawing of some English knight who had some Moor by the throat, and was about to run him through with his sword. Some kid had scribbled a caption underneath the photo which stated “this will teach you to fart in church” The battle between christian, jew and moslem still goes on, always will, and only involves us thanks to our stupid involvement in the affairs of other countries. America is not a christian nation, nor is it a moslem nation and the first amendment of our constitution ensures that by guaranteeing both freedom of religion and freedom from religion as well.

      Who wants this battle of religion to continue for the sake of creating ever more debt and finally securing the same complete and total ownership of America and its population for themselves, just as they already have over our currency and economy, and most of the populations in other countries in the world already ?

      Rothschild Banks of London
      Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
      Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy
      Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam
      Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
      Kuhn, Loeb and Co. of New York
      Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
      Goldman, Sachs of New York

      Who are the enemies that we need to destroy in order to take back our country and economy for the benefit of ourselves, before Thomas Jeffersons prediction of the children waking up homeless in the land that their fathers conquered becomes the final reality ? The same F’ing banks.

      Anyone hoping to resolve things through the electoral process may as well give up right now, guess who owns stock in and votes on the boards of all the major media corporations and why Ron Paul was given absolutely no coverage in the past presidential election and never will be ? Guess who has the power to assassinate him 2 days after he takes office even if we somehow circumvent the power which would prevent us from having a chance to vote for him in the first place, just as they did Lincoln, Kennedy, Garfield, and would have done to Jackson had the pistol not misfired ?

      Get busy people and make this happen, if all you put in your own individual efforts toward promoting the solution and act on this yourself i think it will. Quickly, simply and easily too:

      The banks can assassinate any president, they can assassinate every member of the senate, but they’d have an awfully hard time assassinating every congressman and every member of the American public, so it has to be we the people who destroy them first so that they can no longer try. This stupidity has gone on long enough. Hopefully this can be done simply by terrifying those in our political establishment into revolting against the banks which have put them in power and acting in our interests, allowing us to elect those who would do it willingly later on.

      Get your asses in gear people and make it happen, if enough of you do then this will work and if not then be prepared to grab your rifles and do it the hard way. This sh*t has gone on long enough, we are at war and one way or another we have to win it now. Stop pissing around with pointless issues, were out of time. What does any of this have to do with Islam and Christianity and of what consequence are either of them to what we need to bring about to save ourselves ?. Not much from what i can see on this end. Stop pissing around with pointless issues, were out of time.

      Whether you are Christian, Moslem, Jew, Hindu, Bhuddist, wicca or any other form of religion, doing this will ensure your continued freedom and abundant prosperity such as you have never experienced before. Given the pre-existing freedom to practice each of your religions as you see fit in regards to yourselves, it would seem that dropping all other arguments and acting together toward all of our collective benefit would be the only sensible course of action for anyone to take and the source of making all of the other manufactured problems disappear at the same time.