Ron Paul Celebrates Constitution Day with Mike Church

Ron Paul spoke with Mike Church as part of Friday’s Constitution Day celebration and provided his insight regarding the amazing amount of progress gained in forwarding the philosophy of liberty and limited Constitutional governance since the grassroots rEVOLution began during his Presidential Campaign.

Date: 09/17/2010
Show: Mike Church Show


Mike Church: Next up here today, as he was just speaking about him, Congressman Ron Paul: from Texas. Congressman Paul, you heard Congressman Gohmert. Are you encouraged by what you heard?

Ron Paul:: Well, yes. And he will talk to us. We have to persuade him a little bit, but no, I think he – and I think all members of Congress will talk to us about foreign policy and monetary policy when the people decide it’s a good idea because most people in Washington respond to their constituents, and they like to stay there. And that’s what’s happening. The momentum is building, and they are going to be more open, not only because the people want it, but because we’re out of money. You know, sure, I think it’s great to get rid of the Department of Education. I’m all for that. But if you combine that with bringing our troops home, all of a sudden, you know, you don’t have to redistribute the money, you just have to cut all the taxes, and we could get back to where we’re supposed to be. But, no, I think we should work with them all, you know. Just as I work with the Louie Gohmerts of the world to cut spending, I work with Barney Frank, too, because he’s more outspoken about bringing the troops home.

Mike Church: And this is one of the things that – and by the way, Congressman Paul, thank you for mentioning me in your speech in Orlando. I hope my introduction of you – I was trying to lighten the crowd up and to make the point, and I thought you made it brilliantly in your speech, that there’s a reason why Congressman Paul is so popular. And I didn’t mean to insult you in any way. It’s because of the message. It’s because of the message.

Ron Paul:: I think that is true. And I know my imperfections, so I was trying to, you know, make a little pun about it, as well. But I don’t think I did a real good job. But no, I think that is it. And that’s where my conviction is, really. It’s not in the, you know, organizations or anything else other than the fact that I’ve worked hard at trying to, you know, understand the message of liberty and how to work that in and how the Constitution defends liberty, even with imperfections. The Constitution I don’t see as the perfect document. But I think it’s the best ever. And if we concentrate on that, we can, you know, present this message. And I just think there are so many answers there. You know, today they had a talk, they were talking about the Constitution. And I said, is this original intent, or is this a living document? In a way, you know, it’s sort of both because it is a living document, not in the way the liberals look at it, but in the sense that, you know, we can amend it.

Mike Church: Right, sure.

Ron Paul:: It’s the rule of law that has to be rigid. It’s the rule of law. It doesn’t have to be overly rigid. We can change the Constitution. We can, you know, clarify it. And, you know, under terrible circumstances they changed the Constitution, got rid of slavery. But, you know, it could have been done before the Civil War, things like that. So you can – it shouldn’t be overly rigid. But again, once you allow Congress and the President, the executive branch and the courts just to arbitrarily change it and go to war without declaration and ignore the monetary provisions, I mean, you have no Constitution. And that’s why we’re in such a mess today.

Mike Church: Congressman Ron Paul: on the line with us on the Voters’ Guide to the Constitution here on Constitution Day in Congress. Yesterday you gave an interview to Anderson Cooper on CNN, and you said one of the most amazing things that I have heard in a long time. You said that what’s going on in the United States today is akin to the fall of communism in the Soviet Union. Can you just – and he didn’t give you a lot of time. He tried to cut you off. I want to give you some time to elaborate on that. And you said we’re in the midst of a revolution. So the floor is yours.

Ron Paul:: Well, of course we’ve talked about the revolution. And the word “revolution” came up during the presidential campaign, and our campaign didn’t coin it. The grassroots picked up on that, and it was used a whole lot. But I think it’s a revolution in ideas. And the need for it is the failure of government. I mean, you can make some analogy with the Soviet system. And not completely, I mean, we’re not nearly as militant. I think we’re moving in the wrong direction and all. But philosophically we’re at the same position. Failure of total socialism as the Soviets experienced, it had a collapse, and it was fantastic in that we didn’t have to invade them and get rid of their nukes or anything else. It was just the failure of the system. But the people finally gave up on it, and they were inadequate in taking care of the people.

And I think interventionism, this quasi government control of our lives, even though it’s not called socialism, it’s failing. It’s failed. The monetary system is a horrible mess. And the government soon will not be able to fund what they’re supposed to be funding because, you know, the markets are telling us, you know, when you look at the gold market and other things, just printing money won’t do the deal. And therefore people are losing confidence. The parties have lost confidence. And so that people have struck out. And this is to me revolutionary. And my point was being made that it will come, it will come. The only question is what will replace it? And hopefully our side will win, and we can show that we were on the right track with the Constitution, limited government and personal liberty. And that we emphasize that rather than saying more stimulus, more spending, more debt, more printing press money.

So we have a ways to go. But boy, I’ll tell you what, things are exciting right now because we’ve gotten their attention, not because we were so brilliant, but because of out of necessity. So yes, I think our empire will go. And I just hope that we could build a giant Hong Kong. Wouldn’t it be great if the United States was just run like Hong Kong? You know, a totally free market system, and you actually didn’t have to police the world? We would become so wealthy, and everybody would be employed. Those that were unable to be employed would be taken care of because of the great prosperity.

Mike Church: And one of the other things, and we’re just about out of time, so I’ll let you wrap up with this, one of the other things that you said in Orlando, Congressman Ron Paul:, at the last speech that I saw you give – and by the way, Doctor, you were very good. You underestimate yourself. I think you have become – and I underestimated you. You’ve become a very good public speaker and a very good proponent of liberty. One of the things you said that struck me, and I repeated it on the radio show, is that you said you can’t replace something with nothing. We have to bring ideas to the table. Can you just talk about that for a second?

Ron Paul:: Yes, well, you can’t be totally negative. It’s easy to be negative today because what we have in Washington has totally failed. And I think the Tea Party movement is unanimous on that. We’re sick and tired of it all. We don’t trust you. We need something different. But, you know, the replacement isn’t very clear. You know, we’re involved in that. Our Tea Party movement is part of it. But then there are others who have joined who are very conventional. They still believe in, you know, intervention around the world, a world empire. They’re not quite ready to say we don’t need the Fed. They’re not quite there yet. They’re not quite ready to say, you know, this whole idea of protecting liberty means that they don’t tell us what to do with our bodies. And they’re not willing to take on the war on drugs and the invasion of privacy. There are still too many in the Tea Party movement who think that, you know, a little bit of this is okay. Otherwise, you know, we have to give up a little bit of our freedom to provide security. So that’s the big job we have now is to define what we want. And we have to have something. And, you know, defending the principle of individual liberty is the key to all our prosperity and our peace.

Mike Church: Congressman Ron Paul:, as always, my friend, keep up the great work. You are the defender of the Constitution and liberty in the United States Congress. Appreciate it. And thanks for being with us again today, Doctor. I appreciate it.

Ron Paul:: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Mike Church: Any time. Any time.


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