Ron Paul: “Not Quite” Ready to Launch 2012 Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul discusses whether the new faces of the GOP will change the ways of the old, and sends a mixed message about his intentions to run for president in 2012.


David Asman: It’s time to put the same question to Dr. Paul. Good to see you, Congressman, thanks for coming in.

Ron Paul: Thank you David, good to be with you.

David Asman: So do you think that John Boehner gets it, that he really understands what this national rebellion is all about?

Ron Paul: You’re trying to put me on the spot, I don’t know, I can’t read into his mind, but my guess is that he better, I think he is. But that still doesn’t mean that he’ll be following through and that remains to be seen, but I think that goes for all the Republicans, the Conservatives did capitulate, as you pointed out. So the test is not in the election and like you mentioned, the test is really how we handle ourselves. But I don’t hear enough precise things that we would cut. I never hear that the military-industrial complex should be addressed, I never hear that the non-discretionary funding is all the same. I never hear which departments they really want to get rid of.

So it goes on and on, so you just can’t have a little tinkering on the edge. I think you have to deal with the philosophy of government as long as you want big government, you can’t tinker with the edges.

David Asman: Congressman, let us do, you and I, let us do what they won’t do. Let us talk specifics here, now I have thought that two departments could go immediately, even though everybody says “oh that’s too radical,” and you do hear it from some people like Joe Miller and others, and Rand Paul for example who’s your son, who’s also running in Kentucky. The Department of Education was started with the idea of spending a lot of federal dollars in order to improve test scores all over the nation and improve education. It’s failed in that goal. That’s one that I can see go.

Another is the Department of Energy, that was created in order to get us off the dependence on foreign oil. At the time I think we were 60% of our oil was foreign, now it’s something like 70 or 80%, so that also has failed. So there are two departments right there, but you hear a couple of candidates now saying “we can get rid of them.” Do you hear anybody sitting in Congress saying “we should get rid of them?”

Ron Paul: Not seriously, and of course, remember Reagan ran on that but he didn’t get much done after he was elected. But we also have to remember the Department of Education, HEW came in under Eisenhower and here the last chance we had with the Republican Congress and the Republican president, we gave them No Child Left Behind, that’s why the people are so disgusted and that’s why there is a Tea Party Movement because the credibility is on the line and I’m just hoping that we do what we’re supposed to do, but we’ll soon find out, but I can…

David Asman: The one instance that’s happened in the past couple of years have made me question John Boehner, I think more in any, is when Jeff Flake was trying to get on the appropriations committee and it was John Boehner’s appointment, it was his decision as to who would be appointed at that position as minority leader, and rather than putting Jeff Flake on, a guy who was against earmarks from the get go, he was against pork, he sort of campaigned on that issue, John Boehner put a porker from the South on the thing and left Jeff Flake out in the cold. That kind of told me that he didn’t get it back then. that’s why I’m wondering if he gets it now.

Ron Paul: Yeah and it remains to be seen and hopefully the pressure and the election that’s going on will change, I don’t think the Tea Party Movement’s been going unnoticed, but I also see signs that the Tea Party Movement which originally is very spontaneous is also now incorporating some very conventional Republican themes and they’re not dealing with some of the issues that I talked about two years ago.

David Asman: Will there be a fight for the position that John Boehner has as, or that he could have as speaker if the Republicans win, will there be a fight for the speakership?

Ron Paul: I don’t think so, I think, I’ve not heard about that, so I would be surprised if that happened and I wouldn’t know exactly the individual who might replace him or be in the position to do it. So I would suspect that if we win, Boehner will most likely be the speaker.

David Asman: Alright, what about committees? There are some really, talk about Ways and Means for example, the committee that writes most tax legislation decides the ways and means by which tax revenue is spent. Who do you think, do you think we’ll have new folks in there or at least folks like Paul Ryan who is really clear in his Tea Party-like ideas?

Ron Paul: I think Paul Ryan will have a major role to play, I don’t think they’ll push him aside, I think that he has proven himself and I think he will be very much involved. But I also think about and I don’t want to overbear you with this, but taxes occur through inflation too, so ways and means that are real important but if you run up debt and the government prints some money, the people will get taxed. So government is so out of control, it used to be said that if we weren’t in session the people were safe, it doesn’t hold, we’re gone, we’re not even going to go back hardly anymore this year, we weren’t there in August. But regulations continue, the spending continues the…

David Asman: Well and you mentioned…

Ron Paul: Keeps printing money…

David Asman: Inflation is one form of tax so are regulations, regulations add to the cost of doing business, that’s another, and we’ve seen just how many dozens or hundreds or thousands of new regulations in the past 18 months.

Ron Paul: And who passes those? The Constitution says “Only Congress can write law,” aren’t regulations law? And we have thousands and thousands of pages of these regulations written by the executive branch and then we have the judicial branch doing the same thing, they write a lot of legislation and the Congress is home worrying about being elected next year and not doing their job.

David Asman: Well Congressman…

Ron Paul: They renege and defer to the executive branch too often.

David Asman: Clearly it is a question of leadership and who takes the leadership role in the next Congress, but the overall question of leadership leading into 2012 is who runs for the Republican nomination? Are you ready to declare here on Scoreboard here and now that you will be the 2012 candidate for president?

Ron Paul: Not quite, not ready to do that, we have to find out who the first 20 are to sign up, they’ll probably be 20 or 25 who say, well at least that many will be thinking about it. No, in time it’ll come about and you know the issue that I’ve been very interested in and I think that issue is building, I think the dollar now is under attack and if we are anywhere close to a major dollar crisis, I know one thing: I’m going to want to speak out on it because I feel strongly on what we ought to do. And even today the Fed hints again “oh, we might inflate some more” and what happens? Gold jumps up $18, I mean this is…

David Asman: Bernanke is going in exactly the opposite direction of a stronger dollar, Ron Paul, so I did not hear by the way a clear rejection of the idea that you will run for president, you’re leaving the door pretty wide open.

Ron Paul: Absolutely, it’s wide open, but I have no committee, I have no precise plans but I’ve also have not said “no I don’t want to do it, I’m not going to do it.” Under the circumstances I am very reluctant because anybody who really wants to be president under these conditions maybe they ought to be examined first because of the conditions, I mean it is horrendous…

David Asman: I understand.

Ron Paul: The problems that we face and so therefore…

David Asman: It’s like running for the governorship of California or New York, I think it’s the same situation.

Ron Paul: Yeah, […]

David Asman: We got to leave it at that, Congressman Ron Paul good to see you.

  • milkman52879

    Ron Paul is my freakin hero. He’s coming to Indiana at the end of October, and come hell or high water, I’m there! I hope to GOD he runs for president again even if he has no chance of winning, and from the sounds of this interview, he just might!


  • UberDeathTurtle

    You know he is great when both the Republicans and the Democrats hate him. Ron Paul is truly a man of this country. He loves this country and the people. He is the next Thomas Jefferson.

  • PistolPackingPatriot

    Exactly. Boehner would never “follow through” on anything meaningful. The GOP is just co-opting the Tea Party to get votes. Period. Just like that ridiculous GOP “Pledge to America.” What a joke! Excuse me, but didn’t they already take an oath to America when they took office? Their word, their oath, and their “Pledge” are worthless garbage. Worse, their universal failure to keep it is treason.

  • katydig

    5:13 – regulations = law, thousands of pages written by the executive and judicial branches of goverment, congress renigs and defers to them AAAAAHHHHHH! The people need to dipose of all those who are out of step with the Constitution!

  • alistairproductions

    I love what he says at 6:58

  • ProudClod229

    …he’s building ANTICIPATION…OF COURSE he’ll run!

  • The founders would be ashamed of us. Along with all the generations that have came before us. Our government does represent us as a whole. If it is corrupt it is because we have elected these people. If it is morrally corrupt it is because we are morally corrupt as a whole. I no longer recognize this country. People would rather live in denial then admit they have a problem.

    People who don’t like Glenn Beck these are his words “don’t worry about what anyone else does, only worry about what you do.” Get your own house in order and then you can help someone else.

    When you really look at what this county has become and what we are doing in the world you would see that the entire system has become corrupt. It is a machine.

    RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!!!!!!!! Unitl they return to the constitution!

    George Washington, Tomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams would fall to their nees and weep at what we have let this place become.

    Apathy is the sworn enemy of freedom.

  • abruzz0

    We need Ron Paul now more than ever. He needs to run.

  • holidaygolight

    Noone should be allowed to say they believe big gov’t is the problem while supporting the military industrial complex. You cannot be a fiscal conservative and be in favor of the empire that is bleeding Americans dry.
    On welfare: there should be one program that simply mails out $10k a year to people making under $50k a year (or under $200k in four years). You don’t need half a dozen programs with 25k people on the gov’t payroll (I just pulled that last figure out of the air tbh).

  • holidaygolight

    I’ll agree on dumping the Department of Education, but I think the Department of Energy needs a swift kick in the jewels to get it back on track. If we spent 700 billion on solar towers just one year (rather than 700 billion on bombs) we would be half way to energy independence, we would create thousands of jobs in construction, and stocks would rise for materials like steel.

  • runned

    He should run as an independent, the GOP will just throw him under the bus again. Even if only gets 10% of the vote I will feel as if my libertarian voice was counted.

  • joshfatzick291

    why does this guy try to act like his name is pronounced BAYNER instead of BONER? hahaha what a tool

  • CreationPhotography

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  • Dan

    Ron Paul,

    I am hopeful that you will run for president in 2012. I have been a democrat for all my life, but I am very disappointed with the job Obama is doing. I just want you to know if you do run you have my vote.

  • casie1124

    Please run again Dr Paul!!! Your the only person in this gov that has integrity and understands the constitution!! RONPAUL2012

  • Sal

    I am onboard with Ron Paul for President in 2012. I can’t think of any other person who will unapologetically turn this country around. Dr. Paul, I have been a Republican all of my life and I didn’t understand what was going on until W. started showing his Progressive side (and having Fox Business Channel didn’t hurt)! I also understand that we can no longer police the world and it’s time to bring our troops home, including the closing of foreign embassies. You will also take on the Feds…who could ask for more than that? The reason you haven’t been elected yet is because America had to fall flat on her face before “She” would even consider a 10-step program. Social welfare & corporate welfare is no longer sustainable, but how to stop it? Please, Dr. Paul, bring your expertise and wisdom to the citizens of America and help save Her. Coming to you as a old Reagan Conservative, I’m begging you, I will campaign for you. Please….run…..Run….RUN for President of the United States in 2012~ myself and many other conservatives are now in your court. We get it now! Please. I’m begging you, Run.

  • voteDRNO

    Yes sir Mr. Paul that is why We The People are so discusted!

    Dr. Ron Paul 2012

  • guy

    Here’s how I see it.

    The military industrial complex, the big banks and the powers that be in the Democratic and Republican parties will never allow a man like Dr. Paul to be President. They will do anything and everything to prevent it.

    The only way Dr. Paul becomes president will be the result of an all out voter rebellion at the polls and the ballets be counted by hand.

    Unfortunately I don’t see that happening. Instead I see business as usual in Washington. More oppression, fewer freedoms as the United State government continues it’s quest for world domination.

    I see at some point the Chinese beginning to feel threatened. The United States Government in it’s greed will refuse to back off. This will result in war between the United States and China.

    Our allies will, for the sake of self preservation, not support us. The U.S. already weakend by it’s constant warring will realize they have no chance without resorting to nuclear weapons. The U.S. will launch a nuclear attack against China that will be retaleated by the Chinese. Russia at this point will side with the chinese and launch a nuclear attack on us as well.

    Millions of innocent people in the U.S. will lose their lives and the nation will pretty much be destroyed.

    Those who remain will be under chinese and russian rule.

    The only way to stop this scenereo is for the people of the United States to rise up and demand a return to governence within the boundaries of the constitution.

    This is unlikely to happen due to an entrenched and powerful two party system who resist change and will do anything to maintain power.

    Additionally, even if people want change, they have been lied to so many times they have no idea who they can trust.

    The crimes committed by the U.S. government against it’s own people have become so commonplace the people think “That’s just the way it is.”

    Congress and the President alike should be held accountable for it’s crimes. The government will surely prosecute someone accused of treason. But they are destroying our way of life, taking away our freedoms and representing the rich special interests not the people. Is this not treason in itself?

    Wake up America! Before it all comes to an end!

  • Handey

    “We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and over-run by bureaucrats. The Founders would be ashamed of us for what we’re putting up with.” [Ron Paul 2012]

    Run for President. Americans have your back.

  • Micky614

    I greatly anticipate Dr. Paul’s announcement that he will run, yet I understand his anxiousness to make that declaration. Being the inordinately wise man that he is in these times, he realizes with a much greater understanding than many can fathom just how dire a situation America is really in. He made light of it in saying that he feels anyone who would want to run in these times needs their head checked. Consider the record budget deficit of this year, the rising unemployment, ever continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the plummeting value of the dollar, the growing level of dissent amongst the middle and lower classes, etc. I agree myself, the normal people would think you’d be crazy to want that job.

    But I hope and feel in time Dr. Paul will confidently make that choice. I’ve read his books many times over, as well as many others amongst the suggested reading lists in them. He possesses a very keen wisdom and understanding of America, of the world, and of how the government and economy are failing and how they MUST be fixed if America is to survive and truly be free and prosperous. In Dr. Paul’s words I have found the voice of a courageous patriot who speaks out to remind us all of what the Constitution really says and of what Freedom, Liberty and the real American way of life are all about. And he will most certainly have my vote. But we find ourselves in a time where we must reach out to our friends, neighbors, and families and remind them too of what these core American values are. We must remind others that this is our country, not the governments, but ours. We must stand, not for ourselves, but together for us all if we wish to have even a piece of the freedom and liberty given to us by the Constitution.

    What I really want to stress is that we have to be vocal. We have to be courageous enough to stand against a system bent on subduing and controlling us. If you don’t believe that, it’s getting so bad that now the government is attempting to incorporate language in bills that would prevent us from assembling and protesting, 1st amendment rights, anyone? In addition to that the language already in place in the Patriot Acts allows the government to monitor anyone of us they see fit, without need of providing any viable reasons, probable cause, or even a search warrant. Even so far as to label anyone a potential threat to National Security for something so simple as what I’m doing right now, expressing my dissent of the current state of America and politics in a public and “uncontrolled” medium.

    They’re afraid that we’ll take Washington back into the hands of elected officials that honor and respect their constituents. They’re afraid of men like Ron Paul because he is boldly on OUR side and acts accordingly. They’re afraid that we won’t let them line their pockets out of our hard earned fruits of labor. Remember these words of Thomas Jefferson; “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” and also “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.”

    Speak wisely and boldly and people will listen. Dr. Paul lives and proves that, so let us all carry on that ideal.